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I got an offer from Coforge, I am very much haply what I am getting , however after seeing comments here most of people suggest don't go for coforge..I can understand and the other situations we are hearing recession in 2023 so it's high chances if we don't have project assigned we can might get fire..so plz suggest me guys should I look for other big mnc opportunities for backup

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I joined coforge exactly a year back at band 5.
At that time, reviews were much worse and I was sceptical too.

Coforge is growing exponentially.
It has its pros n cons but onsite opportunities are good. Within 5 months, my visa got processed and I travelled to Amsterdam on a client site.

It's happening in every account.
But yes, I also heard firing happened during covid.
But, In last 1 year, I didn't saw any firing happening.


@author: Analyst and Specialist are in band 4.
Architects in band 5.

25 CTC brother


Yoe? And tech stack?


If they have hired you with good package then definitely there must be requirement in some project, so I don't think you will be on bench.
But thing to kep in mind is, why Coforge pays so well? Because people are leaving due to pathetic wlb.


Depends on project and client as well i feel but can you help me get more details here consider there are 2 resources working for same client one from coforge and other from capG so are you trying to say wlb of the coforge resource will be worse? Is it what you are trying to imply? Pls clarify with rationale if so



Nice brother


I too am sailing in the same boat, but honestly the kind of money coforge offers is much better than other companies.


working hours are also more here :)


Notice period during probation is 3 months.
Consider this factor too.
If someone on bench is unable to clear client interviews but manages to get an offer from another organsiation then also he will be stuck here.


@Banking1 - Bench is created with the hope that resources can be deployed immediately to a project whenever client requests for additional resource.
Resource allocation team will unfortunately try to keep the employee within the company and on bench even if he is holding an offer as they are looking for organsiation's benefit and not of the employee in question.

However, there is a threshold period of 60 days on bench, if that is crossed then the possibility of release from company is high irrespective of whether the employee is holding any offer or not.

Same here, joined Coforge last week as payments BA and placed in HSBC pool


No client interview or word from anyone yet. Asked my reporting manager he said team will get in touch… I had raised a laptop request but the reporting manager says he’ll accept it once I get into project..
Seems strange


10+ Exp BA Payments

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Please suggest

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Pls help don't know what to do 🙏😔

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How I love my school

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Hi fishes,
I left hcl in august and have been trying to transfer pf from hcl trust to my epfo account. So this is what i tried:
1. On the epfo website , login and go to Online Services -> One member - one epf account
2. It asks for the MID of previous employer. As per hcl pay slip my pf account number is -GN/GGN/5572/474542
3. I am entering the MID as GNGGN00055720000474542 but getting an error.

Please tell me what am i doing wrong here? Or is there any other way to get the pf transferred?

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Hi fellow fishes - I’m 27M (from INDIA, in NY since 2017). I’m thinking of starting to think about marriage - but don’t know where to start from?

I want to start now because I would ideally like...


🚨 Senior Project/ Program Manager with PMP/Remote🚨

• 10+ years of experience, with a demonstrated increasing level of responsibility, as a successful IT •Project Manager using structured project management processes
• Deep understanding of SDLCs/ SCRUM
• Demonstrated competency planning and tracking project schedules with clearly-defined critical paths
• Track record of delivering projects on time and on budget
• Ability to see the interrelationship of a project across the big picture; and

Additional Posts in Coforge

Did anyone left coforge recently? I have to leave by next week, and company asked to courier their laptop back to office.


What is bench policy of coforge ?

How long does coforge take in order to release the offer?

Hi Sharks ,

Need your suggestion , I am having a HR discussion tomorrow in Coforge .
How much should I ask for below profile .
CCTC : 15.8 LPA
Offer In hand : 20 LPA fix + 1.5 L JB IBM
YOE : 6.6
Tech : Bigdata , Spark and Scala


Hi All, I joined Coforge 2 weeks ago and was directly assigned Santander project, but yet to get work. I connected with one of RDG member and they told me to wait. Any ideas on how much time it takes to get work here?. I am bored now 😑.Coforge Coforge ltd

Looking for lead network infrastructure and operations openings.
Yoe- 11
Cctc - 12.4lpa


Hey fishes, how is the project allotment done in coforge..
It's been a month since I have joined still no tasks allocated not even induction is it a common in coforge?

Will onboarding be virtual or should I report to office?
I am from chennai but my offer is for bangalore. Is it WFH currently? And how long
Please advise

A quick check. How many of you got the project after joining in coforge? If you got the project is it same client which was promised while interview process? Please respond.

What is the hiring process in Coforge. 2nd round done on 22nd Feb for Santander project. Consultancy told mail for documentation will be share by HR, but no mail received yet. Any idea how much time it take?