Hi All,
I have 3 offers in hand for Senior Automation Engineer. Please help me to choose which one is the best.
1. Delhivery - 22 (Fixed)+1.5L Stocks
2. CommonWealthBank - 23.4 + 4.4 annual bonus
3. Daimler Truck - 22.7 + 2 annual bonus

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Thank you! So once your last round completed, from that time it took 3 weeks? So all 4 rounds were technical?

Daimler Trucks is spin off of Mercedes Benz Trucks division, company is less than 1 year old, plenty of opportunities and perfect work life balance. Also in 2-3 years you can move into a more premium company


Common wealth bank looks good


Daimler Trucks if you want to peaceful life


May I know your current CTC?? And which automation tools you have experience?

Avoid Delhivery, rest both are pretty chilled out firms

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I made it to a third round interview for an operations manager position at JP Morgan Chase. I’m meeting with the director and a couple other members of the team. I was told the third interview is the last and final interview before an offer is extended. Has anyone ever made it to the their final interview and not been offered the job? I know anything is possible but I’m pretty anxious.


Has anyone worked for Ever green Eye Center as a Nurse there in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area? Any idea of the pay scale, work culture etc?


How to answer question: what salary are you looking for in this job?

I don’t want to give up number. Want them to put a package together


I got offer letter from mindtree, for php stack. C4 technical lead position. I’m learning react js, Can I join now and later switch my technology inside mindtree?

I got selected as a Quality Analyst in EY India. I had gone through quora and few other places where everyone is posting negative with respect to work life balance. I belive those people work at Finance/Tax/Audit related job.

But I am IT guy. Can you guys please clarify me with the following. Big thanks 😊
1. Work Life Balance
2. Job Security
3. Yearly performance bonus
4. Appraisal


J1 & J2 together make about 200k although there is no room for growth in either but WLB is amazing (< 10hrs per week). Stuck contemplating if I should abandon overemploy to chase promotions seeing that I could eventually get to my current salary with my job. Just feeling a little stuck over all. I know many consultants most likely make more. Any one else feel this way or have any thoughts? I was thinking of looking for a different J1 and slowly try to climb up if possible.


Are offer decisions at Bain based on final round interview performance alone? Or do other factors like round 1 performance, strength of resume, networking, etc. come into play as well?


Average Account Director range in Toronto?

How is the interview process in csg? I did complete my first round on Saturday. Since it was weeknd last night I was drunk and had hell face next morning in interview. I answered simple questions with troubling face and interviewer didn't ask me more than 3 questions . I got call for managerial round discussion. I'm still wondering how I got cleared in first round. Anyone has any idea how the managerial round would be?

Does Weber do an end of year bonus? Any agencies that do? How is it determined?


Hello fishes,
I have my interview scheduled with
Amazon for the role of Business Analyst 1 can anyone tell me how many rounds are there and what kind of questions to be expected Amazon
Thank you.


I moved to Infosys as a contractor, Will there be a salary hike if I move to a permanent role?

MYTH: Unions hinder advancement and promotions.

FACT: Unions are designed to oppose favoritism and to set salary and work standards, providing structures to promote fair decisions.


How's it working like at Deloitte Kolkata?
In terms of
1. Work Life Balance
2. Projects

Position: Senior Software Engineer (Java, Node, Angular, Microservices)

For those who work remote in tech sales, any good coworking spaces you recommend? Debating WeWork in Brickell or Wynwood but not sure the price tag is worth it. But also need to get out and about during the week stattt before I lose my mind


Does Infosys provides salary hike while converting to full time employment from contract role?
My current pkg is 8lpa fixed for SAP test consultant.
Exp 3.3 years
If yes how much % hike should i ask for?


Hi fishes,

Can anyone help me out with the in hand salary for the below breakup.
Yoe: 4 years
Techstack: React js developer.

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I know we worked so incredibly hard this year, but getting a big fat bonus when so many people I know (including people I know from high school) are again fearing for their jobs felt almost criminal. How are you dealing with middle class guilt?


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After submitting documents, how long it will take for HR to roll out offer letter along with salary negotiation?


Thinking of making the move to Atlanta, what’s the Muslim community like out there?

With all this extra time on the weekends I’ve been investigating Q anon. I’ve been hearing so much about it from and decided to look into it myself.


What is actually mainframes and why do we use it? Can someone please explain in an easier way? Also please state some alternatives for mainframe if any?


Can someone please let me know the CTC range for band 8 in Accenture?


Talk to me like I’m in 8th grade. How are you calculating fte percentages of effort when doing budgets. I need help understanding the math and how you do it for a time period of like a few weeks for example.


Looking for some feed back on Sedgwick. How is the pay for a senior claim specialist? Health Insurance ? Opportunity for advancement? Culture? Diversity?


^ Guys version for above rant..Desi Girl looks for desi guy in college, spend good number of years together and when it comes to settling down, they go back to to age old "my parents want me to choose someone who is settled".. what she mean is "the guy is settled abroad and I am breaking up with you to fulfill my abroad dream"BS. sick of it!


“Gretel, it smells of cake!”
If you know, you know... so annoying 😵


Anyone practicing shareholder activism at Schulte or Olshan (or defense at any other firms)? I'm interested in this area and am looking to make a transition.


Looking to move from NYC to Minneapolis I'm looking for ways to enter that market without really knowing anyone, is there recuriters that know the lay of the land?

I went through the loop at Amazon and ultimately didn't get hired. From what the recruiter mentioned, it wasn't a question of fit but of experience (only about 2.5 years out). How many years of experience have you all seen people go into FAANGs in lower associate counsel positions? Thank you for your help!


Shall I join Birlasoft with 20LPA????

What about the wlb and job security

HCL Technologies
Tata Consultancy


EY FAAS or PwC CMAAS? I am considering applying to either of these for accounting advisory. East coast office. It sounds like a lot of people here are saying good things about EY FAAS, what about CMAAS?

I was in audit at big 4 for 2 years and in corporate now.


Walked the dog today in an intersection with heavy traffic and she decided to have (excitement poop) diarrhea in front of ~20 strangers. I couldnt clean up everything and left a smear. The embarassment is still fresh in my head. 😂🤦‍♂️. Thank god we are will wearing masks.


HELP! Darden$$ or Stern for IB?

Pls note that I'm an international passport holder(will need sponsorship)


When you sell a dedicated website for a special deal, do you give the CRM for free? Is vTiger CRM your advice? Otherwise, what are your most common recommendations about CRM?


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi my current CTC is 16.63 lac and have 6 years of experience. What should be the expected and prevalent CTC for job profile of Chief Manager (Branch Manager) heading a group of 10-15 RMs in ICICI securities?


I am a 15 yrs experience guy specialising in Cloud and DevOps. I got an offer from below three.. All 3 has offered similar compensation. Please help me to decide.

EXL Services
NTT Data

I am a family person and i need good quality work plus work life balance. I am confused which one to go for finally.

Hi Fishes,

Can anyone tell me what will be my in hand. Thank you.

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Hi fishes, how Accelirate lnc pune is for Salesforce Developer?


Which is better Nagarro or IBM for senior mgmt roles?


Hi all,
Please help me here. I have two offers

Company Name: Whatfix
Number of employees on LinkedIn: 950
Tech: Java
Fixed Pay: 40 LPA
Annual Bonus: 2 LPA
Joining bonus: 2 LPA
Hike cycle: twice an year

Company Name: SenseHQ
Number of employees on LinkedIn: 310
Tech: Python
Fixed Pay: 44 LPA
Annual Bonu: 4.4 LPA
Joining Bonus: 2 LPA
ESOPs: worth 15 lakhs for 4 years
Hike cycle: once an year

I am very confused which one to join. My interview experience has been good in both.


Hi fishes
Need suggestion. Got an offer with a product company A through referrel with just 70% hike. They also initially told me to not look for any other offer as it is a referral.

Now, I got another offer with around 150% in another product company B. Joining date in both are by next week. How to politely reject the offer from Company A ( they won't match the new offer). I am afraid if there is any consequences. Please guide me 🙏


Can anyone please refer me , I am having 2.4 yoe in ReactJs and I have one month notice to serve

Hi ...i already hold an offer with 27 LPA in global logic. Tommorow he discussion is scheduled at dell technologies..how much package can I ask for me.some one please help me regarding that

Hi fishers,

I would like to know type of work, WLB, Hikes, ..etc in visa company banglore location.

Role- senior devsecops engineer
Tech stack- k8s,Docker, jira, humio ..etc

Thanks in advance.


How many days does it take for an experienced professional to get offer letter in hand post interview at Kyndryl? Please let me know!

Note; Infrastructure Specialist - This is the job position I got Interviewed for.


Hello Fishes

YOE - 6 /CCTC - 18.6 F /Bigdata

I have below offers in hand

Nagarro - 28 CTC (26.6 F)

Impetus - 25 CTC (22.7 F) - Negotiable

LTI - 25 CTC (22.7 F) - Negotiable

Mindtree - 23 F - Offer in pipeline

Meanwhile my current company (Legato) offered me retention - 26.6 Fixed

LWD - 8th Dec 2022

Please suggest me !

#recession #WLB

Legato Health Technologies Nagarro Impetus technologies inc LTI Information Technology Mindtree Optum Cognizant Deloitte


I rejected an offer with IBM and DOJ is over two weeks back. Is there a way to reconsider it?

Hello Fishes,

Please help, has anyone worked for behr paints Pune or know someone who has worked with behr paints?

How is this company? What should I expect from them. Is it worth joining? How’s career growth? Kuch bta do please 🙏🏻