Hello guys,

Which one is higher in accenture management level 10 or management level 11 in accenture?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Level 11- Analyst
Level. 10 - senior analyst
Level 9 - Team lead

management level 10 is higher


Lower the number the higer the level

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Debating 2 offers with Amazon and Deloitte.
Offer 1:
Amazon as a Sr TPM L6
Base: 180k
Sign on bonus: $95k year 1 and $70k year 2
RSUs: 2100 shares
Total Comp ~ $275k

Offer 2:
Deloitte as a Director of Program Management
Base: $200k
Sign on bonus: 20k
Yearly Bonus ~ 20%
Total Comp ~ $260k year 1 and $240k moving forward

Worried about the culture and burnout at Amazon but it’s definitely more money in total comp.

Amazon Deloitte


Hi Fishes,

Is there any SQL Server DBA / Oracle Application Support position in LTI??



Any idea about the C&SP department in comcast? working culture, WLB and all..

I was selected in Comcast for a developer role.. Will Comcast provide work from home?

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Hello fishes ,
I have an offer of Hinduja tech for 8.5 LPA and wipro for 10LPA . Also one offer is in pipeline from Tata Elxsi
Which company should I prefer for embedded developer and how much should I negotiate with Tata Elxsi ????

Exp - 3.5 years


How is WLB in synechron for UBS client? Also any suggestions are welcome regarding organisation as I’m yet to decide whether I’ll join or not as I have couple or other options but synechron is paying most.
Thanks in advance for your reviews and suggestions.


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Hello All,

Can you help me with the feedback w.r.t WLB, work culture and hike for the following companies to help me decide which to join.

Also suggest how I can counter.

Bentley Systems : 21.32 (Fixed)
TietoEvry : 18.90 (Fixed)
Wolters Kluwer : 17.00 (Fixed) 18.70 (CTC)
A Start Up company : 23.00 (Fixed) 24.00 (CTC) I don’t want to join this.

I am left with 15 days of my Notice Period.

YOE : 5 Years
Tech : Automation QA, Selenium, C#, API

Thanks in advance 😊


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Hi 🇩🇪🐠! Ich trete zu Jahresbeginn eine Stelle bbeiAccenture an. Komme aus einer sehr viel kleineren Firma mit flachen Hierarchien (After Work Drinks mit CCO usw.) in UK und wollte mich mal erkundigen, wie generell der Umgang in der Firma ist, um nicht ins Fettnäpfchen zu treten 😅

Bis zu welchem Level duzt man?

Ist es üblich, MDs o.Ä. bei Teams anzupingen wenn man eine Frage hat?

Connected ihr euch bei Linkedin mit Senior Leaders, auch wenn man sich persönlich noch nicht begegnet ist?


Hi Guys, Please help me with some internal point of contact at Accenture working on SharePoint, powerplatform ..... i need to get mapped in that project. Help please


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I've been offered a role at
Accenture UK as a Manager (L9), and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the maternity leave policy is. Specifically what the leave is, and if there is any qualifying period. It’s going to directly impact whether or not I take the role.



Is your company mandating or has mandated time in the office? Can you share what company and if you think it’s positive or negative?


Has anyone struggled with work deliverables due to ADHD? If so, would love your thoughts on how your manager could help the situation and what the right way of supporting someone who is going through it is. TIA!


Can I have 11 likes to enable chat option

Thanks in advance


Anyone tried cutting out sugar for 30 days or so? Does it actually make a difference and if so, how? Belly reduction? More energy?


Will onboarding be virtual or should I report to office?
I am from chennai but my offer is for bangalore. Is it WFH currently? And how long
Please advise

Additional Posts in Accenture Job Openings


What's the Accenture appraisal cycle and how much Accenture gives hike ?
Is there any cut off date for eligibility of appraisal?


Any one in this bowl is skilled in Microsoft dynamics? Need some inputs Please


Hello Everyone - I hope you all are doing well, Actually I have an interview in Accenture for level 11 SME role in intercompany general accounting. Could you please tell me what type of questions can be asked during interview? Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks


What's the max salary for level 9 - Fix part in ATCI


Accenture Accenture India
Is there any way to proceed with the application to interview in Accenture with 1.8 yoe as they are not processing the applications on their career site and have been in review for long and one cannot even reapply for an year?


Is it possible to switch from Accenture technology to Accenture Digital?

I am from SAP background and trying to switch to Data Analytics/ ML


Hey Fishers please help me to get 11 💙 ?


Can someone please refer me in accenture for role of manual/automation tester.

YOE: 2 years 10 months

Skills: manual testing, sanity, regression, functional testing, Test cases/ scenarios, Defect life cycle, requirement gathering and documentation, selenium

NP : 3 months



Any opening in Accenture Gurgaon for AWS Solution architect??


I'm a fresher and I did Bcom from Lala Lajpat Rai College Of Commerce And Economics, Mumbai currently looking for a job to start my corporate journey because I already worked in our family business. I need a refferal for myself is there anyone who works in Accenture.


Hi Fishes, need your suggestions, my profile was shortlisted for a position and a new CID was created on the Accenture careers page on 29th July. The recruiter took my profile from a job portal. They haven't scheduled an interview yet, but I see a section to upload to all my documents on the portal (on the right it says To do pending with me). Even without scheduling interviews do you update PAN, payslips etc., ? I'm confused


Can someone from Accenture help me. I have applied in Accenture couple of months back and have not been able to apply to more suited openings because resume already exists in system.
Is it possible to remove the old profile somehow.



Any referrals on TCS, Accenture for SEO profile?


Any one can tell me the range of salary (pay bracket) for team lead- level 9 for a candidate having mba and 4 year of experience. Also ease tell what will be the in-hand that a person can expect to receive


Hi evryone,

I'm planning to job Accenture Jaipur. I would be thankful to have the opprotunity and referals from you all.


Hi fishes, looking for referrals for a friend:
Work experience: 2 yrs
Current Organization: Wipro
Current role: SAP Basis Consultant
Seeking opportunities in similar role.


For SME role level 11 in Accenture in general accounting what should be the expected salary? current CTC is 3.22, could you please help me to determine?