Having 6 years hands on experience on React, Redux, Angular, jQuery, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Git. Currently looking for new opportunity in React JS Development for Remote location. Please reffer me if there is any openings. Thank you.

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I can’t wrap my mind around this. How are people able to afford full-time nanny at a pay rate of $25-27 an hour? This comes to around $4k a month on childcare!!!
My husband and I have tech jobs with tc ~400k but after mortgage, 401k and savings, I can’t even think of putting half my monthly paycheck into childcare.
Is there something I’m missing here?


Do we have some openings for non-technical profiles on fish???


What are some good exit opportunities to the private sector for someone in tax? Looking for increased pay and WLB. Currently at senior level


Anyone from accenture can please DM me? I’m jobless currently and there are lots of opportunity matching with my criteria of job role in accenture, but the problem is whenever I’m applying for any of the job role in accenture it shows “we have your resume already” what shall i do and how do i apply for any role in accenture? Please help


Where do yall go for a quiet place to WFH?

I'm looking to apply for a Principal , Prod Svs. App Support position in Chennai.

Does anyone what the typical salary range is for this designation?

YoE: 13
CCTC: 21.3L

Hi there,

If you or someone you know is hiring for an Internal communications lead focused on employee engagement, I’d love a connection.

I decided to leave my company without a new role lined up to focus on finding the right fit. I’ve been lucky to land roles where I wanted to stay for years, but unfortunately the company culture didn't align with my values and was not the right fit.

I help leaders and teams inform, inspire and connect with their employees.


Got an offer for a great brand side role. Great compensation. Interesting company. Should open doors in the future. but the title is very Junior. I shouldn't dwell on that, right? It's the only thing that has me scratching me head, but I shouldn't be, right?


Hello, I'm working with Deloitte and recently got an offer from EY GDS TTT.

YOE: 5.2
Tech: .Net & Angular Full stack developer
CCTC: 13.35 Fixed
EY offer: 19 fixed
Role: Advanced Analyst (Rank 44)

I'm not satisfied with the role as I was expecting a senior role. I mailed HR about the same but it's been 10 days and still no reply.

So, can I get promoted the coming year as I will ge 6 YOE by June?? Any suggestions would really help. Thanks 😊


Is it possible to have a TS/SCI and still work Remote? If yes, what position?


I am looking for a great paying remote job. I am currently a Medical Records Coordinator.


Hi! I am looking for a new job in digital marketing or e commerce. I have close to 3 years of experience working in e-commerce and brick and mortar retail as a merchandise assistant. I also have experience as an assistant buyer for over a year. I am extremely analytical and eager to learn. If anyone have open position in the NYC area hybrid or remote, please let me know. Thank you


Any fish willing to assist with a Cap1 referral?


Which is best to join between PWC AC Bangalore with permanent wfh and NTT Data business solutions with hybrid work. Salary is almost same : NTT data - 24 LPA fixed and no variable. Where as PWC 21 LPA fixed with upto 20% variable. YOE is 7 years in SAP SD functional consultant.

My firm (top 20) has had several new people start this week and just upped referral bonus from $10,000 to $15,000. Anyone else seeing signs of recovery?


Wanted to share since I was searching on here prior to getting my offer:

Company: Accenture Federal Services
Position: Consultant (L9)
YOE: 6 years
Base: $105k —> $115k (negotiated)
Bonus: 5.5%
Sign-on bonus: $5k
COL: LCOL area
Work Style: Fully Remote
Vacations: 17 days
Parental leave: 8 weeks
401k Match: 6% after vested (1 year)

Declined for a better job offer tho.

Hope this helps someone in the future!


Anyone here with experience as a Product Manager? I’ve close to decade of consumer lending experience including Sales/Advisory, Supervisor and Underwriting. I have have been looking to pivot into a more impactful role this year. I am due for an interview for a Product Manager next week. The company ticks all my boxes but the job description a bit vague. I will be grateful if anybody willing to share what the day role looks like and what I need to look out for in an interview. Thanks. Cheers.


I am being tapped to translate documents at work. I’ve done spot translation audits, and 1 larger Quality assurance document earlier this year, but was recently contacted about a potential large-scale translation initiative for next year.

Has anyone been compensated for these sorts of projects that would be “out of scope” for their role? How do you go about asking for compensation? Have any of you spun out and created translation service side-gigs?


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Anyone ever lived at+has insights on AVA Studio City apartments?

Also would love to hear about living in Studio City, in general. TIA 🙏😊


My fiancé just won $42k in unregulated lottery (i.e. someone collects $100 per ticket and all of the proceeds go to the winner). What do we do with all this cash? How much can we deposit into our accounts before it looks weird and we have to pay taxes?


I'm currently looking for a new job, and it's looking like I'm going to start around beginning of December. I also get married in March, and I'm going to take my fiancé's last name. I was wondering if I should ask HR if I could start out using my married name. I'm worried that people will just start to learn who I am about 3-4 months in only for my name to change! It could potentially be confusing.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Or am I just overthinking it?


I'm looking for an excellent home office set up and I'm starting from scratch. Would love to hear recommendations for standing desk, seating or stools, monitors, keyboards, the whole set up. Has anyone gotten desks or stools/chairs from Fully? Please let me know your recommendations and any desks, chairs, accessories, etc. to avoid. Thanks!


its only November yet I am so done


I am interested in entering the consultant space. Does any one have any advice? what companies are great to work for? I am trying to pivot from an analyst role. I do not mind the long hours.


What are some extra-curricular activities that typically can make a mark in MBA applications? I am looking to spend time my weekends doing something that can make an impact. Any thought would be appreciated.


Just started at a new firm today. Yearly billables are 1900. Since I started 2 months into the year, do I need to hit the 1900? To recoup the first two months of the year means billing 190 a month.


240 days period during extenaion - My extension was denied and my attorneys are saying we will file another extension. My H1B expires on Aug 30 2020, so if the new extension gets denied in Dec (contd


Not trying to be mean here or anything, but do people honestly think Pelosi is fit to do her job as SPEAKER of the house? Is this the face we want to put forward? She can’t string a coherent sentence.

Has anyone here recently come back to the US with advance parole?


Serious question- since team matching is taking so long. Is it worth taking another offer for now and switch to Google few months down the line? Not the most ethical I know, but I can’t keep on waiting… and I can’t stand another second of staying in my current job


Anyone here as an ad account manager from an agency ? What is it like ? Would love to hear about your experience and all.


New here. Thankful this exists. Just wanted to post a reminder to everyone to be easy on themselves today.


Hi Team,
I got offer from below mentioned organisations. Plz help me choose. Job Security, Work Life Balance , And Career Growth are my priorities.

Tata Elxsi: 12LPA : Bangalore
Cognizant: 14LPA (fixed + variable) : Bangalore
TCS: 13.5 LPA (fixed + variable) : New Delhi
Qburst: 14.2 LPA(All fixed) : Noida

Currently I am in Bangalore but I am preferring Delhi/Noida Location.

Tech Stack: Android Developer
YOE: 4.5 years

Your help and guidance would be really appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


What are your dream exit opp roles? (E.g., Haven, Verily LS, PE, etc.)


I gave notice last week but my current employer gave me a counter offer that is $$ great but my biggest incentive was due to a lifestyle change. How do I say no without burning a bridge?


Truly! Thanksgiving: A Teacher’s BEST FRIEND!! 🦃😊🍁

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Additional Posts in Remote Openings

Hello folks,
I am a CA havi g 4 years experience into Statutory Audit, Finance & Accounts domain.

Looking for an opportunity for remote working.

Appreciate any leads


Hi all, I am writing this with a heavy heart, as I was amongst the recent round of layoffs from Turing. Keeping my head high I am looking for a new role in the field of #marketing, #growth, #analytics.

B2B brands are my specialty but I am well versed with B2C companies as well. Looking for a referral from my connections or any leads I can find.


I am looking for a job as a Data
I have total experience of 6 Years and relevant experience of 3.5 years in Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Power Bl; but still not getting a good opportunity.
Kindly help!


Hi Fishes,
I am ready to join within 18 days. I have 2 offer in hand from Pune but I am looking for permanent work from home opportunity. Can you please let me know or refer me if is there any PWFH opportunity. My skill set is as below:

Total Exp: 7.9 yrs
Relevant: 7.5 yrs
Notice period: 18 days
Power BI,
MS SQL & Oracle
AWS Athena, AWS Quick-sight
Presto DB
Azure Synapse, ADF & Azure SQL


Hi fishes,

Currently working at Freshworks for 20LPA,
I want to change company because i need WFH.
Can i get some suggestions like where to apply as senior frontend engineer?

Exp CTC would be 35LPA +
Exp: 5.5 years

Any suggestions will be welcome.
Thanks in advance.


What's the salary package for 8 years experience Manual Testing.


Hi all

Require 3 consultants URGENTLY

please send profile to

1) Client - Kuiqly
2) Whose payroll wil the consultant be on - resources are required on contract -
3) Experience - 3+ years
4) Need immediate joinees
5) remote work
6) any part of India.

Regular shifts with support for EST time zone

Senior Full-Stack developer with
Java and Angular experience -1
angular developer - 1
need 2 candidate for angular and 1 sr. full stack developer

Need referrals for my profile
Tech stack: Java, Spring boot and MVC, Microservices, Oracle, etc
Exp- 4.7 yrs
NP:Immediate joiner


Hi All,
Please help

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Hi team, am looking for an immediate joining, have 8.5 years in consulting/ project management experience and 2.8 in capital market


Hi there, I'm looking for a job change. Currently working as a Functional Tester in telecom domain having total 7.5 YOE. Do let me know if any openings for Remote or Mumbai location

Please help me find work from home


Is it that difficult to get one remote job? Trying since months now. But not able to get it. None of the bowls here are that helpful. Dropped many posts but no forwards. Suffering a lot at my current job and need to leave asap. Very toxic and hostile environment here. And I'm being targetted deliberately. Please help.🙏
Yoe: 3.8 yrs
Skills: SQL, Unix, PLSQL.
Profile: support analyst


Any remote openings for Data Science domain?


Any remote or part time opening architecture for 3d visualisation. M having 2 yrs of field exp and good hands on the modeling and rendering softwares


Hi Fishes,
Looking for a remote opportunity in the Automation Testing role. I have overall 2.4 years of experience. Please let me know if there is any openings.
Thanks in Advance


Hiring multiple positions in Tech/Sales at Fintech GRIP.
Having worked at a startup is a plus.

Location - Flexible (WFH or Gurgaon office)
Perks -Permanent WFH

Interested folks DM or share your resume at prakruthi@gripinvest.in
The detailed JD can be shared later.

Mention notice period and Job role applied in your subject line

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