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You can start with Udemy , really covers most of the exam related topics

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How is the hiring scenario of MBB at ISB? How many years of experience in a candidate are they willing to accept (assuming relevant pre mba role, for instance, say in ZS)?


Hi Members, 

I am a supply chain professional with 10 years of experience in supply chain operations and program management in e-commerce, telecom, and 3PL distribution companies. 

I immigrated to Canada 2 years ago and worked with Amazon Canada for last 1.5 years. I recently lost my job and looking for a new job opportunity. 

I have completed my CSCP and PMP certification 

I would appreciate any leads or referrals.

Thoughts/recommendations for someone who wants to go from a top 15-20 firm to B4? I have about a year of experience and would be looking to make the change in the next year or two. Thanks!


Leaving D and the US for home in a month or so. Wanted to ask people who has left for home before. Anything I should do before I leave? (Bank accounts - BofA, investment accounts - Fidelity & Coinbase, 401k - Vanguard). I may return to the US in the future for grad school. Thank you all!


How hard is the CFE exam? Worth the price?


Hi I am a clinical social worker. Have worked with kids, adults, families across a lot of different settings. I have over 20 years of experience but am thinking about maybe a career change or higher level position. Anyone have any ideas what jobs a social work background would help get my foot in the door. I don’t even know what other jobs are out there lol

Hi! I’ve been in implementation consulting for the last couple years but am really interested in pivoting into an SE role. Got decently far with one tech company but ultimately rejected for lack of sales experience. Any advice on breaking into the role without direct background?


Hello all!! Out of curiosity - what are the preferred exit opportunities from Google usual?


Would love to hear from those who left law completely and are happy with how things have turned out. I’m currently taking 2 weeks off of my big law job (8 months in, in total been practicing 2 years) and seriously considering resigning when I return with nothing lined up. Also dealing with some pretty major mental health issues right now and this quarter life crisis of feeling I chose the wrong profession.


Looking for advice! I’ve been in the banking for approximately 10 years in risk/Compliance. I left my role several months ago and I’m having trouble landing a job in the banking sector. Hiring managers say the interviews went great but then crickets. I am feeling that this is no longer for me. Would a career coach help me pivot to another career. I keep falling back to what I know and it’s no longer working. Thanks!


Hi all, I have recently received an entry level offer from BCG Dubai.
I have 3+ years of experience out which half in consulting and half in managerial role in corporate.

Would you take such an offer or would you look for better seniority at another consulting ? Is it a fair treatment?


I work in big law and feel I have insufficient time left to both manage my personal life and make a career change, which requires more time than I expected (searching job openings, drafting applications, understanding whether I should go back to study). Does anyone have advice on how to manage the transition? I am tempted to turn down work assignments to work less, but since I have no idea how long it will take to change job (if this will ever happen), it seems unwise.


Thoughts on getting CFP when done with CPA (1 test left) and pivoting from audit to personal financial planning? Estates, taxes, savings, etc. Or should I just stick the OG plan and go into industry FP&A when I make senior/CPA?


Considering PM recruiting and am considering:

1. What level do people come in at as a PM at each of Google/FB/AMZN/Netflix with 2 YOE at MBB post undergrad?
2. Is there a single resource that describes the level of technical knowledge (High / Med / Low) needed for the role across each of the FAANG companies?

I’ve seen some of this info piecemealed across FB threads but would love to have it in one place


Considering pivoting into tech. Currently considering Project Management or Presales tech. I understand the general roles of each. Presales seem to make more than PM, so I am leaning towards presales. Curious if any PMs considered presales and why you decided to do Project management instead


I joined LTI a month back. Thinking to resign as work extends till late night daily for calls with US client.. Was in previous company for 11+ yrs... If I ask release, I might be in bench and then asked to resign. Notice period - 3 months.. Confused n feeling bad.. Skillset - Agile Proj mgmt /scrum master 15+ yoe...


Hello, I am looking to make a career change that starts at a minimum 75K salary. The economy is tough right now and I can no longer afford to stay in my current role. I have a bachelors degree in Sociology with experience in managed care, utilization management, & clinical admin.. Does anyone have any suggestions for a possible higher paying career that I would be qualified for based on my background?

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Hey fishes any one received salary credit msg? Today


The “Aren’t you that senior manager who posted about that consulting company that other day” bowlers!!

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Looking for a professional headshot photographer for my portfolio and business ventures. Please give recommendations!
I’m a female and want cover of a business magazine style edits!


Benefits of a book club to drive capability building and thought leadership for teams?


I’m looking to transition from my current sales role (purely operational) to a more creative/strategic role that involves public speaking/facilitation. Have some experience in sales development (mainly business development & strategic advice to C-level), branding/marketing, facilitation (as a side-job) and working with content creators.

I’m new to this space so not sure about what kind of roles there are?


Does anyone here do data science/analytics for in the Criminology field? Can you elaborate on your role?


I have completed my graduation in EEE. I also have 4+ year of experience in Electrical field. But now, Want to switch in IT field. What is the roadmap for that? Initially I want a profile of Data Analyst.

Kindly, Guide me.

Thanks Fishes.


This week's tech mention is Piktochart.

I came across these guys yesterday and I am stoked about it. If you look they help you build professional infographics.

I like to use infographics as a leave-behind from my sales presentation. The flyers help my customers sell the solution up to management.

The problem I have is I am not artistic. This service looks like it will allow me to take my ideas and put them in a format worth sharing.

Go give them a look.

What will be my inhand can anyone help me out with this. I have an offer from Larsen & Toubro Infotech .
of 11 CTC. Cognizant Tata Consultancy Accenture Infosys Capgemini

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I am interested in starting a home-based HR Consulting Firm, but don't know where to start. It all seems so overwhelming. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do first? I'm located in VA.


What are the skills that a business analyst should have or is good to have for better scope...I am learning python ...can I add business analytics to my role...also do skills like AWS, SQL ,etc help or does only the core experience of BA matters ?

Which career pathway to take, if I reside in BC (Canada)
1) Clinical Psychologist
2) RCIC (Immigration Consultant/ Lawyer)

I’m open to pros and cons or any insights if you work in either of those industries?

Thank you in advance ☺️


How easy is it to transfer from FAAS to transactions and strategy advisory?

Please help him with referrals.

Correction: TC 51.3 has 15% variable.
Experience: 11 years (Marketing & Brand Manager)

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

#mba #marketing #branding #layoff

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Hi fishes ,

I have interview scheduled with natwest for java springboot migration project. May i know what type of questions we can expect.

Looking to become a maintenance manager soon. What are the salaries for this in the southeast, or state of SC?


Corporate scene 🤣

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Best way to transfer internally at Accenture from MC to Strat?


Additional Posts in ServiceNow Bowl

Hi everyone, I have 2+ experience as a ServiceNow Admin/ Developer. I have offers from EY and PWC (around same Package). Please suggest which would be better EY or PWC? ThanksEY Deloitte India EY PwC PwC India EY India KPMGConsultant


Someone from ServiceNow available here? How's the job security?


Hi fishes,

Can anyone tell how ServiceNow practice is

Specifically at Consultant level, how is work culture, work, and other opportunities?



Hi Fishes,
Urgent Suggestions Needed...

1. Capgemini :12 LPA(Fixed)
2. Cognizant : 12.5 LPA(0.5 Variable) + JB
3. KPMG India :13 LPA(1.25 Variable) + Some JB

Need some Suggestions from Fishes who already aware of the work culture in these Firms.

YOE : 3 Years
Tech stack : ServiceNow

Thanks in advance🙂


What should be ideal salary in servicenow for 8 yoe


How much can I expect while switching, I am currently working as ServiceNow developer. My cctc is 5.4 lpa yoe 1.6 year. I csa and cad certified and getting ITSM certified this week only. Please help


Hello Folks,

I am looking for my first switch

YOE- 2.6
TECH- ServiceNow developer
Current CTC- 6.6 lpa

I have one offer of 11 lpa.
Could you please help me how much I can more expect?


Hey , Looking for my first switch

TECH - ServiceNow Developer
Current CTC - 4.35 LPA

Could you please help me with how much I can expect ?

Whats should salary(fixed + variable) for staff database engineer at servicenow ,10 yoe ServiceNow


Hi Fishes, what’s it like to work in ServiceNow? And how are corporate benefits ?


Please let me know if any openings for 1 plus years of exp in servicenow

Anyone recently joined ServiceNow? Are they giving remote joining or calling to office?

Dear All, I have an offer for 28.6 Lakhs. I am about to get an offer from a product based MNC. Can someone please help with the package that I should ask for?
Technology: Servicenow
Relevant Experience: 5.5 years
Total Experience: 10 years
Location: Bangalore


I have offer form ServiceNow and CVS Health . Having almost equal pay. Which one should be better?