What's the expected Pay band & CTC range for Development Manager role with 12 years of experience?

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Check for associated director role.
Should get close to 30L base pay

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Do specialist partners (e.g. insurance, tax) generally make less than corporate partners (e.g. M&A, Funds, RE)?


Hello All,

General queries:

Which are the best companies in India to work as SAP consultant, with very good pay package and other benefits? Which companies has better SAP Projects and it's worth joining in terms of growth?


Hi everyone!
I committed the mistake of telling the recruiter my salary expectation and now I see in Glassdoor that the range they offer is higher than what I said.
Im in the final loop of the process, is there anything I can do to fix the situation and ask for more if they offer me the job?
Thank you so much for your help 🤩


Hi all,

Have been offered E2.2 that is associate business manager with 10 years of experience.
Wanted to check if the role offered is fine and if anyone aware about the role


I interviewed at KPMG on 11/14 and got a verbal offer the next day but since then waiting to hear from them. Been following up continuously but the partners are not replying it seems. In the meanwhile i have an offer from BT offering 90k for 4 yrs of experience which seems to be fair. I am just unsure whether to accept the offer as I was waiting for kpmg reply as I want B4 on my resume which apparently is a big deal. Is BT also good on resume for future employers ??


Consultant role in Deloitte USI (F&EP Team) Vs KPMG Global Services (IT Advisory- EPM Team)

Deloitte USI: 13L + 4L JB

YoE: 4.5
Tech Stack: EPM

Which one will be the better choice In terms of:
1. Bonus and Increments
2. WLB
3. Type of work (back-end/client-facing)
4. Professional growth
5. Any other relevant factors

Please share your experiences?

I am CGA/CPA in Ontario with 10 + years working in Transportation and logistics industry as Financial Analyst.
Currently working for a large 600+ million plus
Was not actively looking for new opportunities , was approached by a recruiter 3 weeks ago with an opportunity of Finance Manager role in almost similar size 500+ mill for their logistics division which is fairly new and small
Currently my annul compensation is 80 k.
3 wk vac. Offered 105 k + 20%
What should I do or look for in accepting

Hi guys, What is salary range for associate corporate banking (Toronto). Devision is private equity sponsored coverage.

Have you interviewed for a job where you haven’t even spoken to the recruiter? At this company I’ve dealt with the interview scheduler, hiring manager and even a panel for my second interview with the director and another senior manager…but no recruiter.

I reached out, but still nothing…so I don’t even know the real comp, benefits or specifics of this job. Has anyone encountered this? I’m thinking I’d speak to the recruiter once an offer is made.


What is the usual starting hourly salary rate for an IT technical support specialist? And what would be the highest? Canada and USA

How long do the other big 4 offer differential pay if you deploy?


Hello all from JPMC , I have heard that generally bank do not have good variable payout as compared the big 4 ?

So for same fixed pay does big4 generally pays out more variable bonus ?


Hi Sharks,

Kindly provide your suggestions about HONEYWELL for Senior SAP functional consultant Role.

How's work culture, WLB, job security, Hikes etc

I am joining HSBC Banking ops bengluru can someone explains joining bonus like 3000 rs per day Daily allowance is for family or each family member

Just finished initial interview for Senior Manager role at Amazon and recruiter wants to know my expectations for total compensation. Found one submission on Glassdoor showing $175K total compensation, does that sound right? Role is in Arlington VA.


Got selected in Accenture for L8 in Strategy n consulting.
What salary i can ask ?
Current ctc : 28 LPA


How much variable pay percentage on CTC in HCL for Teach Lead position

Can I ask what a decent starting wage as a nurse manager is? I have 1 yr experience in supervisor role, and 2+ years in nursing. Ty


An ex-Goldman Sachs Employee looking out for other opportunities (Bangalore)
Which is better- Deutsche Bank India(Middle Office) or HSBC(Prime Brokerage)
Offered compensation difference- HSBC paying just a little more


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How much time barclays take to release offer letter after document submission?


If you have to schedule multiple 1:1s between your exec and other execs, what process for scheduling do you use? Do you send individual emails to each exec’s AA/EA with availability included or do you send a mass email to all the needed AAs/EAs with availability included?


Hi everyone,

I need 11 likes to activate my DM feature. It would be great if you can help with the same.


Not gonna lie, it’s definitely entertaining to see all of us out here predicting what crypto’s gonna do when crypto doesn’t even know what crypto’s gonna do 😂 glad to have joined the fam, fam.


Has anyone flown out of Logan lately, particularly the Delta/domestic terminal? I have a flight at 615p Thursday for a weekend trip and videos of airports being swamped lately are just concerning me.

I have tsa precheck


Anyone know where to donate dress clothes / suits? Covid added a little thickness but don’t want my Ill-fitting suits to go to waste


I recently lost my dad, and I really have no idea how I’m going to survive busy season carrying around so much grief.


Just joined! Julius and I are seeking to move on to the next company. Please like so that I may DM!

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Hello, I was recently let go from my firm for not being able to pass the series 10 exam. I passed the 9 and have my SIE, 7, and 63. Are there any jobs out there that require the 9 but not the 10? All the jobs I can find require them both but I’d like to use my 9. Thanks for any advice!


Taking a poll of women who have a prescription for adhd meds.... which drug do you take, what’s your dosage, and how long have you been taking your meds.


Does anyone struggle with the unending need to eat! I’m literally having to stuff in food everyday now and again and I’ve already gained 8kgs/ 17lb . I’m at 27 weeks 😫


Hi Fishes,

One of the organisation has set up a personality test as part of there recruitment process. This will be my 5th round of discussion with then (2 technical, 1 functional and 1 managerial). Anyone has any idea how I can prepare for this round and what kind of questions to expect.

My YOE: 10.6
Technology Stack: SharePoint, Power platform

Thanks for the help in advance.


Honest reviews of Chicago offices of Digitas, R/GA, and The Marketing Arm…? Especially, thoughts on the strength of their social practices?


Hi Fishes,
Can someone please share the work culture and work life balance at the promotions team in Paytm

Third year international arbitration associate. Have been working in a small boutique firm in Paris since I was sworn in. Can I make my way into Big Law or is too late at this point?


Anybody willing to share what company they work for in Chicago/Chicago land area, what they make, and whether or not they’re certified??? I’m looking for a change of pace.

New Balance's entry for BHM wars.

Not bad, but an easy pass for me.

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Is it true that working at Amazon means 50+/60+ hour weeks constantly? Or something other employers say to scare their employees from looking to work at Amazon?


Additional Posts in FIS Global


My LWD was on 28th June 2022, till when I will get the Releiving letter and FNF amount ??

Or do I need to drop the mail to anyone regarding this ??


Hi All , What is the onboarding process in FIS global?.Do they ask for background verification before or after joining? FIS Global FIS Infosys


Hi, How can we transfer PF from FIS Global to Mindtree ??? .

In PF portal still FIS Global PF account is not closed i mean they didn't update LWD there.

It has been done 4 months already to leave FIS and join Mindtree

Kindly tell the process.


Hi guys need your support to get 11 likes to enable DM


Does FIS Global provides voucher for Microsoft certification ? Or is it like firstly need to clear exam and then they reimburse money ?

How is that ? Kindly give some insights on this .

Hi Everyone I have joined FIS one month back only, I am just Okay with my current project. I see here everybody is leaving FIS and telling it's not good. I have changed Infosys within 7 months.Now, I don't want to switch this early. Can somebody tell me about the good points, pros in FIS. I really want to change my mindset so that I feel happy here and can give back something to organization.FIS Global


Can anyone refer me to FIS Global for Software Engineer role for Chandigarh or Noida location


Is it true we need to return the joining bonus along with GST if we resign within a year in FIS?
What if someone resigns a week after his 1 year completion? Do they still need to pay?


Fis mohali is now permanent wfh, they've closed it down


IBM - 19.7L fixed + 2L JB

FIS Global - 19.8L fixed + 1.90L variable + 1L JB

YOE - 7 years
Tech - .Net

Which one in terms of Job security(main concern) , WLB , yearly average hike , better projects ?

Hi fishes Will work from home in FIS continue atleast upto Dec 2022? Any idea? FIS Global

I got offer in Bangalore FIS and my husband got an offer with one big company in Hyderabad. Both companies are currently WFH only but in future, I might have to consider moving to Hyderabad. Fis doesn't have office in Hyderabad so I was wondering if I can ask permanent WFH later. I guess I will be put in fis payment solution.

Thanks in advance. Kindly let me know. FIS Global



Need your help fishes how much joining bonus FIS can give for early joining?
Would like to know the range to negotiate well
Thanks in advance for your help.


How much FIS can offer for senior software Engineer/ senior implementation conversation analayst.?

I have 3.5 years of experience and 3 months notice period.

Current package - 9 LPA
How much can I ask for ?


Any vacancy in FIS Chandigarh for sr business analyst. Pls share!
Tech stack - banking consultant/ Infosys finacle consultant


3ys exp total, 1yr angular and 2yr Java. How much should I demand??

Hello All,

I have recently joined
FIS Global but there are some issues with the laptop that I have received. It shall be replaced now. Because of this I haven't been able to update my salary account details in workday yet. I received a mail yesterday that it should be done before 13.05.2022.

Can anyone please share the contact details of the support team who can help me in this case?

FIS Global