I just joined
IQVIA, wanted to know how much variable is paid and when? Joined in FEB month. IQVIA

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

You will receive variable next year. By march- April.

How much will depend on your performance. For top rating I got 110% this year.

Good lucckk


Thanks for sharing, will look forward


Hey. For which tech stack have you joined? And is it for GSK?

Front end + Salesforce. Just joined, GSK?

I meant for GSK client

How's your experience bdw!

Too soon to tell it's 1 week only

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How much equity (currently private company) vs base income are you willing to take in a Series A funding company?

I have two offers, one with a slightly higher base (+20K), but little RSU. And one with a lower base, but a ton of equity (+100K). The opportunity is bigger, but it's a risk.

How do you gauge your own personal Risk vs Reward strategy?


Hello folks,

For any Tata Consultancy HR, I have a question about TCS BPS benifits.
When I joined TCS under BPS last year, my health insurance cover is Rs.5,00,000 with no other domiciliary.
Right now when I see hiring page of BPS I can see below benifits.
My question is why the difference and can TCS revise the benefits for the people who joined previously with less benefits.

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Does anyone have experience working in the oilfield in Saudi Arabia as an American? Any insight into pay (day rate, hazard pay, general expat pay) for a field Engineering position?


Can anyone share the pay range for Team Lead position in Accenture? I can see on other salary aggregator sites as well but those are outdated.
If anyone recently joined Accenture as Team Lead, please share your experiences and pay range.

Hi members, how is the L and T Finance , data science team and what is the pay scale for VP grade..also how is the overall company culture..i have heard they work till 10pm and have hire and fire culture ?? Can anyone share some info here


Hi Fishes, Great to Connect! Can anyone tell me what are the chances for a contractor to convert into a full-time employee in Google India? Does Google convert any of 3rd party payroll contractors into full-time employees?


TCS or Oracle for a 10 year experienced oracle cloud technical consultant.pkg is almost same
Pls suggest.


Does anyone know what a senior manager and director make at PWC in the UK? (assurance specifically, if it matters). Thank you so much in advance!


Fishes, does anyone have insight to salary info for CVS Health in a Senior Manager Data Engineering position? The job description says anywhere from $95k-$209k which is a pretty big range. What is a closer range? Recruiter is starting out with $120k which sounds too low to me.


Kotak Life Can anyone help me, to know.... Does KLI has any salary band at L 8, level I. e. Vice President level


Hi. How is the job security and work life balance at Happiest Minds in general and also compared to LTI. Which one would be a better company to join?

Your inputs will be of great help. Thanks.


Hate the hours in public accounting. First year associate. Is it possible to jump to private without taking too much of a pay cut?

Salary in Merck Bangalore for SAP senior functional analyst with 7-8 years of experience.


JPMC 2nd round(managerial round) what kind of questions to expect?

Will there be a salary discussion also in same round? @jp Morgan @jpmc


I joined Ey GDS on 29june 2022. I got the performance bonus today which is 10%. will i be eligible for current year hike cycle?


How to decline cognizant offer after accepting it.Will they become angry?


Hi guyzz.. In tcs anyone working in bose. Com?


Job offer… I’ve been offered a Client Service Associate role at JP Morgan (UK) and my expectations are around £35k but HR have said it’s around 32-33 and will get back to me next week. Are JP Morgan any good at negotiating? Is this a good starting salary for an associate level? I have 5 years experience in financial services. Thanks!

Any advice on negotiating for things other than salary with current employer? Most interested in a <40 hr work week (while still considered FTE), but also good to hear perspectives on negotiating for more PTO, benefits, 401k match, bonus, etc. How do I turn the conversation to this from annual raise discussion? Should I address with my line manager or HR? What are fair trade-offs for salary $s?
For context, annual reviews are coming up, but company has been clear budget for salary raises is low.


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I wanted to get people's opinions on leetcode, codewars etc when prepping for interviews. I am a junior full stack dev looking to move to a better paying junior role or a mid role and honestly these style of questions have always stumped me. I have found that in a year of work to have never found them useful in tackling real world issues. Now I'm moving from a junior to a mid can I still expect leetcode style questions?

I work mainly with react, TS, node, graphql, mongoose and mongoDB.


Gave interview sometime back, Initially they did not agree to the ask, since I already have offer from other org which is much greater than what Tavisca is offering.....Difference is around 4lakhs in both of them, the other org is mid sized company which gave higher offer... What to do in this case... Go for JPMC?? Or other org?? Tavisca JPMorgan Chase

How much did you pay for white gloves movers for recent moving? Elevator buildings. LIC to Midtown.


Hi Fishes, I'm trying to better my knowledge and skills in Strategy Consulting space. Are there any specific courses or Certification that I can do ? Or should I try some other approach?

Please guide. I currently don't have any MBA or master's degree

Any help would or guidance would be really helpful in shaping my career


Cleared technical round of MPHASIS, what should I expect in client round(BlackRock)

Is $57k for a mid-level AD normal for NYC?


Hi Fishes,
Need 11 likes to DM asap. Please help


Does Anyone know what their CEO actually does?

PWD just got approved after a year since process started but Deloitte paused all PERM processing 🙃


Hi All,

I got an offer from JP Morgan. Below are the details.

Current Org: Tech M
Offered CTC:34 fixed Lpa.
Joining Date: Dec 28th
Lob: CCB
Tech Stack: Java, Microservices, Cloud

Also HR told me that
1. I will be getting bonus around 12% on an average after 1yr.
2. I will also be getting CEO bonus
3. Hike will be separate from the above bonuses.

I just wanted to know if I am getting competitive pay according to the market now?


Anyone working in CEO&ES here that could provide insight on what types of projects they work on? I’ve been in contact with the M&A team regularly and am thinking about making the change out of my current practice.


Would it be good practice to always do Table.column_name in SQL to avoid errors for more complex statements? I tried doing it, but SELECT Table.column_name FROM Table looks weird to me. I'm wondering if it is worth making it a habit.


how much do you make and what is your share of rent (living downtown)?


The ‘world’s best’ short ribs recipe from Justin Smilie of Upland/Il Buco. It took 48 hours and a lot of prep to make this.

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Welcome everyone!✨ Would love to hear what companies (or size of co) you’re coming from and what you’ve had trouble navigating as a creative in tech. Or whatever else you wanna share! I can start 👇


Any thoughts about hiring a lawyer to go up against relocation repayment? The company split all of it’s subsidiaries apart legally and I don’t work for the original company nor any of its subsidiaries anymore (also do not receive any benefits from original company).

Original language states “repayment if i leave the company or any of its subsidiaries”.

I just don’t know if I’m wasting my time since i’d be going against a large corporation but it is my hope they just won’t feel like fighting


What is the salary for a BA in big 4?


So I was showering while listening to my stand up call this morning on my phone. I heard my name and was getting out to answer. I saw that my front camera was on and quickly ditched the call....


Is two weeks’ notice advised for law firms (note I am not asking if it’s standard)?


Additional Posts in IQVIA India

8.1 YOE as a business analyst, 2 offers IQVIA -20lpa and wipro -24 CTC, got 45 days remaining before joining. Should i expect higher offers? Around 30?or stop looking for it?or should i ask for revision in offer from IQVIA?


What is the pay for a consultant at IQVIA?


What is the career progression path at IQVIA ?
Joining as a consultant next month

How much offer can i expect from IQVIA india for senior business analyst role? 8 YOe, skill business analyst, BE and MBa qualification, current ctc 12.36. Hr discussion pending.

Earlier during expected CTC i said 20lacs, however i feel i quoted less.

What is the variable pay of IQVIA for band 140? Is it 5% or 10%or more?


How are increments for new joinees in Iqvia on an Average?


Is anyone aware of how the Business System Analyst role is in IQVIA?


How is iqvia , in terms of wlb, yearly hike and management??

What is the minimum variable payout recived in IQVIA

Hi All,

I had cleared all rounds and BGV documents also submitted 3 weeks ago. HR called for some workday step completion and salary discussion 2 weeks back and told that she'd call after 3 days. Since then no call/updates and for my followup mails too. Should I still hope to receive an offer letter?

Thanks in advance.


I am giving an interview where interviewer has asked to prepare some slides explaining what I do and what value I can bring to their firm. Will sharing that decks create some compliance issues as I will mail it through my personal email id to interviewers official Id.

FYI, it won't contain any confidential data.

Hi Fishes, How long it will take to get Full and Final settlement in iqvia?

Any reason why IQVIA insisted employees to open salary account only in HDFC /standard chartered eventhough pay roll portal shows option to select other banks as well? checked with pay roll portal third party team (excelity) if I can opt for other banks and they are ok with that if it's in the list of banks in the payroll portal option


Max salary for band 140 ?

Hi Fishes,

Hope everyone is doing good.

I need 11 likes to activate DM.

Thanks in advance