Hi all,

How many years it will take to reach 1 lakh salary per month in tcs if someone starts as fresher.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

You will get there by the time you reach retirement age.


If you perform well and get timely promotion then I think around 10-11 year.


Took me 6.5 years to reach 50k. Then 1 switch to reach 1L

I got 4 in FA. All A since then. I was promoted to ITA in 3.5 years. AST was raised in Q1 22 but never happened. Last drawn salary was 52k.

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Recently approached for a job as a Branch Manager at a local bank in south Florida. Anyone know the typical salary range? - 10 years of leadership experience


Hello Fishes..

Presently wrking as Premium associate for Amazon.
I have 3 yrs of Experience as Power Bi developer wrking on retail environment.. How much salary can I expect if I'm moving completely into BI career.

Please do let me know.
thank you


Anyone have insight on comp for contract manager role?

Hi, what kind of salary should I expect from London consultancies with 1 year experience as an Analyst at Accenture?

I’m working in analytics with some currently in Python and R, and some AWS exposure with the cloud fundamentals cert (which doesn’t mean much I know 😂) and would be looking for a similar data-focussed role.

If anyone knows of any open roles and would be happy to do a referral etc then please also let me know.

Thanks 😊


What's the maximum salary bracket for enior consultant in Oracle IC3?

Current non-equity partner here. Up for equity this year. Had a good year. Concerned that my firm will either forgo giving me a bonus or give me a lower bonus than I deserve in exchange for possibly giving me equity (which might not even result in an immediate raise). Thoughts?


Overall, what’s the negotiation culture like in the UK (as compared to the US). And what’s a typical sign on bonus range for a Managerial role? Also, what additional perks one could ask for?


Partners or whomever can help me understand about billing and hours. To keep things simple, let’s say you only have one staff to work 1,700 billable hours a year on a $60k salary and you have only one job that and the rate charged to the client is $300/hour and an projected hours budget of 1,700 hours. So ideally you would have revenue of $510k. If the staff takes less time partners make less money and if they take more time partners make more money while the staff keeps the same salary?


I have 3 year experience working at Deloitte Consulting and want to move on to a Sales role and Career. I currently make $110K, is this feasible comp to make starting out in Sales?. How can I learn about comp in your industry?

Besides the comp question, are there any resources/forums/books online that anyone can recommend that’ll get me a good understand of what to expect out of a sales role, different sales roles, how to succeed, build career, etc. Im starting from 0

Thank you!


I have got an offer from capgemini for C2 Manager level, I will b able to join with in 20 days after the interview. Do Capgemini gives joining bonus, relocation charges. And can I expect hike in April 2023, as I will join somewhere in November

Does KPMG provide minimum 11% performance bonus fixed on CTC?

KPMG India


Hi, what is the grade/bands in LTI starting with p1-business Analyst, p2-sr Ba, p3-Specialist, p4-sr. Specialist what comes after this?

With 6 yoe which grade and salary band would one fit in?


Best tactics for salary negotiation ?


Could anyone tell me what the salary brackets are for SA at PwC Deals? My partner has been telling me they can't give me an annual salary increment because I was already at the upper end of the salary bracket when I was hired (for EP purposes) and honestly with the current inflation I need that raise


I have been offered a position in-house at a $500M-$1B company, mid-sized city LCOL, 10 YOE in private practice. They offered me $120k, w opp for undefined discretionary bonus. No paid parental leave or 401(k) match & only 1 week PTO in first year (but claim they have discretion for more). Is there any way to salvage this? Salary guides suggest TC should be around $200-215k. I want to get my foot in the door but this seems crazy low.


Hi everyone. I’m seeing here people talking about salaries like 180k, 200k for design roles. And I was wondering why they are so high. I live in Italy, I’ve a bachelor in visual design and my work is a kind of UX/UI design lead, but my salary reach 34k, also other companies are offering me so. Do you know why there is this huge difference?


Can someone at McK speak to the Data Engineer positions? Type of work, compensation ranges, WLB, etc?


Hi Guys, Currently am working with KPMG global as a Consultant and my fixed package is 12.3 + 15% bonus. I managed to clear HCl interview process and got 17.5 in which 14.7 is fixed + bonus of 87k and annual bonus of 1 lakh. Is it a good offer as I have 6.5 years of experience ? I have also heard HCL giving around 5-7% yearly hike and you dont get 100% bonus as well. And what about onsite opportunities?

Uber recruiter reached out to me about a Strategy Ops Manager role. They asked me my compensation requirement and stated the base is 90k, which is less than what I’m currently making at a lower level. Are they lowballing me? Should I continue with the interviewing anyways and try to negotiate in later stages?


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There’s a guy in networking I think is cute but as a woman don’t feel comfortable shooting my shot 🙈🙈🙈


Can we return our laptop in fractal by courier during exit. I have Bangalore unit, but I am currently staying in Bhopal.


What is the potential % of bonus we will get this year for all 4 categories?you can tell it from previous year experience and some might know this year data as well
Thanks in advance


Hi i am working in Wipro with 3 + years of experience. Looking for job change in qa tester please refer if any.thanks

Booking flights for family from India on a short notice. I am not getting any direct flights from Delhi to IAD. Does anyone know of any agents and do you recommend going that route or book directly?


we are low on seniors but this will be my second busy season as a senior, have my cpa, and have been getting recruiters messaging me about manager PA positions. Can I negotiate post busy season promo?


Associate life feels a lot like:

Post Photo

United Platinum question: I know for award redemption domestically you can get a miles redeposit for free, but does that include int'l travel on partner airlines?

Thoughts on TAS work?


For people joining from a different city to Bosch Hyderabad, do the company provide initial accommodation.
Also, does the company provide relocation expenses.

Hi everyone,
I want to learn Salesforce Tableau CRM (formerly known as Einstein Analytics) and switch to a different organisation. In my current company stuck in a project where there's no learning scope, no growth and work culture is toxic. Now I'm only going through Trailhead, YouTube playlist videos and practicing hands on in my free personal org. Are these enough to crack interviews or not? I don't have real-time project experience.

To recent new hires : I'm joining EY GDS tomorrow (19-Dec) and have submitted the relevant documents using the link in EY Feedback mail. Do we need to carry hard copies of those documents also while joining the office during new hire orientation?.


Any Autodesk PM’s or those with insights on the wlb, growth and product management team (construction) ?


What's the best way to convert RGB & CMYK values to Pantone that print accurately?? I need urgent help. Thanks!!


Hi All,

Any idea on EY GDS TC_IN_GDS_Information Mgt service line.
Please help me out on this.



3.00 UG gpa (death of a parent, caretaker of the other), 3.95 master GPA both in engineering, 730 GMAT. Have killer ECs, decent WE but not gold.

I'm applying to 10 of the T15 in R1, with Cornell as my safety. Should I add more schools that are lower ranked in or just see where I land after R1? Really want to have at least 1 acceptance after R1.


How much harder is it really to recruit into MBB US from INSEAD/LBS? I *want* to do the European MBA but I feel like I *should* do the M7


Am I underpaid or just at the median comp for my level?


Started new job as Senior Manager over a year ago after moving from public accounting. I was Manager 3 when I left. I would have been Senior Manager 2 by now if I stayed.

Comp: ~161K = 134K base + 20% bonus (bonus has been fully funded the past 5 years and I expect to hit or exceed consistently).

I'm primarily work on federal/foreign provision and tax compliance and assist with M&A related work. Based in Chicago.


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Winter is coming


"you're moving to the final steps in the process". This is my status in the JPM portal. Do you guys know what it means?


Which companies lowball the most?


Since the recruitment boom, I see a lot of questions with LPAs here. Stressing me out a lot! Anyone facing a similar issue?

My YOE = my LPA. How bad is this?


How is WLB/ job security and Future Growth at Autodesk for AWS devops profile ?


Hello all,
I am currently working in MNC company with 2 years of experience, but now I put down my paper and opted for startup company for learning new tech stack with 40 Percent hike. Because I couldn't get chance to work on tech stack I interested in MNC company.

Is this correct decision I have done? Please reply


What will be the monthly in hand salary ?

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Often in the interview, interviewer asks about how virtual dom works or what is react or where is implementation of setTimeoutEffect(in v6 or ESMAScripts). Or Even in Nodejs interview they ask about event loop or v8 engine r libuv which is not required while programming with nodejs. I was just curios why they ask these, because in actual development I dont think these concepts are much helpful (even if those are the once we build things on), these are only for what is happening in background


Hello fishes !!.

I have total 3 years of experience and I am currently working on such project that there is no scope of level up my skills or utilise my current skills.

Azure functions,azure data factory,azure data bricks, azure storage,azure app insights,azure service bus,azure app service ,azure key vault , azure DevOps, .net core, micro services.

Can anyone please refer me to the position which suites my skills as I am in the stage of learning and wanted to grow.

Thanks in advance.


Hello fishes,

Is it possible to get 120K per annum in the Netherlands with 11 years of experience for a Senior level C++ developer ? If so, which are some of the high paying companies (with a good wlb) ? The candidate is already in the Netherlands & working there.


Please help. Fis Global vs Fiserv ? FIS giving WFH for at least 1 Year.
3.6 YOE | Tech Stack : .NET Developer #FIS #Fiserv


Hi friends,
Anyone know the company name ZenQ???how are s the company and WLB,Job security,carreer growth?? PLEASE SUGGEST ME


Is buying a house in Bombay worth it?


Hi help me get 11 likes to unlock dm


Hi Sharks
Help me choose the job
Current Company- TCS
Job Offer 1 - Oracle SSI ..WFH ..40 fixed+variable
Job Offer 2- BT (British Telecom) ..WFH temporarily..42.5 total CTC

Please help me choose and share your reasons


I am into Indirect Procurement (Sourcing & Vendor Development) in Samsung and doing procurement for manufacturing plant.
Majoy SKU which I procure are MRO, OPEX & Capex.
I wanted to switch for better salary but not getting options in Noida.
Can any one please refer me to good company.
Open to IT companies also.
Year of Experience - 7 years
CTC - 6.5 lpa
Current location - Noida.


Hello Fishes,

I have 6 YOE in Python Development. Got offers from:

Virtusa TechChef (Intuit client) - 25 lpa fixed
CGI - 22.5 lpa fixed + 1.5 JB
EPAM Systems - 22 lpa fixed
Persistent Systems - 21 lpa fixed + 1.5 JB
HCL - 20 lpa fixed + 2 JB

I am looking for better job security and WLB.
Can you guys help me out, please?

I am serving the notice period and my last day was 1st Dec, 2022 and the joining date of the new org is 12 Dec, 2022 but now suddenly current org HR informs me to get released by this week... How to handle this situation... Please suggest...

..New org HR is not picking up my call..


Hi I am 23 , I have salary around 1LPM after tax, I paid 15k in rent, but every month end I left with very less money like 10-20k, I have very fucked up finances, I don't have any investment.

Every month I left with very less money.
I read book about spending , tried to maintain a ledger in excel, but nothing seems to working, I think I got lot money than I can handle so I am blowing that up. So just wanna know how much you spend invest and save.
I don't have to send any money home.


Norm nowadays:

Company: Hey! Take this money and buy an office chair, table, extra monitors, accessories etc. to setup your home office.

Me: Hey! Thanks.

Company: Are you now comfortable working from home and feel productive?

Me: Yeah.

Company: Awesome! Now come back to your base location and spend majority of your time working from a rented place where you will miss both working from home and working from office.


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