My offer letter of DI mentions LTA as part of fixed remuneration under claimable components. Will this be part of my monthly in hand salary or will it be paid subject to producing bills of travel only when applicable?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

It will be monthly only but you need to claim it every month.

You can claim it without bills too - in this case the LTA amount will be taxable.
If you claim it with bills it will be non-taxable.


Same as LTA

For telephone you need to produce bills every month. If you don't the entire amount will be paid in March month or your last month with DI.

Can we produce Airtel Fiber + Landline bill for the same.

Also is company contribution to PF part of Fixed remuneration.?


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I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


What are manager salaries like at IQVIA? What should be an expectation going in?


17 lpa at 7 YOE.

15.5 fixed, rest variable.

Am I underpaid?

Expecting a promotion next June with 25-30% hike. Bh that time I will have 8 YOE


Hi... I have got below offers.. Can anyone please let me know which company is better to join in terms of wlb and quality of work. Tcs - pune - 15.25fixed + 1.5L variable pay Cts - pune - 18 fixed + 70k variable + 1L jb Wipro - Bangalore - anz client - 18 fixed + 2L variable + 50k jb Global logic - Hyderabad - 20 fixed - Google client


Hey everyone, I am a 6+ years experienced Salesforce developer and I am currently looking for a job change but only remote/WFH options.
Can anyone please suggest me some good companies in India that provide competitive salary and work life balance?

Noticed the conversations stopped as soon as raises were approved. Is a 2% increase enough to stop discussion around these systemic issues?


Thoughts on time travel? I think some people go way overboard jumping month to month to get the seasonal stuff and hit 100%. But on the other hand, when I’ve completed all of my stuff for the day


Six figure salary earners, how many hours do you work a week on average?


Does anyone have any experience/advice for getting out of a contract with Wells Fargo without paying back all of the bonus yet unearned? Will the recent problems of Wells Fargo help in this endeavor?


When you get a competing offer from industry, who do you go to for negotiation within advisory? Your practice lead? HR? Any tips on how to get an offer match or at least an increase?


Is your base plus commission a 50/50 split? Mines is like a 40/60 split and would prefer a higher base.


Pls advice what is the expected salary for senior 3 in EY GDS pune for BA in Capital Markets ?

Hi Fishes,
I'm in final discussion with 2 organizations for salary discussion. So, I just wanted to know what the salary range for a Project Manager in the @TIAA @Microfocus on the below skills.
YOE : 9 years
Skills: Project Management, Power BI,


What is variable pay tcs usually give


In LTI, when variable pay will be paid for June 2022 joiners??


What are the bank accounts TCS prefer for salary account? Or it's any bank account?


Guys, Pls don't ignore this if you are from EXL, your comment can help me, I will be very grateful to you.

I am b.tech CSE student, have offer from TCS Ninja at 3.36lpa and EXL "Business Analyst/Digital Analyst Level 2 (Band A2)" offer at 7.50LPA.

I have no idea about the work at EXL, location, career growth, joining, means I know nothing about the life at EXL, can you pls guide me. I waana join EXL asap but before that I want to have answers of my ques, thankyou.


Tonight's workout
Sets of 5
Front squats 65kg
Shoulder press 55kg
Deadlift 120kg


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Been really lacking the motivation to squat recently, just such a hard workout and kills my legs


*Input on Salary* I have two opportunities in hand.
1) EY GDS - Assurance Senior
2) BDO Rise - Assurance Senior

I am an ACCA affiliate with 2+ years of experience in Assurance. What can I expect in terms of compensation?

Thank you in advance.

BDO BDO RISE Private Limited EY


Does BNP APAC does background verification before sending offer letter or after sending the offer letter?

I have not been asked about the educational certificates yet.

They have only asked the PAN, PASSPORT and Current employer salalry slips and promotion letter.

P.s - I have recieved the offer letter now.

Will they be still doing any background verification or this is done ?

Best legal/outside counsel spend tracking software? I have received buy-in to enthusiastically shoot Legal Tracker/Serengeti out of a cannon into the sun, so will be starting an RFP for a better program (bar is low if you have LT/Serengeti experience).


Please give me 12 likes to unlock DM


I heard there is sub level also in accenture for each level, but it is not mentioned in offer letter.
Anyone knows how to get to know about this?


When joining bonus is given to employees in Capco.


Quitting a week after you just start a job. Advice or thoughts? Anyone quit or have had someone quit on your team?


Is it possible to talk to any recruiter from MBB, Big4?

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I see people talk on Tik Tok all the time about selling templates on Etsy or selling journals on Amazon and I always wondered how easy it was to really do that and be successful


Anyone got any strong leads regarding the midterm promotions in January like last year? Please tell if you got strong leads.


I have a experienced team member who dissappears for hours during the day, needs me to go over the same directions 2-3x, and does not take initiative to try to fix road blocks.

Any advice?


What would be an ideal pay package for an Operations Manager at Syngene/GSK/Pfizer for someone with 10yrs work exp? And what grade does it fall under?

I’ll be searching for a new job during my disconnect but how many hours are y’all getting? This job is so bad for my health.

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Anyone here a PM at Citi? What is the perception of PMs within the company? How are the PM protocols there? Would appreciate any insight before accepting at offer. Thanks!

I have a background in engineering and an MBA; 20 years of experience in various technology sectors (software, semiconductor, aerospace, healthcare). Looking at career options in climate change/sustainability. Any ideas? I’ve mostly worked on products, and I love new technology.

Does anyone have a template to poll a TA team on time in task? Trying to evaluate how much time a team spends on Admin duties.


If you have a job offer and have a feeling your current employer would counter —— do you put in your 2 weeks (or just have a convo with your manager) before officially accepting the new job in case they counter?


Hi, I’m looking for a production co in London who has great directors who can direct talking head interviews on location. Any suggestions?


Additional Posts in Deloitte India (DI)

Organization's contribution towards well being component ka kitna % claim kar sakte ?


EY is hiring

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Do DI has only Indian clients?


What is the average hike every year given in Deloitte India. My DI HR said average 10-15% is sure in DI and they almost pay the full overall performance bonus. Is that true? How much hike this year people got in DI and during pandemic year? Did they fire employees during pandemic?
Please share?


Hi, deloitte india folks, the pf amount to be duducted will be the same as what's mentioned in offer letter or will it be the double of that,as what's mentioned in offer letter is "organization contribution to pf"

Why does @Deloitte India have so many different teams for the same work?? Basically what is the difference between:
1. Deloitte India SAMA (Strategy and M&A) team,
2. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (domestic) team,
3. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (International) team also called as DI Joint Venture??

In terms of work, culture, projects, hikes, growth etc??


Noob question: What is the difference between Deloitte India (Offices of the US) & Deloitte USI? Deloitte


2.2 YOE

Have 2 offers in hand, extremely confused right now
Deloitte India 10.5 lpa fix 1-1.5 variable

UBS 12 lpa fix ( variable over and above) not disclosed as part of ctc.

Please advise which one to choose considering growth and learning.


Deloitte India is giving me analyst position with 2.1 years of experience. Is it correct?
Offered fixed is around 10.5-11 LPA
is it right, will I be getting more fixed or consultant position.
Please help
@deloitte India


Is it mandatory to go to office daily in Deloitte India -corporate finance department?


I have 5 years of experience as PLSQL developer.
I have cleared first round of technical interview at Deloitte. I have managerial interview on Monday. Wanted to know about the process at Deloitte. What happens in managerial interview? Do they discuss about about salary expectation ? Need help and tips guys.

Hi, what amount do we get in final settlement like will it be only remaining leaves encashment money or does it include any other things?


How many days it take for LTA reimbursement? I have raised one without bills/taxable


How is the Strategy analytics and cognitive department of Deloitte India? How is the work on BI tools like spotfire/ Tableau/ power Bi?
I applied for a post in this department and cleared interviews on the BI tools but I am offered manager consulting. What does that mean? Do I need to travel all the time in this role? Please help someone who is working in this department or technology.
Don't know whether I should join or not.