Hi All,

Looking for a job change and interested to explore your career in Qualcomm.
Please DM me and I will help you with referral process.

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I am looking for job i Qualcomm. I couldn't able to chat u in person. Could you please ping me over chat.

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How is the Change Management Analyst L2 work, role and responsibilities?

Hello. Can anyone help me in getting job in Commercial Lending or Loan Board or Libor Rollover or QC, etc. Please let me know if you have any requirement for it in your organization and you can help me with the job. I am 5yrs experience in this domain. Thanks.


Hey guys question just got offered a operation analyst role at guidehouse what’s usually the career progression? Could I become a consultant if I stick it out and work my way up?


I hear Campbell Ewald LA are looking for a Jr AD


Industry: Working in AI and Data Science-
Education: BE, India
AI Credential from top 3 US uni(sorry being a lil vague here on purpose, this is not MS)

Exp: 4yrs (1 in product 3 in service)
Total 17.5l

What sort of ball park is the market range for such a profile? Im obviously trying to build myself to get into FAANG but removing such companies how much can I expect? I assume service based companies are out of question because when I got this role, EY offered 13l.


Any Presales /Bid manager openings? Can someone help to refer


Hello Middle-East Fish 🐟 ,
Is there any generous soul willing to offer referrals for McKinsey in the region?
Promise it's not a waste of time, I'm a good candidate: I have offers from 3 others major consulting firms in the region. I'm trying to optimize for prestige, exposure and exit opportunities.


Ho Fishes,
I appeared for L1 for Architect role in D365 CRM yesterday. It was 30 mins discussion on scenario based qs. Able to answer 70%. Any chance? If yes, how many days it takes for the 2nd round call back?

Hello Guys

I have 5.6 years experience in Linux administrator. Is there any openings for this position. Can you please let me know.

Thanks and Regards
Surendra Reddy Mutra


What are some exit points opportunities from sales?


Stay in consulting, or take up a sales role in a RPA vendor? (context in comments)


Looking for advice! I’ve been in the banking for approximately 10 years in risk/Compliance. I left my role several months ago and I’m having trouble landing a job in the banking sector. Hiring managers say the interviews went great but then crickets. I am feeling that this is no longer for me. Would a career coach help me pivot to another career. I keep falling back to what I know and it’s no longer working. Thanks!


Hey is anybody here or know anyone looking for a Choreographer for any of their productions or projects? I would love to submit my work to a production company or entertainment company that needs a Choreographer/ Movement Coach frequently or project based


Looking for job change in DB2 LUW DBA profile.. do have 3.5 years relevant experience and total 8 years experience. Please let me know for any opportunity. I am taking care of L1 and L2 tickets


I have heard that Goldman Sachs is rescinding offers of temporary contract workers. I have an offer letter from Goldman Sachs Bangalore for a full time permanent role and am already on notice period. There is still 2 months for the joining date. Is there a hiring freeze coming? If yes, will they rescind offers that have already been made? Goldman Sachs


PwC - Tax - Asset Wealth Management
Associates or Senior Associates positions
Our team is awesome, lots of work for sure but leadership is very nice and supportive. DM me if you would like a referral.


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Is 80k in Raleigh a good salary?


Does anyone have recommendations for a good men’s barber shop near river north? I’m looking for a spot that can work with hair that is more coarse

Any product manager here from mastercard.
I have given 2 interviews for different product management related positions already and after 2nd interview 2 rounds there is no reply from HR and every day I am getting call for product management related positions in mastercard. Even on LinkedIn they are promoting it heavily.

On workday as my profile it is seen like 5-7 pm position which my status in "interview"

I just want to know the status if it is rejected or not .

What's going on ?


Looks like some bonus numbers are coming out for bankers, would appreciate any insights!


Hi I am joining ZS as a Senior Software Engineer.
1. Whats the future career track for me. 2.Yearly hike percentage. 3. Promotion cycles and hike when promoted.


Hi fishes, how Accelirate lnc pune is for Salesforce Developer?


Can anyone provide details of total comp details (base/bonus) at Managing Director level (non equity) at Deloitte S&O / EY Parthenon / PwC DDV?


The only reason I get onto FB anymore is for this bowl. Love it 🐶🐕


It’s been 2 months since I was promised a 2 week severance in writing after I left Pdubers. Still haven’t got it. PwC help HRSSC has been useless as ever. How should I proceed?


Okay so I’m frustrated and would appreciate any insight to the scenario below.

HR provides an initial offer.
I asked to elaborate on complete benefits package ie conferences, CEU reimbursement (no negotiation yet)
She needs to ask the CEO (not sure why she couldn’t ask the senior HR manager)
I state my salary expectations based on research, experience, education.
She has to talk to the CEO again to find out what is negotiable within the overall package
What’s going on? Ur job is to negotiate?


what’s the ratio of equity/stocks to bond/fixed income in your Merrill lynch 401k plan?Do you make any modifications or just use recommended distribution? First job with 401k and not sure what to do!


I have offer from qualcomm, offer letter might come in next 2 days.
I have Nvidia interview next week. (Nvidia is dream company for me)

Assuming Nvidia interview takes 2 weeks.
Is it okay if I accept qualcomm offer for nw and reject it later if Nvidia hires me.
Or without accepting qualcomm offer i need to inform same to qualcomm hr
What should I do?

(Ps . My current employer notice period is 60 days and it has not started yet)

#nvidia #qualcomm


What’s the salary range for a Management Consultant at Publicis Sapient? 2 years of experience


There is an opening for Associate Data Scientist ML & NLP in Gartner. Can someone give some information regarding the profile? There's not much available in the JD. I want to know what is the day to day dealing of this profile and the compensation being offered.Gartner

Vintage Dom goes for around $150/bottle typically. So is a 6-liter bottle worth eight grand?

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Hey everyone.

Recently got an offer to join a Series A SaaS startup as a PM. The offers look like:
- 185k base with 0.08% equity
- 180k base with 0.09% equity
- 175k base with 0.10% equity

All in USD.

1. Which offer would you take?
2. Is this a solid offer? (I have 6 years of experience. Zero in product management)


Went through a BCG interview and didn't get an offer but was told to reapply in 6 months. I've been seeing that 1 year is the typical cooldown period. Is this common to adjust the cooldown period?


I got an offer for Accenture a month back and my joining is on 31st jan. My Accenture level 10 offer is of 13.7 lpa including variable and JB.
But now i am having 2 more offers of more packages - 17 lpa.
How much i can negotiate in Accenture for level 10.?


Hey Fishes..

Received an email for Return To Office from November 1st.

Anybody knows if it is mandatory or we can continue WFH?


Does anyone know how long we have after we submit the Yale SOM application to do the supplemental video questions and behavioral exam?

Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities

Need 11 likes to unlock DM. Please help.


Can anybody tell me Hows the Work life balance and appraisal’s and bonus cycles with company Continental Automotive


Which is better ITC Infotech or fis ?


Hi there, I'm a recent graduate (Bachelors in Design) and I'm looking for a Product Design role. I have 8 months experience working as an UX intern in a B2B SaaS based company ( Keka HR ).

Proficient in the design process and have indepth knowledge about design tools like Figma and Adobe XD.

Would be elated if I could get a referral. Thank you!


I currently have an offer from HCL Bangalore location. I wanted to know if there's a way to get it changed to Mumbai location. Is that feasible?


Hi, I have 3.5 Years of experience in Digital Marketing and the last two years worked on ABM and Campaign Management. I have a knowledge in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing.

I am looking for a remote job. if anybody has a referral, Refer me Please


Hi Guys,

Is it good coming to India after staying in USA for 15 years from now . Will we have good opportunities to crack once after coming back considering total 21 years experience after returning to India


Hi Fishes,

Planning to prepare and take up Microsoft Az 204 certification. Looking for valuable suggestions and ideas to clear the exam.



CitiusTech Hirings.

Please send your experience and required position at
vinayshankarmails@gmail.com. I'll send you the referral link. DM for any additional details required.

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Hey Sharks, anybody at Cargill . Need a quick referral.


Hey Fishes

There're openings in EPAM Systems for several positions for 3-12 years of experience in Java, python, react, angular technologies. Most of the positions are for Hyderabad and Bangalore locations.
If you've not applied directly before this and want a referral do send a DM.

PS- DM only if you're actively looking for a job.


Should I join Cognizant or ATOS. Profile same for both - Bid Manager.

CTC also same. Yoe - 8.5 years

Hi folks , i have offers from infosys -11 lpa and telus- 16lpa ,can anyone suggest which i should join,as i want job security and work life balance
Tech stack - Java spring boot microservices aws.

Hi Fishes, My LWD in current organization is this friday, and I'm planning to join Atos . Is it good to join now? Considering current recession news. BTW I'm hiring for European insurance project. Yoe:6+ ctc: 20+

Atos Syntel Tata Consultancy Cognizant Capgemini