Hey Fishes !!

I am serving my NP in Amazon and have 4 offers in Hand tell me which one should be go to grab !!

Deloitte : 33 LPA
Microsoft : 30 LPA
Virtusa : 25 LPA
PWC : 27 LPA

which one is your go to company if you are in this situation .

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My crow soft


3 lakhs won't matter. You will work on your own products. Wlb is also good. Bdw how many rounds? Did they ask dsa and algo

Without any thought microsoft.. Learning and growth



Can u tell ur yoe and tech stack

4yr all in Amazon ,

tech : Hadoop , Hive , Spark , Airflow , Informatica . Power BI , Azure certified , AWS certified ( data analytics specialty )


Are/Were you and SDE at Amazon ? If yes then how come in 4 years your pay at Amazon is less than 30lpa. ? Just curious to know the range of pay over there.

I was not SDE in Amazon , I was at Data Analyst II position.


Go for Microsoft, though salary is bit less.

Aankhe band karke MS!!

MS any day.

Microsoft anyday anytime 🔥

Microsoft no doubt.
Others are all service based.

With this skillset at 4 YOE, Is 30 LPA at Microsoft all fixed??
If yes then Go for Microsoft only.
Reason is once you are into product based environment, you won't like it in consulting.
(Deloitte being the king in consulting though).
But if Fixed pay is less than 25 LPA then I would suggest look for other opportunities.


Are you getting lower package than 1st year in amazon? I comes to know amazon will add bonus as fixed pay and telling it as CTC, but after 2 years we will get low CTC. Is this true?

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Hello all. Does anyone know the salary of a Platform Architect at McDonald’s? I’m a Software Engineer with more than 25 years of experience.


Hi Fishes, In my kpmg india offer letter they have mentioned Performance Linked Bonus , so what % is the minimum i can get for sure from that amount and when will i get it?


Hi Fishes, Kindly let me know the in hand salary for below break up; provided I make use of 1.5 lac for tax savings and hra part. TIA

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What is the increment cycle in tiger analytics?

Hello folks, can someone please tell me about the laptop policy in JPMC... I heard they ask you to connect to remote desktop via your personal machine

Any tips for when to schedule Kellogg interviews? Monday or Friday? Is weekend student interview?

I have the final interview with Deloitte for their EFA analyst position. Anyone know what to expect for that?


Is Mindtree taking more time than usual to release offer letter after marge has happened?

Since tomorrow is promotion day in AC Bangalore so if you are not yet informed by your coach/rl regarding promotion/hike/bonus does that mean you are not promoted ?


New BCG Project Leader applying to Strategy roles at Google. Is it reasonable to aim for an L6? Will Google match BCG’s high PL salary?


Hi fishes,
I got offer 22 CTC + 3 jb on t2 l1 with DevOps profile and having 3.8 yoe, is it good or can I counter that offer before joining
Location will be banglore.


If there is anyone here from Amazon's Ad Success team, can you please let me know about the kind of compensation that Amazon offers to Advertising Campaign Specialists with 4 yoe?

Also, would love to know about the work culture at Amazon. Is there any flexibility offered in their return to office policy?

Thanks in advance!


Hi fishes, I have 6.8 years of experience.Currently working as a tech lead in my current company with 12 lpa. I got offer from Infosys for 19.2 lpa.Should I look for other offer or should settle down with Infosys.Personally I want to work with Infosys as it has brand value. Please suggest.Infosys

Also I want to grow In my career .what should I do ? I am full stack developer.


Does Citiustech provide Covid leaves?
If yes, how many?

Got two offers
1. Ey GDS 11lac fixed + 5% variable
Job role: 44 and designation consultant.

2. Accenture 10lac fixed +2.1 lac variable +2 lac joining bonus, Total gross for first year 14lac
Job role 10 designation senior analyst

Total experience : 3.2 yrs
Skills : Microsoft dynamics CRM Developer

Help me out to choose which one would be better as it's my first switch.

Thanks in advance


Salary research:
Hey fellow designers, I recently saw a tweet that the new hourly rate for designers in US is $200-250hr(screenshot). And more people seem to confirm that:

I think the lack of awareness of how much our peer designers make causes huge gap differences in what we’re paid.

I work full time for a sorta established tech startup in NYC with 100+ employees.
As a sr product designer I made $85k/year (no other monetary bonus)

In my new role I make $127k/year (about $67/hr). Hbu?

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What are people general view on Altman Solon? I have only worked in FS so unsure about TMT. Would love to know if people have made a similar move before.

Also is their reputation good and any guidance on comps for Consultant level would be amazing. Have a nice Friday evening!

Altman Solon


Does amazon allow working for a small time from india?


Switching from Deloitte USI to SAP SDC.

Keeping money aside, wise decision?

Factors : Growth, future prospects, WLB, brand value.


What's a feasible % increase for promotions? Looking to be promoted to Sr. Account Manager, and based on my current salary (57k in midwest) and Glassdoor/competitor medians for Sr. Account Manager, a fair salary would be around 22-25% increase (70-72k). Will I need to leave to get that or is that normal for a promotion (not a raise)?


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Do you guys think Phoenix will ever become a major tech hub? I feel like the most we're known for is deserts and drugs smh


What’s the going rate for a remote bookkeeper to handle A/P, A/R, creation n collection of membership invoices (about) 175 and perform monthly bank recons on 4 banking relationships? All done in QBO quick books on line I’d estimate 15 hours per week


riskberg consultancy or KPMG GDC for Audit profile


People who frown on cannabis use but indulge in and encourage heavy/regular drinking are hypocrites of the highest order.


Any tips on meeting new clients? Any events that possibly work or strategies?


I have stomach flu, send helpful tips plz 🥲🥲🥲


Path to become a Director of Engineering in Google - Should one choose the Solution Architect or the Engineering Manager route? Would something like a PMP / PgMP add value if you’re already a Solution architect?
Appreciate your thoughts on this.


Hi everyone

Anyone waiting for an Offer letter from S&P Global?



What is starting salary range for a senior manager risk assurance nyc?


Fishes, any openings for M.com Finance graduate Freshers? Please do help. For my friend who is struggling..


Hi fishes,
2 weeks back I got the offer from tech m. Today I got the call from someone from tech m and they told are scheduling my customer interview on Monday. I have already got the offer with joining date and location. What will happen if I am not able to clear it. Still more than 2 months are remaining joining is in nov. Please suggest


Anyone here applied for unemployment recently or in the past? What happens after you apply?

One on every team..

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Is consultant role is upper in socgen hierarchy or lead engineer is higher in the organization hierarchy?


Dear Fishes,
Can someone please help me out by referring my profile for the below mentioned job ID?
I would highly appreciate your support.
Job ID: R21515
Role: Operations Analyst

Thanks in advance!
S&P Global

Can a company legally tell you to not reveal your stock options (#of shares) or restrict you from even saying that you have any as a part of compensation?

It was hinted to me that this was what I would be signing but the confidentiality agreement seems more vague than that.


Best engineering internship?


How is Finastra for BA role in Service Now domain ? I am concerned about job security as they laid off contractors who were doing similar job.
Accenture Cognizant Tata Consultancy Deloitte EY Nagarro

Additional Posts in In Hand Salary Calculation👍

Can anyone tell the in hand amount for this.

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Hi All,
I am currently holding an offer from Mastercard of 13.5 Fixed + 7% Variable = (14 LPA) for SDE 2 position. My YOE is 2.9 years. I feel that this offered salary is in lower range for the position. Can anyone help in understanding what should be the ideal salary for this position and my YOE? Later I have got other offer in hand which I can leverage for renegotiation with Mastercard so needed the ideal range that I could ask for.

Please like post as I need likes to unlock DM feature.


Infosys salary breakup, can someone explain the take home

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What will be the take home salary at HCL Technologies with 23,00,000 CTC (21,70,000 Fixed+ 2,30,000 Variable) considering I invest the entire 1.5 lac for 80(c) and 50k for NPS?
YOE- 8.5 years (NoTech Stack- Consultant role)


hello 👋 , i am a UX/UI Designer with 1+ year experience and currently working at a very low 1.9 lpa salary . Can you guys suggest how much increament should i ask from them or i am thinking of changing the company and if i do so what salary should i ask for ? Please suggest for both cases

Hi Fishes,
Anyone working in
State Street? Need help to refer me for one open position. I have job id.
State Street

I'm having 4 years of experience and am getting an opportunity for 16lpa with Mindtree from lpa with hcl. I will have to relocate to Bangalore. Would like to know that with tier2 mba is that fine progress in field of presales over 4 years? Mindtree


What will be my inhand salary? Flexible pay will be paid fully. Corporate it mahindra and mahindra group. Mahindra Group

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How is the final settlement calculated at Accenture? Notice period is 3 months.
Will I get normal monthly pay for the first two months? I'm leaving after completing 12 months.


Please help with inhand salary calculation
YOE 3.3
Automation Tester

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Benefits that mercer provide excluding package?