Hello, I am a new grad with a doctorate in OT. I just got an offer for a job working at a private school. The offer is 58K with benefits. 15 days PTO. Do you guys think I can negotiate the salary to 70K, which based on my research is the average pay for my level of experience and education? Or is that too much to ask?

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There’s no hurt in trying! Also dang you just got your doctorate and that’s a low pay! Idk why your avg salary is so low.


I know right!!! All my years of education for medium bucks LOL but I love my field. I just want fair pay. I didn't feel confident enough to negotiate during the actual interview. They sent the offer earlier today through email. Do you think it's appropriate to negotiate through the same email thread or set up a call/meeting? I interviewed with the Head of School, not HR.

Shoot your shot and see where it lands. You have to have a number that you are comfortable with. You can negotiate for more PTO or a one time bonus. This way you get to add to your resume and look for another position .

That's true. These comments make me think I'm being lowballed here. What would be a good number of PTO to compensate for a below-average pay?

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I don’t care where you live. This is way too low having a doctorate!


For real though!!! OT used to be a Master's degree but I happened to have gotten accepted into a doctorate program. Masters or doctorate - OTRs are pretty much paid the same.


I would definitely negotiate. 58k seems low with your level of education even entry level.


Sorry doctorate degree. Congratulations On that great accomplishment.

What state are you in? I live in California work with OTs as a Recreational Therapist and get paid about 68k, so I think it’s doable.

Texas! What population do you work with, if I may ask?

Yeh sometimes schools tend to underpay, try negotiating

Try to negotiate at least 75

Thank you so much! I appreciate the suggestions and encouragement!

Where are you located? In a school as a new grad that’s not terrible. You won’t make more having a doctorate over a Masters. I’d negotiate and take no lower than 65 with annual raises, and sign on bonus.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but 58K seems fair for someone who does not have that much professional experience. I know an OT who has been on the field for ten years and is getting paid 80K, so that sounds about right. My advice: take the job for the experience and the mentorship and ask for a raise when you feel like you're doing more than you're being paid for.

How do PT and OT feel about doctorate being entry level and the relatively low pay?

I can't speak for the entire field but I sure would appreciate higher pay for ~8 years of post-secondary education. I feel like everyone in healthcare deserves higher pay tbh


Hello! As someone with a doctorate degree, I must say you've been lowballed here. Try to negotiate from 70-75k. Best of luck!

You are definitely being lowballed here. I negotiated from 79 to 90. Going from 58 to 70 is very doable. Ask for 75 and you’ll land on 70. Don’t give in and stand your ground. You are wroth more.

Try to negotiate but schools pay low

From what I've heard, public schools pay a decent salary compared to other peds settings. Then again, the one I am applying to is private. So, do you think 58k is fair?

Yes, negotiate. But have a list of what you bring to the table and why you are worth that extra salary.

I think we all agree that $58k salary for someone with a doctorate degree is way too low. Take your shot and negotiate. You have just been lowballed bigtime.

I make 20,000 more than that per year as a OTA. That’s sad.

Wow, good for you! Which state are you working in?

In NJ my starting salary was $70K with the same PTO

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