Hi all, my sibling applied for a B2 tourist visa and put tentative trip dates in July as the earliest appointment available was only in June. She was now able to reschedule appointment in April. Can she then travel in May even though she put the travel dates in July ?

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Yes, she can. She can explain on immigration counter that visa appointment moved to April and decided to travel early

OP - is this for a new B2 visa or a renewal?

B2 visa

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I will be traveling with my 15 lb dog. He is a smidge too big to be under seat. Anyone know the requirements for bringing a pet onboard? Does he need to be a certified support animal? What about as checked luggage. Is it as stressful as I’ve heard? This is for LA to a small airport in Europe so there will be at least one unavoidable connection


Hello fishes,

I am holding an offer of 27Lpa fixed. My current salary is 14 Lpa. I have to negotiate with Delta Airline bangalore. How much can i ask for? I have almost 8 years of experience. Role is Marketing recruitment specialist.

Any help would be appreciated 🙏


Has anyone gone through a psych evaluation as a result of a DUI arrest being disclosed during the visa stamping process?

I am a MBA finance from BIMTECH, have overall experience of 3+ years with approx 2 years in internal audit and reporting role post completion of MBA in a fortune 500 . DESPARATELY NEED A JOB in a similar role. Could you please help. Deloitte EY Accenture PwC JPMorgan Chase Wells Fargo American Express Barclays

Travelling on KLM marketed, but Delta operated flight from JFK to AMS. If I pay for bags at check-in, will I be charged by KLM or Delta? Asking so hopefully I can use some amex airline credits


Hi, does anyone know how long does fast track work permit visa take for Germany ? My mgr is telling me to travel asap but I want to take sometime . I want to travel in about a month , wanted to understand if fast track visa can still buy me sometime .


Anyone worked in NTTDATA as bigdata engineer client is Master card how is it basically


What are you thoughts on splitting shared expenses 50/50 or proportionate to income with SO? What if both make over $175k but there is still a significant % delta (30%+)? Mid 20s, bought a condo together (split 50/50) and will likely get engaged soon.


Hi, I'm about to join Accenture banglore in August 2021 and my wife is planning to study in UK in Jan 2022, so that I will get dependent visa for 4 years there .so my doubt is , is there any chance to get international transfer with work Visa to Accenture UK if there any matching profile UK office ? Someone please reply.

What is the hierarchy at Amex and how many YOE needed to become a Manager in Risk Management?

Best domestic travel packages to gift a newly wed couple


Do you find your flexibility is exploited now that travel is banned and you're working from home? Specifically tech consulting I.e..
> 50-60+ Hours a week
>10+ hour days
> Regular weekly nights/weekend/on-call


Good idea to take early distribution from IRA to pay off credit card debt? Two different cards with $25k each with rates from 10-14%. Paying off one would free up cash flow of $600 a month.

Balance in IRA is $60k before any possible distribution.


Looks like I lost 12 nights and points / nights are not combined with Marriott yet

Is anyone aware of a company looking for CSMs that would sponsor a work visa for a Canadian to live and work in the US?


I have an offer from Deloitte for an Consultant role. The Immigration team seems very slow in getting the H1B Transfer done (been close to a month and LCA not yet filed)
I wanted to know how Deloitte is regarding GC processing, I have my extension next year. Any thoughts ?

Took the bullet and got the HMbradly credit card. Also set up direct deposit with SoFi to get its 1.25% rate. Think I've done all I can for the emergency fund.


CSR holder here, currently have $12k credit limit should I ask for more for benefits to credit score, have had it over a year


which flight booking websites have you had good customer service experience with ?

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I need likes for DMs ❤️❤️❤️

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How do you know if he s the one? treats only yo uh specially not all of them?
How do know if he feels the same for you


How to find time to fly? I have gotten so busy, just picked up two more projects and realized it’s been 50 days. On the schedule for tomorrow, but geez 😒


What is fastest way to improve both structured communication and thinking? Any helpful books or drills?
It’s the one consistent feedback I get while casing , “to be more structured” I’m there for math ability , business logic , creativity.


Hi Fishes, I'm looking for QA opportunities in Chennai. My experience is 9 years.
Please DM me for details.

Automation Tools/Libraries: Selenium, Apache Airflow, Protractor, Test Harness, Rational Robot, Rational Functional Tester, Automation Anywhere, WinAutomation, Rest Assured, Cucumber

Programming Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript
Cloud Platform: AWS
Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL
CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, Kubernetes
Other Tools: Splunk, DataDog, Postman, Git, Jira, Kafka


Hi fishes! I am shifting to banglore in a week and looking for single room near Halasuru, Udani Layout, Ulsoor. Any help, tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!!


Hi Fishes, i am currently looking for a job change. My current role and responsibilities are as follows:
Role : Technology analyst
Technology : Tableau desktop, Tableau server, Tableau prep, Advance SQL, Python
Development methodologies: Agile, waterfall
Certification: SQL intermediate and advance (hackerrank), python basic and intermediate ( hackerrank), currently preparing for alteryx and tableau data analyst certifications
Work experience : 5 Years
Any referrals will be highly appreciated.


My cringe minions! Please help complete my attributes. Seems like my posts are more funny than inspiring or anything. Thank you my cringe minions. Amen

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Hi @All,
Please share your thoughts on the company name -
Infinite Computer Solutions ' ? 😐
How is WLB & other things there as per your experience you might know ?
I have no option but to join that .

Tata Consultancy Accenture India Deloitte Tech Mahindra


Anyone working for SAP (Product support) as client from Birlasoft ? Need to know whether it is allowed to move to SAP from Birlasoft.


Hi from my little guy to you all

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Hey friends, I've been in sales for over ten years in retail/ hospitality.

I'm focusing my efforts to make a switch into tech sales and id like to work for AWS.

I completed a tech sales bootcamp and have purchased a couple books on sales methodology, more so enhancing sales + active listening skills.

If anybody would be willing to chat! I'd love more insight on roles Within AWS tech sales.

Care for a quick dm chat?


Are new joiners getting to go to DU?



My joining in JPMC is on 12th Sept. My BU is CIB and department is given as NAMR asset servicing India. Could anyone please let me know about the wlb/ work culture in this department.

Thanks in advance:)

Just had my first phone screen with a Google recruiter. I feel like I answered most questions pretty well but I think my GCA response was weak. Will the recruiter still pass my resume along to the HM if my GCA wasn’t as strong?


Is anyone going to any fun events for NYC Pride?

I joined Fractal recently, was put into a team with no other resource of my tech and was asked to build end to end solution and architecture with no senior resource of my tech to discuss with. On top of it, everyday the lead will pass passive agressive comments and taunts about why it is not done within 2-3 days and other senior teammates are no different. Feeling like I made biggest mistake to join Fractal with such toxic work environment.


Any BCG consultants or knowledge experts willing to chat? Super interested in the space and role but unsure what the best fit would be. Have 2 YOE in sustainability.


Early childhood development day care recommendations in south Austin within 5-10 miles of NXP. Please provide name of the center and quality rating based on your experience for ex. Best, good, ok

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Anyone going to the ascend conference in Houston 18-22?


Hi Desi Fam, Any one married American girl ? How is the marriage like in terms of cultural differences in family life etc., ?


Lahore, Lahore hai! 🤣🤣

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Any folks here from Canada here? A colleague has his PR and is moving to Canada in March. He is looking for a job and is actively applying to Deloitte, Amazon etc. Any folks willing to help? Doesn’t have to be brands but he wants to be in the technology space!


Mom in law might potentially have cancer. Is it possible to bring her here for treatment? If so, how does insurance etc work? Has anyone done anything like this?


Are there jobs which pay you as much as a manager by being an individual contributor?


Asking for a friend: Application for US visit visa went into administrative processing. If we ask for the passport back, will the application be cancelled or continue processing?

Deloitte tech M, got an RFE on second 3 yr extension. Should i be worried about getting denied? Just provided job desc etc..

Poha chai breakfast today

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November visa bulletin is out! No movement in EB1C..


Any Indian citizen married American citizen? What was your timeline to get EAD and travel authorization? Also for the actual GC appointment and card to get delivered?


Deloitte 🐠 - how's your data practices doing? What practices do you have which are heavily data centric , AIM?


Wanted to share a tragic story from our desi community. Her tik tok link https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRkDTJnG/ she was murdered by her husband in Chicago after she left their abusive relationship:(


Desi friends...how do you guys manage Indian tax returns? I have been in the US for 3 years and did a backdoor roth ira this year. My tax consultant doesn’t know what a backdoor roth ira is so I am planning to do my tax returns by myself. Both for India and USA


Does Charles Schwab sponsor h1b ?

Any suggestions for financial planner or advisor in New Jersey area?


FBAR filing requirements : Do you guys list the NRO and NRE accounts as two separate accounts?


This COVID debacle means BJP will either lose power or form government via a coalition. Congress will continue on their downward trend because they refuse to move on from the Gandhis. AAP will emerge as the true leader of opposition in the future. Discuss. [10 marks]


Paradise mein Jane ka ek hi route hai...