Hello people,
I'm Web developer with experience in the following:
1: Front-end/Back-End developer using Vanilla Front End stack and python/php for Back-End.

2: Cloud computing, I have been working with Google Cloud's firebase and recently started working AWS.

3: Linux, shell, shh, and Git.

4: I have been doing Web scraping, data extraction and autimation using python and it's libraries.

What I'm looking for: an internship in Web Development and/or Web scraping/automation, paid or unpaid.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Definitely check out Kyndryl 's job postings.

Where do I find it?

If you’re still in school check out Handshake from the career services department. That’s where all internships are posted.

I don't understand what you meant by "handshake" and whose career department is that?
Please help, I'm new here and thanks.

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Need a freelance React Developer for a project.


Hello fishes, i am looking to switch my job and want to apply for EY. It would great if someone can help me with a referral. Thanks in advance 😄.


I am a Sr. Designer in DC looking for a position as an Art Director with experience in brand strategy, alignment, print, motion & digital design. Interested in all openings. Thanks!

Hi All,

Can someone refer me to WNS - Pune for Contracting position.



What you should do when dealing with a very toxic worker that keep on sending passive aggressive messages to you as well as in group chat and email.
Things like when you answer his question he respond: I know that
Or when he keeps on saying my change requests were just minor in group meeting but actually not.
And keep on saying how hard he works when he clearly wasn’t and already underperformed compared to an intern level.

How to not let this toxic co-worker not poison me any further?


Hi , Need a suggestion on below companies.


1. CGI (19 FIXED + 5% V)


3. HARMON (Oracle client ) 19 FIXED (OFFER YET TO RELEASE).

UST global, verticurl , hexaware ,LTI ,HTC global but package are low

Nov 4 is LWD.... And am looking in terms of Job security. Thanks in Advance. Sapiens CGI Harman LTI Information Technology

My company is hiring for CPAs for associate for our dispute and investigation group. DM me if interested. Preferably have audit experience.


Hi All,

If you are interested in applying for any of the below positions, please DM.

Location - Mumbai

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Hi! I need a referral for Phillip Jeffries. The wallpaper company. Hope someone here can help. Thanks!

Anyone in PWC Financial Services Assurance? Need a referral 🙏


Looking for a referral to Square. Please DM me if you're willing to help! All qualifications are met for the job I'm hoping for


Can someone please refer me for Manal, Automation testing (Selenium) role.
YOE: 2 years

Looking to leave consulting and go back to industry (life sciences). Was at PwC and now at a IT consulting firm. Who is hiring? East Coast preferred


Hi Sharks,

Could anyone please refer me?

Expected fixed in CTC 12-16 LPA.

YOE - 8 months excluding 6 months full time internship.

Skill set - SQL, Python, PowerBI, Tableau, Alteryx, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ETL, Datawarehousing.

Interested roles - Data Analyst, Data
Engineer, ETL Developer, Datawarehouse Developer, BI Developer, BI Reporting.

Thank you in advance.


Hi friends,

I am working in tcs and having a work visa.
I am looking for a job or onsite in tcs for poland.
My skills are RPA uipath, Sql/T-sql, dot net, production support, tfs, consulting, c#, core java.

Please if you people have any reference or opportunity please let me know also you can whatsapp me +91-7417271078


I am looking for openings in Singapore as a project manager. Any leads will be highly appreciated


Amazon is hiring for Technical Support Associate for Alexa Devices. Candidate should be fluent in English written and verbal.
Interested candidates let me know

AMERICAN EXPRESS India is hiring for Product Manager role.
Title: Product Manager (Req ID: 21011754)
Experience: 4+ years

JD screenshot is attached.
Kindly DM me if interested

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I prepared an analysis of my jobs (acting as manager) comparing actual realization to budgeted and was told I shldnt be looking at that. Shouldnt performance to budget be a metric mngrs are eval’d on?

Can anyone help me to calculate monthly in hand salary?

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Hi…I am an Ex employee of Accenture..I need Employment verification letter for RFE For H1B visa.. Accenture has provided the letter, But in the letter the purpose Was written as “ for procuring Lawful Permanent Residency “…. Now I am not sure if I can use this letter as Employement verification letter


Krypt doesn't mention variable pay in the offer letter?


I have a medium to low 8th grade math class and an Algebra 1 curriculum would not be wise, as it needs to be more an integrated curriculum. Is this like PreAl with some minor Algebra sprinkles?!

Vaguest feedback you ever received? GO!


I’m halfway through virtual parent teacher conferences. How are your conferences going and how are you sharing student work with parents?


Anybody live by 57 and 11 (e.g. via 57, 606w57, Helena)? How’s the location , seems to be nothing there except car dealerships , CBS, and a sewage plant (Which makes me wonder does it perpetually smell like sh*t lol)


KPMG: difference between Director and Managing Director?


There are a couple of openings for data scientists in BCG.
Requirements : 1. Masters or PhD degree in computer science, data science or any other relevant field. Preferably from a top school.
2. Atleast 2 years of experience

Kindly DM only if you strictly meet the requirements :)


My application to vet school was rejected. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth starting my master’s before reapplying. How much would it help my application?


Hey guys,

YoE 9 years

Tech stack: Java + Angular

Which one to choose between the below companies?
Visa vs Cisco

Considering the kind of work I get and wlb, please suggest.

Both are hybrid working as of now..

Visa Cisco Both are giving almost same package.

Thanks in advance.


Anyone can refer to Cognizant?


Anyone have experience interviewing with Mckinsey for Logistics/Transportation TMS Specialist role? Looking for tips on what to look out for in Expertise interview


How is Support Engineer role at Salesforce?
I am from Java background and got selected for support engineer role.
How's the WLB, learning opportunities, hikes etc.?


Recommendations for leather brown chukkas?

I have no idea when or where to use a semicolon.


Does Deloitte have an extra holiday for labor day? Or is it just that monday off?


Hi Team,

I am working as Sr Big Data Engineer in Barclays Bank. Recently I got offer from Tiger Analytics for Sr Data Engineer and got one more offer from UBS bank for the same kind of profile.

Could you please help me that what should be the better option between Tiger Analytics & UBS. Although the offer amount is almost same in both.


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I am applying at Fidelity investment and the applications keep getting rejected. I have applied for at least 10 jobs that i believe are good fit but they keep getting rejected. Is that to do with ATS template resumes or something else? Did anybody else experience this before? How did you mitigate this issue?


Anyone have any experience with DoorDash s&o final round cases? Have a “problem solving” interview, “operational excellence” interview and a “critical thinking” case. Any tips?


Any suggestions or recommendations on how to make the jump from senior BDR to commercial AM? I am performing above quota and I was in talks for internal promotion but they now put a pause on all of the promotion and told me to sit and wait (who knows for how long…)
Also what industry should I be looking at for a fairly recession proof remote sales role?


Anyone hiring for a Cybersecurity Project Manager , IAM Manager, Technical Product Manger or IT Project Manager? FT, Contract , Temp or PT roles


I currently looking for jobs at Point72 Asset Management. Does someone know if the offer remote work? Is it a good place to work at?


What pays better? Software development vs IT consulting.


Please, what type of behavioral questions are asked in a SWE internship interview? I am a PMM but my sister has an interview with Apple and I am helping her out.

Is it any different from what one would expect in a Full Time role interview? Please, I would appreciate every advise I can get. Thanks.


Private or Public?

Graduating soon and I am faced with two offers , money is not really a concern right now, I just want to pick the route that will benefit my resume the best down the road.

Top 10 Fortune 500 fully wfh job in tech rotational program
software analyst 1 , 3 wfh 2 on-site, for a city in California.

Are Google , IBM , Meta learning certificates, worth it? Do they really impress employers? If had an IBM data science certificate without any experience for example what type of role can expect or should I expect any?


I work in an Italian bank like junior project a manager.
I have a master degree as data scientist and recently I follow a course in project manager.
I want to study for the pmp certification, but I need to work for 3years before to do the exam.(given the rules).
After the certification, how much money should I ask for salary in Italy?
Currency my salary is 31k gross per years.


TD - Two weeks back completed two rounds in interview on the same week. They said they were satisfied and will be in touch. But no response yet. Will I hear from them? I just need reply irrespective of the outcome.

I currently make 78k at Lockheed but I’m not doing what I’d like to be doing and i felt stuck and after many conversations with my manager and no solution in sight, I started applying elsewhere. I just recently got an offer from a smaller AI company for 95k that I plan to accept. I’m happy to make the jump, I just don’t know how my manager/coworkers will react when I tell them I’m leaving.


I’ve been looking to get back into remote CSR work, have experience in SAAS


What can I except a product manager role interview questions to be?


I got a call from the Google recruiter about my L7 em interview Google She said I did overwhelmingly good on all interviews except one had mixed feedback on a system design. No surprise because it was not a good interview. The recruiter said i had a choice to go to hiring committee, give referrals they could call about my system design or take another system design interview. I’m not confident about the system design because of the bad experience I had with the previous interviewer. What should I do?


What do you think of the current job market in Germany? Do you think it has taken a hit because of the inflation? How do you think a company plans towards recruiting in the current situation?