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Try negotiating with TCS. Saw some posts of TCS giving 40 to 8 yoe


Tech stack?

React and frontend

If you have positive feelings for TCS then this is a good deal.

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I am just curious to know the market salary standards for RPA Lead/Architect/Manager total year of experience is 7.5 years. Tools - AA, Power Automate and intermediate level of Uipath.


Hi fishes
I got offer from accenture of 8.95l (1.65 l variable)
+60k joining bonus

I just want to know they gave 21 % variable is it same for all
Is accenture pay whole variable pay as hr said it is performance based?

Profile- application development analyst
Mgmt level- 11

Anyone have compensation experience as a Training Lead with some reports under in cruise industry or in general, what is a fair salary expectation?

Strategy directors at top 10 agencies: What salary are you at? Asking because I’m a woman and I’m sick of getting fucked over.


I got to hear that HCL have started announcing that WFH is going to end by this hear end. I had an offer from HCL and DOJ was next week.

I believe it won't be a bad decision if i skip HCL offer and work for another company at 10%lower ctc but full time wfh.


Do Big4 EAs in Canada actually get salary increases?! 1yr already and no bump! Not eligible for bonus cuz am overtime eligible. Those of you who are high performing EAs for Big4 Canada, do you even get salary increases?Or EA in big4 salary is stunted for years?!


Should I take the job?

Job Offer On The Table:
• marketing manager
• $65k, I already was told they’ve maxed out on the offer
• added duties of budgeting, multiple locations to visit
• pto is awarded in hours not days and can carry

Current Place of Employment:
• I am the primary graphic designer
• Employed for 8.5 yrs
• $50k
• Kept me on through COVID
• 3 weeks PTO established
• Flexible & lenient
• Good team to work alongside


Anyone hiring a recruiter, preferably campus? 2 YOE at Big 4 firm, additional unrelated YOE in prior path. 80k salary or higher? Ty in advance!


Optum or greenway health as PO with same salary. Please suggest. Thanks in advance


Who's getting a bonus this year? I just found out we're not getting them at my company.


I would like to know about the growth and Technical exposure, Learning , Tech Stack in Optum.

I have been offered in Optum and salary provided is as per my expectation .

Which should be my Choice on below offers?

Optum Global Solution(Loc : Gurgaon)
Harman Connected Services (Loc: Bangalore)
Mindtree (Loc: Kolkata)


Hello Folkes
I m hiring Graduation/ Under graduation
I m providing Intership work from home opportunity
Intership period
3 months and will provide certification and letter of recommendation
If good in internship and productive can be hired by company permanently
Stipend given 12k monthly along with good incentives
Intrested candidate's can apply
What's app 8979456537


Hi! I just moved to the states and graduated from my masters degree in Graphic Design, I am starting to look for work but I would like some advice about how much is the average salary for this rol in Boston/Provindence.


Have been reached out to by a recruiter for potential roles in Australia. Currently an American in London. For Sydney or Melbourne is 275-300k plus super, realistic for a family of four? Aiming for in a safe, urban area with good private schools.

I have an offer from Barclays for AVP but my current company is retaining me with the same package..
I asked Barclays HR to increase my package but he is saying that he can ask hiring manager but that will be taken as negative..
What should I do??


What’s the salaries in London, UK like?
Graduate/Jr UX designers
3-4 years UX designers
Mid-level UX designers
Senior UX designers
Principal / Director level (UX) designer

Most of the forums talks about below range (image attached), but somehow the few people I have spoken to have given different numbers. So I am curious (happy to take numbers from 2020 onwards)
Thank you

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Hi Fishes,
Please help me in selecting company considering Good wlb, job security and career growth.

Concentrix Catalyst- 24 lpa wfh
2.Societe general- 24 lpa banglore hybrid
3.neudesic-18 lpa wfh

Techstack - .net fullstack. Yoe- 4.9 years

Concentrix Catalyst Société Générale Neudesic LLC Concentrix Globant



Hi Fishes,
Pls suggest your opinion.

YOE 2.3 in Cloud team. Like IAM,AD, Onboarding,offboarding,Sever access, password reset, Linux activities.

How much CTC I can expect?

Give me your ideas.


I have an interview with BerlinRosen coming up for an account executive role on the tech team. Does anyone have any insight or experience with BerlinRosen? How are their culture, pay & benefits?


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Is Seimens Pune offices are open for 5 days a week?


Hello Everyone,
I would like to create a schedule for all of my clients. Let’s say I have platinum, gold clients etc. What would be the best way for me to schedule a call for them based on their profile of gold or platinum? For example, I would start scheduling a call every month for my top clients, then a call every quarter for other categories… I need to track the data, and make sure employees are calling them… something that would alert my employees to call such clients. Thanks!


Would it be bad to quit without a back up plan? I have been working 55+ hours a week since busy season and I don’t see it ending til October. Management isn’t listening. I think I’ve had 5 meetings so far in the past month about this and I don’t know how much I can take any longer.


Have a TS and in the reserves. Finally coming to grips I may have some mental health challenges...could I loose my TS if I see someone/am diagnosed?


Guys, I was discussing with one of the bowl member and got that Man are more mind fucked now a days... If anyone have anything to discuss feel free to discuss.... DM available...


Why does @Deloitte India have so many different teams for the same work?? Basically what is the difference between:
1. Deloitte India SAMA (Strategy and M&A) team,
2. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (domestic) team,
3. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (International) team also called as DI Joint Venture??

In terms of work, culture, projects, hikes, growth etc??


Looking out the window today I can’t shake the feeling of wanting to just start walking in any direction, with the express purpose to disappear from my current life and never come back.


I have been married for 6 years and have a 1 year old kid. My wife would randomly ask me to tell something positive about her and my mind goes blank and she gets upset. this is becoming kind of a frequent think and I don’t know what to deal with this situation. My Question is for all the desi husbands, have you come across such a situation ? If yes, then how you deal with it ? Question
to all the women, what do you think would be an appropriate reply to the question being asked to me ?


So, if your girl gets jumped/attacked by 3+ girls, are you allowed to get in there and try to balance out the teams? Key word is try. Lol.


I have 5 years experience in ad tech account management but want to pivot to product marketing, not in ads though. Would it be worth it to get a PMM certificate or apply for junior roles? Wondering if my experience is transferable enough


Hi All,
I have 2 yoe in .net have 4.8 ctc.
Recently gave interview for TCS, after some days one of the recruiters from tcs called me and said that since i had done only BSC-IT they will deduct 6 mnth of expirence out of the total experience so finally i will left with 1.5 yoe, so for that they were offering 5.5 lpa since.

Is ther any rule one who has odne BSC they will not consider 6 mnth experince, thats the reason they have given to me.


How much salary can Operating Director /Principal make at mega fund Private equity? How is the salary structured? (Base/Bonus/Carry)


My joining date in pwc was planned on 15th dec and now i got an email stating that it got postponed to 20th dec . Is there any specific reason for this change... I haven't requested for any extentions..


What should be the median salary of a PMO with 7 YOE ?? Fishes do share your views.

**Specifically for PMO guys


^^because I'm inclusive

Anyone else want to see the Zoom servers utilization superimposed on top of the COVID infection rate? Assuming they are eerily similar.


UBS 12 fix + 6.6k shift allowance per month.
Deloitte India 10.5 fix

YOE 2.3.

Please advise which is best. I’m really getting confused.

I’m from non tech background


Anyone in tiger working with pepsiCo client?
Please dm me.

Has anyone done the Vistara single gene prenatal panel in addition to the NIPT? They recommend for older paternal age so now I’m considering it (my husband is 45)


Additional Posts in Tata Consultancy Services


Hello Fishes,
Hope everyone is doing well!

I'm currently looking for a job change, having a total experience of 10 years in Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Video Editing & Graphic Design. I'm working as an Assistant Design Managar at my current organization.

Can anyone help me guide about the roles at Tata which suits my profile. Also it will be a great help if you can refer me too.

How is the Change Management Analyst L2 work, role and responsibilities?


Hi Fishes, i need some clarification.
I have resigned 2 months back due to some personal issues and revoked it before 20 days back.

TCS HR called me after a week to confirm the withdrawal of my resignation but i have asked 10 days time to confirm whether I'm withdrawing my resignation or not.

Now since my personal issues got tighten up i have finally decided to continue the resignation.

Will there be a problem since i have sent a mail on revoking and now again sent a mail on not withdrawin?



So I am currently on my notice period and had one question regarding returning the asset in person at the office, so the thing is since I joined TCS during covid I haven't been to the office even once and don't have the ID card as well, so on the day of returning the asset how will I get entrance into the office, also the office where I have to return the asset is different from my base location ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Am getting interview calls from monjin Platform saying there are scheduling interviews on behalf of TCS.. is this platform genuine or it's just waste of time?


How much referal bonus is provided in tcs?


Whats up with this , its viral now

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what are the companies that are safe to switch during recessions


Tata Consultancy do anyone knows about following?

Whether TCS member of Employee's Provident Fund Scheme 1952?

Whether TCS member of Employee's Pension Scheme, 1995?

Where to get details about this from Ultimatix?


Is there any specific format to share CV internally to TCS RMG Team. I am currently in the pool.


Hello fishes,
YOE is 4 in manual testing in TCS itself.
Want to switch a company for first time.
How much package can I expect.
Current CTC in TCS is 4.6L


Please suggest best Term life insurance for 24 year old, maybe for payment tenure of 5 or 10 years, 1.5 crore for 75 years.
Is it sensible to invest in mutual fund + term life joint plan?