Hi All - I've below offers and request a suggestion to pick. YOE: 11

CTS: 23lpa includes 1.5L variable, joining bonus: 1L; Designation: Manager but role would be lead

Wipro: 20lpa includes 2L variable, Designation: Tech Lead

Cts looks to be the option but I'm not clear on the reasons for high attrition at CTS.

Help me out pls.

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works at
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One thing to remember, more CTC is like more risk and more expectations. So don't go with monitize your life


Try to renegotiate with wipro. They will match for sure. Talk politely with HR.

Max Wipro can offer is 20lpa for this role and hence no more possibility. Any reason you suggest Wipro over Cts!!

Go for Wipro..Job security here is much more than CTS.

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Can some one provide information senior digital product manager role...?? What is the fixed pay offered for this role for 10 yoe??

Am I only in a good position to ask for money during negotiations if I have a competing offer? What if I wanted at minimum my base salary at current company?
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I'm considering pivoting to copywriting because that's the part of my role I'm best at -- a lot of the account management stuff is draining, but I can whip out social and marketing copy quickly & I enjoy it. Wondering if anyone has insight / leads on making the jump from accounts to the copy side when applying for jobs? 5 YOE, 3 in-agency with a mix of automotive and pharma + a side gig as a published author with muliple books (hoping that'll help on the creative / copy end?) Thank you!

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How is Xoriant pune for automation testers? Also how is job security in Xoriant as one of my knower is on bench since 3 months since joining. He is worried. Guys Please suggest.

Every employees at TD just got a 3% off cycle raise to combat inflation. Comes into effect July 1st.

Have other companies done similar? Obviously doesn't fully offset inflation but I'm glad to see the bank addressing the issue.

I worry public officials (teachers, nurses etc.) Won't be so lucky


EY GDS is actively looking for professionals to join their Consulting-Technology Risk team with minimum 4 years experience in:

- IT Audit and Controls testing
- SOX testing
- IT General Controls testing (ITGCs)
- IT Application Controls (ITACs)
- Audit experience in any ERP (SAP/Oracle/JDE/MS Dynamics/Workday)

Position : Seniors and Managers

If interested, email your CV at preeti.referral@gmail.com


Thoughts on compensation and exit options for these two options: 1) continuing at ACN Strat until making it to MD (likely 2-3 years away) or joining strat& as Director (likely 2-3 years away from Partner as well).


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I’ve got about 20 years cross channel experience in marketing, split between big brands and startups, and I’m considering pivoting into a data science/data analyst role. I know it will initially be a step back in comp but is it at all realistic for a person with certificate level experience in data analysis but a decent marketing management background to expect $150-200k comp or is that mostly for degreed candidates (or not realistic at all)? Any guidance here is greatly appreciated.


Interviewing at a big tech firm for a non technical role, UK based, and was told salary is non negotiable, anyone have any insight if this is standard practice now??


Hi fishes. Anyone working in a permanent wfh model at PwC?
Please comment.
I'm looking to get a referral for permanent wfh.
YoE: 2.7yrs (Gartner & KPMG GS)
Domain: Research (Deal adv/Due Diligence/Sector Research, etc.)


Had like 8 interviews for a deal associate role and have not heard back yet, from last Wed. Should just move on right?


I m about to go for the salary discussion with Mastercard HR
OFFER holding 8.5 lpa amdocs
How much to ask for 2YOE and bizops engineer 2 role?


At what point in my career as a receptionist should I consider asking for a raise? After one year? After five?


I had my final round interviews few weeks back. Heard from the recruiter today that they would for me to have a virtual coffee with the hiring manager’s manager.
1. Does that mean I went back a step with needing another validation or this would have been a step in the process anyway?
2. If this goes well, then no hiring committee or is it more data point collection for the hiring committee?
3. Anything to be mindful of for the virtual coffee?


I’m a Junior accountant, recent MBA grad in Finance, located in NYC, just got laid off due to a merger. Anybody hiring or know any opening positions?


Components of Total Cost to Company

Rs. (Per Annum)

Basic (@40% of Total Fixed Pay)


HRA (@70% of Basic Pay)


Bonus/Statutory Bonus


Employer's contribution to Provident Fund (@12% of Basic Pay)


Flexible Components of TFP ^


Total Fixed Pay (Per Annum)


Total Variable Pay (TVP) (Per Annum) (*)

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Hello all ,
I just started Data science course ,
Can anyone help me to get free Data to practice.@newbie


Media folks with families who moved to Chicago/burbs or to any other city from NYC/Burbs, how is the living,job market,growth,overall difference vs. NY? I’m planning to relocate. Appreciate responses🙏

Hi fishes,

What is the average salary that a Manager - Business Analytics can expect in Gartner. YOE - 3.8 years


I’m super interested in types of people who project a certain image of wealth and then are secretly in debt, or “save” money by buying cheap and poorly made items therefore confirming that the excess spending we see is just for image. Does anyone have any book or podcast recommendations to learn more about this?


What do you think are the implications of unionization Google?


Is there anyone who was offered Consultant position even with 7years of experience as a Front end developer at Deloitte USI?Deloitte

How much does a tax partner make at year 1, 5, and at level E? What is the typical defined benefit amount at the 10 year cliff? I’d like to know before committing my life.


How much (fixed +variable) Accenture capability network - Business strategy is giving to freshers from Tier 1 b-school (old iims, isb etc)?

A round about estimate would be helpful. Thanks


Has your boss ever forgotten to pay your commission? Happened to me today. Actually to our entire sales team. Advice for how to respond?


I was today years old when I realized a rapidash is literally a giant flaming unicorn.


Why does every hr in salary discussion say your expectation is not in our budget?

And what to say when they say this? Should we lower our hands expectation or negotiate after they release offer?


Retail workers: are there any staff shortages where you work? Our store is 5 people short so we are all having to work overtime to make sure shifts are covered. It's exhausting.


Anyone done work on AML risks for companies accepting crypto payments?

Hi need some help/guidance in Facebook ads. And looks like there’s some problem verifying my business account. Anyone willing to help via zoom? Also looking to understand google ads, Can pay by hour if reasonable.

I’ve been in HR for 8 years… started as a coordinator … moved into org development and have been an HRBP for the last 4 years ish. I’ve been in a new hrbp role for 6 months supporting a new client. Anyways… this is the first time I’ve ever been unhappy at work and I can’t tell if it’s the client (they have a tendency to jump to conclusions and publicly share their opinion), increased scope, or if I dislike the role. Has anyone just been with the client that didn’t fit? Did you change roles?


What are the different learning platforms available for employees? Can we get reimbursement for certifications etc.?


Best blazer/suit jacket brands for men? For when we can eventually travel outside of the home office.


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Hello folks, looking for Solution Architect/ Azure Architect role having YOE 9 yrs with reputed Bank...
Can anyone give reference for Barclays, Citi and other companies?


Anybody who is looking for a referral for Accenture can DM me.


How much should I ask from IDEMIA for Python Developer role?

YOE: 3.5

I asked for 14-15 LPA, did I law ball myself?

Haven't put down the paper yet!


Please provide refferal for Siemens Sap for pune location appreciate your help


Hi all

Hope you are doing good.

Just wanted to know about the Vision Net systems org. How did you find the org. In following parameters:
1. Stability
2. Security (Specially during COVID)
3. Annual Hike
4. Culture

Please help here.


Pls suggest better option
Accenture 23
Adidas 22
Yoe- 5.5
In term of wlb and job security

Hi Fishes, I'm looking for a job change and any help is appreciated. I have 3+ YOE in Python, OOPS, Django, Selenium, Bash, Powershell, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Agile. Thanks in advance!


If interested Pls DM or reply

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Hi guys,
DM me if you want referral for below openings at Infosys

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Hi Fishes, Happy Sunday ! I have offers from @zoom india and Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India for DevOps SRE role. I have 5 years of exp. I am bit confused with respect to learning pace and onsite opportunities. Kindly share your inputs.


Anyone looking for a switch then feel free to connect with me. I will refer you! You can Google about the company. For any role related to QA/Automation Engineer in any technology, I can refer you. Lot of opportunities open worldwide. 😊


Epam vs Publicis sapent
EPAM - Remote
PS - Remote / Mumbai .. My choice
Guys CTC is not in condideration
Please help me to select betweek them only 10 days left for joining


Hello, Can someone refer my profile at Societe Generale . My skillset include Informatica PowerCenter, SQL, Unix, DWBI. YOE-3.3


Hi fishes, Can someone from Citi help me with a referral. I have the job ID.