I have offer from

Optum, Harman Connected Services, CGI, WIPRO, Concentrix and LTImindtree

All of them are giving package of around 18 lpa. And location for optum and wipro is Hyderabad others are in Bangalore

My joining date is near can you please help me in choosing one of the best from these.

YOE : 3.9
Skills : Java, Springboot, Microservice, Azure Cloud with React Js

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Optum will be good
What's your cctc and company


CCTC : 8.6 lpa
Company: TCS


In Optum...was is fixed component including PF

As Optum has 15% variable concept

16.5 fixed 2.5 variable

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Scrum Master
YOE: 10
Current CTC : 12 LPA (11 fixed)
Holding Offer CTC : 20 LPA (19 fixed)

How much fixed pay I can expect for my role and experience. Kindly share your thoughts.


How old were you when you first hit a 6 figure salary?


So like now you have to be an HCP copy wizard, (under the age of 40) willing to work for low hourly rates if you want to stay busy? Feeling discouraged today.


Hi Fishes, How long does it take to finish the BGV at Amex? Do they call or email for any information? My DOJ is next week and has heard nothing from them yet.

Please suggest what to do.

What is the process involved in Onboarding? Have not received a laptop either.

@American Express


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Hello folks,
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Got selected at Collegedunia and Amdocs?
which one to prefer
Role: Front-end engineering (react)

Hi guys, yesterday I had a interview with Accenture but could not join due to technical fault from their side as they don’t take interview by any team or zoom links, it’s their own software. I informed the HR about the same but did not hear back from them till now. Will they reschedule the interview? Did anyone face the same? It was the final round of interview.


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Hi Fishes,

I have given my interview in HCL and cleared 1 TP, 1 hcl manager & Client TP and Client Manager rounds .
In initial screening HR told the generic statement of 30-40% and I have given my ask as 50% minimum. After clearing the rounds I heard from the project team that Client has given great feedback and wanted to take me in .
What is the % I can ask in HR Discussion and will they reject in HR if I ask more now .
I have 9.5 years total experience and role is Storage Architect.


Do you think it’s better to work at a startup - in hopes of an IPO, or is it better to work for a Big 4 tech company? (In hopes of making the most money)


Additional Posts in Offer discussion

Is it best to join impetus technologies CTC They offered :- 10.5LPA Fixed YOE:- 2.8


Hi fishes, I have 4 YOE in manual, automation and accessibility testing, im more interested in cloud tech so I started learning AWS technologies now I know concepts of EC2, S3, EC2 adv, VPC, RDS, Elb, ASG, IAM, Redshift(dont have handson).I am planning to switch over to other company. So How much salary I can expect?Is there anything need to do to get more opportunities but I have less time only(in 3 months notice period) Any suggestions please. Im confused and fear of my career?Dm pls.Amazon Infosys

I am offered a role with S&p global, salary negotiation yet to have.
Can someone please tell if s&p global is recession proof or not, I’m planning to join only if i get job security
I have offer from lti paying me 12 on 3.5 yoe??

LTI Information Technology Deloitte PwC IBM S&P Global



Can anyone share about their thoughts for company called

How is wlb? Work? And other details

My joining date is in next week


Hi Guys,
Which company is good between Honeywell, Jio, Miel, Motorola solutions?

Please let me know your valuable inputs.

Thanks in advance.


Magic EdTech only generate LOI or apart from this also provide Offer Letter to joiners?
Please tell me .

Please help me decide between below 2 offers in VLSI domain.

I am working as a Design verification engineer and 4 years experienced.

1) Nvidia 25l base + 7 sign on bonus + 60l of stock bonus(vesting 1/4 per year)

2) Marvell 30l base + 14l sign on bonus + 30l of stock bonus (1/4 per year)

Both companies are good in WLB and projects.

Comparatively NVIDIA is top in industry and projects will be better than Marvell. And Marvell is seems to be better in WLB than Nvidia.

Please help me to decide


Exp 2 Years having offer of 18lpa where 16 fixed is it the best one can get of 2years exp will i make my relatives cry can i make them more cry by asking 20


Hi Fishes,
YOE - 4 years 10 months i.e Almost 5 years
Location - Pune
I have 4 offers in hand for JavaFS
Fiserv - 16.50 LPA (But now ready to match principal pckg)
NeilsenIQ - 20 LPA (18LPA fixed)
Principal global services - 20 LPA (18.18 LPA fixed)
Citicorp solutions - in process

Which company is good in terms WLB and job security. I'm confused between citi and principal. Since package wise, all offers are at the same level.

Also, according to my experience, can I expect only upto 20 LPA?


How much package I can expect from coupa software for senior software engineer role with 9.5 yoe?

which company should I go for?

Exusia 16 lpa, wfh

GEP 14 lpa(maybe), wfo, only hr round pending
GEP Worldwide Exusia


How much i should expect as CTC from JPMC for Java backend developer with Devops and cloud experience for 5.3 years??
Also what is the salary structure for the role.
I have one offer 38lpa + 20k USD (divided for 4 years)

Hi Sharks,
Need some inputs. Have 3.9 years of Experience as an SAP ABAP Certified Consultant. Looking for change.
How much package should i ask to recruiters? How much will i get in current market?
CCTC : 6.7


How many days does it take for hitachi vantara to update about the next round? It’s almost 4 days after the interview. Am I rejected?

I have job offers from Thales 27 lpa fixed, Capgemini 25 lpa Coforge 28 lpa fixed HCL Technologies 27 lpa, tech stack - golang. I am mostly looking for job security. Please suggest me which one good to you. It would really help me to make my decision.


What’s the best salary one can ask for
Current role Senior Analyst QA- Manual and automation (selenium+Java) 9.6 yoe. Mostly experienced in manual and just 3 years of Automation.
Current ctc: 13l

Hi guys,
I got an offer from
Cognizant , after initial documents submission formalities, HR/POC stoped responding to email. My DOJ is 4th Nov.
I am really concerned about initial accomodation.
Do Cognizant provide initial accomodation ??

Hello, Has anyone heard about/working in osttra company in gurugram. I know its a joint venture of CME group and SP Global but as its a separate compnay so how is the job security. Also how is the work life balance and culture like.Osttra