Hey all !

I had inhand offer for 14.5 from company A and , and got a new offer in company B in which HR offered me 15 when I asked 16 and said they are out of budget .I said okay

Someone called me from the same company B today and said they would offer me 18 and requested me to take the interview. I was shocked.

Inputs on how to confront and get paid 18 pls ?? And also hope this is a reminder to everyone to how HRs manage to lowball .

Thanks all !

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I was in the same situation. 2 months back I got a call from PWC HR for a data engineer position and I had an offer of 13 Lpa so I asked for 15 and they said they have only a budget of 11LPA for 3 yrs exp. After a month and a half 10 days before my last working day another HR from Pwc called me and they agreed to give me 20LPA. But after the interview they will still go down from 20. They will say anything to make you attend the interview.

So even if you confront the HR they will say that different project , I am recruiting for xyz project which has this much budget and bla bla bla

Skillset :webMethods

It’s mid sized company with 1500 employees , and my hiring is not project specific which I had checked already with her .
If HR just wants me to join for less than they have budget to offer , I am happy to go with company A even if they are offering 14.5 only as when I asked the HR for 14, he said I will give 14.5 without any interrogation!! That’s the kind of environment u need


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Hello there,
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Hello All,

Anyone from
FIS Global who's onboarding was done recently? What was the process??
Mine was done yesterday and I just received 2-3 mails during the day, one of which I had to sign and mail back. Nothing else besides that. 🙄


Hi Fishes,

Any innovative ideas for Capability Development Team?
Want to hear what new they are doing in your respective team!


What is your avg working hours?
If other than mentioned do comment.

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Hi looking for entry level UXD roles. If any such position there in you company please connect with me so that i can share my resume and portfolio over the chat or email.


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I have offer from cap gemini and BNPP .. both offering fairly similar compensation.. which one should I take and why ? Need your views


Hi - does anyone have any idea on how much happiest mind technology would pay to someone for data engineer position with 4+ years of data engineering experience and total 8 years of experience?


Hi everyone, I got offer from Capgemini and location is Hyderabad as I agreed to generate the call and interview. Now I do not want to leave by current location Mumbai.

When I should ask to change this before putting resignation or near to joining date and will they agree on this.


Hi Fishes,

I have offers from below companies.
Which is best in terms of growth, job security and wlb.



Any idea about altimetrik, sasken, encora, tonik in terms of job security, work life balance and growth. Its good to join at 25 LPA in any of these companies. YOE 12 relevant to Java Springboot 6 years experience. Current CTC is 11 LPA Sasken Technologies Limited @tonik Encora Altimetrik Corp.

I interviewed at Walmart for in4 position, I cleared 3 technical rounds on Friday, and my managerial round happened on Monday, my interview was average for the managerial round. From that day onwards I am trying to get my feedback for the managerial round but the HR keeps telling me that they have not received it yet from the manager. It has been more than 5 working days. Should, I assume that I got rejected??

I have job offers from Thales 27 lpa fixed, Capgemini 25 lpa Coforge 28 lpa fixed HCL Technologies 27 lpa, tech stack - golang. I am mostly looking for job security. Please suggest me which one good to you. It would really help me to make my decision.


Hello All,

Can you help me with the feedback w.r.t WLB, work culture and hike for the following companies to help me decide which to join.

Also suggest how I can counter.

Bentley Systems : 21.32 (Fixed)
TietoEvry : 18.90 (Fixed)
Wolters Kluwer : 17.00 (Fixed) 18.70 (CTC)
A Start Up company : 23.00 (Fixed) 24.00 (CTC) I don’t want to join this.

I am left with 15 days of my Notice Period.

YOE : 5 Years
Tech : Automation QA, Selenium, C#, API

Thanks in advance 😊


Hi folks,

I am having 5 yrs experience
Cituis =16lpa
Congnizant 15lpa

Job title :team lead android

Please help how to deal with infosis HR
She is saying we have 12.7lpa budget .if agree ok other wise i drop your profile. NO JOINING bonus avaiable .

My preference is infosis due to location.

Need help !!


Is 26lpa fixed for a manager position in PWC with 11 YOE a good offer to go with? If not, how much I can ask for? I don't have any other offers right now to negotiate. Tech stack : Not into cloud, AI and data Eng..


Hello Everyone,

Please help me to select among the below organizations to join:-

Cognizant - 13 LPA
LTI - 11 LPA
Startup - 12 LPA

Tech stack - Oracle Utilities CC&B/C2M developer
YOE - 4.6
CCTC - 5.6 LPA


Please help me decide between below 2 offers in VLSI domain.

I am working as a Design verification engineer and 4 years experienced.

1) Nvidia 25l base + 7 sign on bonus + 60l of stock bonus(vesting 1/4 per year)

2) Marvell 30l base + 14l sign on bonus + 30l of stock bonus (1/4 per year)

Both companies are good in WLB and projects.

Comparatively NVIDIA is top in industry and projects will be better than Marvell. And Marvell is seems to be better in WLB than Nvidia.

Please help me to decide


Hi Fishes,
I got an offer of 21 LPA From Cimpress.
Before applying to Cimpress, I got interviewed with ToTheNew, they sent me an LOI of 16LPA.
But, Now they are ready to match Cimpress Offer.
So, what should I do? Can anyone help?
I have 4 YOE, as MEAN/MERN stack developer.


Is there any other company that checks bgv only for the last 3 jobs? Like IBM.