Hello guys,

Could someone please help me to know about job security at
Natwest group , I heard that in past they layoff some employees due to closing of the mumbai office and they were in constant loss.

Also, they have shut down their operations in India, so will it impact on us.

Thanks in advance

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NatWest is doing great . They have turned profitable . Infact they bought back shares from UK government this year and now majority of shares are owned by the bank privately.

Dnt worry about job security. It is very employee friendly company.


Thanks for your response ☺

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Anyone here familiar with the hiring process of KPMG consulting in Van? Had a partner interview on Nov 21, thought the feedback was positive but haven't heard back yet (no rejection/offer). Is it something normal or the interview just didn't go as well as I thought?

It's an experienced hire for an SC role. I saw the posting is still open atm, and my guess is that the recruiting team is comparing candidates since competition is higher due to recent layoffs.

Thanks in advance!


How much Hike should I ask?

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Hi JPMorgan Chase JPMorgan Investment Management ,
Anyone working in Investment Research and Technology team in Asset Wealth Mngt division?
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Hi Fishes!!!
How is Coforge(previously known as NIIT Technologies) is for the Scrum master role on the basis of :
1. Work life balance.
2. Work nature.
3. No. Of teams handled by one Scrum Master.
4. Being Agile forum.
5. No. of reports and meetings for the agile forums not just teams.
6. Layoffs.

Please help me by answering as many pointers as you can.

Location is Noida.

Thank you.


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Ho guys

Is TSYS offering permanent WFH or any chance to resume office?

Pls let me know

Hi All need your suggestions on EXL as I am getting c1 senior consultant role yoe 5.7 yrs however I have other offers as well like mindtree c3 grade role will be bigdata engineer .please can you help me in choosing between the two EXL is providing little more than mindtree?


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Hi, I need advice, got an offer from
Deloitte:- 10 LPA,
TCS:- 13 LPA
and Morningstar:- 15 LPA

which one should be a good choice considering growth and a good career.

Thanks In Advance!!!


Penn State MBA online. Worth it?


Hi! Does anyone here work for Avenue Code as a product designer? I’m a little confused regarding the type of role I’m interviewing for.. not sure if it’s FT like in a consulting firm, or contract like in a staffing agency..


Friend of a friend just died of covid (delta). Not vaccinated. Please be careful out there everyone. I wish this was over but it’s not.


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Anyone know Amazon Sr Associate, Quality Services comp? Device Software.
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Hi All,

Does jpmc has any internal program for gfbm team from which a CA fresher who joined recently can move to USA within 2 yrs of joining?

Please respond asap ,it's urgent

Thanks in advance.

Tired of stressful airport experiences?


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“The client is asking for our honest opinion.”
“I know but we don’t want to seem too opinionated.”


Thoughts on the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z campaign for Tiffany? Seems like a decision that is as historic as it is controversial.

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Hi Everyone

Can someone please tell me about AI/ML Team at Comcast India? How are the work-life balance, culture, and entry-level pay?

Any good books or suggestions to improve communication skills to speak confidently with executive or leadership. Many times I end up blabbering and having unstructured discussion.


Additional Posts in NatWest Group India

Hi fishes,
Please help me with Natwest relocation thing. I tried to understand through offer letter but it’s not clear to me. How can I claim Goods transfer, and if I am staying at my friend’s place, how can I claim accommodation allowance. Thanks a lot

After how long we will hear back once online test compelted ?

Hi folks - I have heard from one colleague that there are plans to increase the number of days in the office from 2 to 5 days a week gradually.

Does anyone have any updates on this? Or anything they have heard in their team/BU?


What should be ideal salary of Relationship Manager Credit Delivery, I am having experience of more than 2 years in same line.

Hello friends

Is anyone working in NatWest..need information about there salary structure ..i got package of 26 lpa fixed ..wanted to know how the bonus and other components are provided..


Considering UK has entered recession, will it be a wise decision to switch to UK banks like Natwest? IT role..


Hi folks,

Am joining NatWest by next week. What docs we need to carry? As this is my first switch, a bit confused


Looking for reference for Informatica MDM position


Hi Team
I have offer from NATWEST and EY GDS
Both of them are offering same package
YOE 7 and Techstack- UI, Reactjs,

Also What is it WFH or WFO
Are we getting kit at home


I am on notice period. Can someone refer in Natwest? 7.5 years of exp in Java


Hi, I have been referred for the software engineer role at Natwest Group Bangalore. but it has been one month and above. I didn't receive any mail or call from the organisation. how long can I expect a call or mail from them?



I have cleared B8 Buisness Analyst interview. How much offer I should ask?
My current CTC(23 lakhs) - 18 fixed
5 lakh variable


I got an offer from Natwest. My current company is accenture and they are offering me to promote as an assoc manager if i take my resignation back. Shall i consider it? What whould i prefer Nat west or promotion in Accenture. How much hike accenture gives while promoting? Any inputs?



Did anyone get their offer rescinded at Natwest due to pre employment screening?

What was the reason for the same?

When does the bonus payout happen for India and do all employees get it?


Can anyone help me understand what c9 grade means in NatWest job grade? what are next two grades after c9?