Hi all,

I am done with 1.5hrs of technical interview in EPAM and i have another interview schedule for an hour and HR said it will be a tech cum managerial interview so anyone can give an idea what exactly is this interview will be on? Can anyone share their interview

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

It will be with practice head.
He will ask tech questions and also you cam ask your queries to which. It will be of 1 hr


Hows was your technical interview?
What's your tech stack?

There will be only one technical round as part of EPAM anywhere. If you are through you will receive an offer.

Ooh okay. Na ofcourse it will be A2 as i have 4.1 years of experience

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This is a last-minute ask, but I just got offered a final round interview to take place this Friday. Does anyone want to practice cases together on weekday evenings this week?


Hi everyone, I have 3.5 yoe serving notice period which is still 25 days remaining, I have 3 offers 9lpa with accenture, 10lpa with cts and 13lpa from a startup. Can I negotiate with CTS or Accenture? How much I can expect as a counter offer?

Hi Scholars,

Need inputs on below offer from EY-GDS Pune
CTC- 39 Fixed, Var-15%
Role- Assistant Director
Exp- 12.4 Yrs. (Business Analyst)

1- Is it the right designation and CTS on 12.4 YOE?
2- What’s the avg. salary band for Assistant Director in EY-GDS?
3- How is the annual hike in EY-GDS on an avg?
4- I have a valid H1B petition till 2025, is there any chance to get it transferred into EY-GDS?


Need help with deciding between two offers. Recently accepted an offer at another consulting firm only to have my current employer counter at the last minute. Here are the offers:
NEW COMPANY (Global Consulting firm):
-$115K base
-10% annual bonus
-401K match (4%)
-Senior Consultant (security strategy)
-10 weeks paid paternal leave
- considerably cheaper healthcare
- all the resources associated with larger consulting firms (training, mentorship, perks, etc)


What is the average salary that you have received in recent from Ericsson for 10 yrs JS6 grade cloud related roles from chennai & blr locations.

I got 27 lpa including VP. Is that high or an average salary ????

recent joiners from Ericsson and strong answers are welcome.


Someone just messaged me on LinkedIn congratulating me for a role that they had apparently applied for. I guess they saw the profile update notification. This is weird and I don't know what to say.


Just got an offer for amazon hardware. I'm worried about the culture. Anyone have experience working there?


Can anyone give feedback on Synechron citi bank project?
I am having an offer for full stack developer Mern stack
YOE 5.5 years


Got PMO job offer from The Body Shop Company. Hike is what I have asked for, should I join the company? Any thoughts or experience around the company?

Hi fishes,

I have two offers with LTI and HCL

LTI 17.32 lpa .Working in insurance domain .Technology informatica pc

HCL 19.9 lpa .Working in ing account .Technology  power bi,congnos and informatica pc

Which one to join as per work life balance and future growth
Thanks in adavance


What is with PWC SDC asking us to declare all our investments and financial holdings before we join?
My joining date is more than a month later, and not sure if I'll join.


for how long Fujitsu will give WFH ?@fujitsu


Any recommendations for interview coaches?? I’ve heard of Carrus


Dear All, i have selected for NTT DATA and the client is SAP labs. The role is SAP ABAP on Hana developer. Should I accept the offer. Package offered - 17lpa fixed Years of experience - 3.2


IBM or Bank of America which one to choose


How’s the Guidewire consulting practice at PwC with regards to career growth, peers, and opportunities?


Selected for Infosys
Role: Senior Consultant
YOE: 7
Stack: .net

Do you think this is worth, i have offer with CTS for 20/Annum Accenture 22/Annum. Infosys i assume this is 24/Annum but Im not sure what is my package offered. Can someone from Infosys explain me the Offered and take home in detailed calculation.
HR is not responding

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When is a H1B eligible to initiate H4 ? Also what's the suggested time (when) for such initiation? Please help

“You’ll use this every day"

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I have total 9 yrs of experience and 5 yrs of relevant experience as a Salesforce developer.
What CTC I can expect?


Will tech salaries be readjusted with all these layoffs?

These skills will always be in demand, but curious to hear what happened from dot com bubble folks as well.


What are the best strategy led agencies in NY? Looking for more of a Big Spaceship type


Johnson controls is good company to work for? In terms of employees friendly


Any fellow Pakistani female 🐠 management consultants on here that work in the GCC? How do you like your experience of living and working in your part of the world? Pros? Cons?


Rumors spreading around, tcs to roll out good yearly hikes.

Don't do that kind of joke with a TCSer. It hurts :)


When a job posting says the job is for general liability defense, what can I expect this work to entail?


LinkedIn just released a new notification feature: “Recruiter [name] is celebrating 1 year without responding you”


Hii i need a job as soon as possible. Had a experience in many fields and last experiences was of 2yrs in sbi credit card. If possible plz msg me any vacancy is there or not.


Hello, has anyone working at Affirm as a BDA being able to reach the full of their bonus? I know that they say commission is uncapped. But is this something that is actually attainable or not? TIA

What's the biggest stereotype about the marketing industry?


I’m 26, worked in investment management for 3 years and saved about $81k. I don’t feel fulfilled at all. Feeling pretty depressed lately and incredibly lost and really want a change. I feel behind my peers who seem to have it all figured out so neatly. Not sure whether to go back to school, just find a new company, or take time off to travel.

Last year, I was pregnant and had a miscarriage.

That same day, my boyfriend just left and I never saw him again.

It took an entire year to stop crying.
I just started dating this amazing guy but I can't get him out of my head.

How do I forget him? Forget how much he hurt me? I was waiting for time to heal all wounds but it's been over a year and I feel like it was yesterday.


Anybody in VMWARE Tech Sales

6 years industry, tier 2 city... what salary range do you think that could transfer into?


New at KPMG, having difficulty formulating these IBOs as an EA. How do you all navigate these goals?


Do you think your relationships work best when you're with someone who also works in finance/economics? Or with someone from a totally different area like Healthcare, etc? Discuss


I am looking for UI Developer position.Please let me know if any vacancy is there in your organisations.(YoE-4 years,1 month is left of notice period).


Additional Posts in EPAM Anywhere

Can anyone explain me the taxation of anywhere employees?
Is it simpler to normal employees or they are considered as self-employed consultant?


What's your EPAM Anywhere Joining date.. Mine is Jan 10


I gave my technical interview on 14th June for EPAM Anywhere and it went great. But it's been 4 days and I have not got a reply from the recruiter team. How much days does it take for them to reply back?


Hi fishes. I have an offer with epam with 16.8 lpa and I asked for salary revise with counter offer. HR said he will get back to me after contacting hiring manager and then after 2 days he said that they couldn’t revise salary as that was the max they can provide for that band. My yoe is 7 and offered band is A3. Do I have any chances of getting salary revised before joining. My date of joining is next month


How's the job security for a 10 years experienced DevOps engineer. I am planning to join.

Is it a company where people can stay longer . ?


How long does EPAM Systems EPAM Anywhere take to complete F&F settlement and send Service/Experience letter? Please let me know guys and TIA


Can anyone please let me how much can I expect for Project Manager role in EPAM . 11 YOE. Thanks


Can anyone refer me in Epam Anywhere in ETL testing profile.
Currently Serving notice period
YOE- 8 years



Hey fishes,

How much epam.anywhere is offering to Functional manual role having 4 year of exp.
Anyone knows that ?

How much experience is required to get offer for A3 level (senior systems engineer)?
I have 4.5YOE and they offered A2 Systems Engineer. Is it accurate?


How many days can we be on bench before getting first project in Epam? I have completed 60days and two client interviews rejected. Should I start looking for any backup jobs outside Epam?


Hi folks,
I recently completed my technical interview with epam anywhere and I got selected in that. Now HR told me that I have one more project interview round which is also technical. In my epam profile it's showing that it's an offer interview. My HR told for functional testing it's a project interview instead of offer interview. I really confused about this and why should I take another Technical round even after clearing 1.5 hrs technical round. Can anyone share details of it?