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Around 44k per month


45k per month

I get 41.5k for my 5.5 CTC

No deductions as such except for my PF of 1800 bucks...

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Expert Negotiators,

I was asked to provide a number I think reasonable for my EOY bonus and I’m not sure how to go about fairly making the most of the situation. Details in comments.


I'm considering training to be a PA. I'm coming from a slightly different vertical in the medical industry. I know salary is variable depending on location and lots of other details, but what could you expect starting out in a MCOL city?


Offered a job with no equity- what and how should I negotiate an aggressive sign on bonus to make up for it?


Hey Folks,

Can someone please help me with the in-hand salary calculation?

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I (female) am the top performing recruiter on my team as a Talent Partner (Recruiter). A new team member joined our team in November 2021 as a Senior Talent Partner. Since he has joined, he's only made 1 hire in 5 months. I've made 11 hires. We're set to the same expectations in our work. The only difference between us is his years of experience and a significantly hire salary. How do I approach the conversation with my company on the pay disparity? I feel so undervalued based on all of this.


Hi folks,

What is the salary range of Staff 4 in EY GDS currently ?

Plus can anyone let me know the latest heirarchy at EY GDS


What is expected salary at Consultant level in Deloitte India given I have 1.5 years of workex post MBA and around 10 months of workex Pre-MBA?


Hi All 👋!

Currently interviewing for a Consultant Advisors role at Mastercard. Could someone help me how's the role, hierarchy and compensation? This position is in Chicago. I have 12+yrs of exp. THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂


Just started a role in client service last month. I was wondering was it is like to be a broker and how compensation structure works? How do you go about looking for new clients? Or are they given to you? Sorry new to this industry!


Average salary, Immigration attorney:
Anybody know average salaries for 1st year associates in immigration firm? The team consists of 2 attorneys, 2 assistants & 1 receptionist. Located in Metro Atlanta. 1 year of experience, bilingual. TIA!

Hi All,
Need your opinions regarding which company should I be joining !
I have total experience of 4.8 yrs as JAVA Developer.
Suggest w.r.t career growth , opportunities, culture, stability, appraisal.
I have offers grouped by location -
Cognizant - 12 L + 50,000 bonus
Accenture - 17.90 L (14.80 fixed ) + 3.25 L bonus.
AMDOCS - 14.90 L fixed + 1 L Bonus

FIS Global - 16 L (10% variable) + 1 L Bonus.
EPAM Systems - 18 L fixed.
Mphasis - 19.5 L ( 10% Variable)


I'm a SWE from Italy. Love my country but salary and taxes here are outrageous. Got 2yrs experience in fullstack and data science, 2masters, a peer reviewed paper and outperform all my peers for 24k€ a year.
I'm thinkin about landing a remote SWE job (leetcoding and building a portfolio this summer).
Have you got some advice? Is it possible to work for US remotely without visa? What other countries pay well? Is it possible to land a 100k$+ with this kind of experience and working from Italy?


Offer comparison below, any feedback would be appreciated from the group members.

32lpa fixed + 10-15% bonus in Gurgaon based Asset management firm


€4700 pm gross + holiday allowance + 8-12% variable in Amsterdam based Big4 firm.
On HSM visa, eligible for 30% ruling

Anyone who has gone through the HSM application process in Delhi recently? How long is the processing time? If I go for the Dutch offer, should I resign before getting the visa or wait for the visa process to be completed?


Sad Story of 90 days NP!

A recruiter called me for a position, took all my details. I have cleared 2 rounds and then HR round as well.
Later, I shared all the required documents like Salary slips etc.
Now they reach out to me and saying cannot proceed because we want immediate joiner or someone who can join within 30 days.

ek achi opportunity chali gyi hath se!


I am in a situation where i have resigned with 90 days notice period and company i have offer from wants to join in 90 days. But now my current company is ready to relieve me in one month but the other company joining date is 90 days away. What should I do here ? I will be out of salary for 2 months in this case. Please advise.


A client of ours (Fortune 100 CPG Brand) is looking for a DTC Growth Marketing Lead to manage the growth of their portfolio of brands through DTC & eCommerce strategies/channels.

$240,000 Salary

"The vision is to develop an internal DTC capability, adapt supply-chain infrastructure, create core business/growth models, drive online sales + gather 1st party data. They'll work closely with an agency / partner to drive customer acquisition / retention across channels."

DM me


Hello friends

Is anyone working in NatWest..need information about there salary structure ..i got package of 26 lpa fixed ..wanted to know how the bonus and other components are provided..


Does anyone wants to share comp specific to Google?


I have 2 offers.

Disney+Hotstar - Base Pay- 2,344,803

Target Performance Incentive/Bonus - 155,197

7000 USD worth of stocks vesting over a period of 3 years. 

Location - Remote

Team - Cutting edge streaming technology - Player Team.

Intuit - Base Pay - 28,00,000

46,000 dollar spread over 4 years

10% variable pay over 28,00,000

Location - Bangalore

Team - Payroll - Quickbooks.

Which one should I choose? A bit biased towards Hotstar , because of the player team. I have 2.4 yoe.


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Hi All. I have 2.5 yrs of exp in azure tech(adf,synapse,lake,sql and dedicated pool)
Along with 6 yrs of strong power center exp. i want to learn data bricks but have no knowledge of python. Can i make use of sql and be a good data bricks resource or python ll be more helpful. Also please suggest me how can i learn adb and python.

*asking for a friend* Does anyone have any connections with companies hiring Account Directors/Client Service? My partner has been with her agency for 13 years and is at Director level but has been miserable for quite some time. She is looking to make a change but isn’t sure where to start and doesn’t want to ask her own connections just yet for the sake of keeping it quiet.


Hi fishes,

I am looking for a job change.

YOE-1.1 years

Current ctc- 9Lpa

Tech stack - Angular, HTML5/CSS/
Preferred Location - Bangalore / Remote

No company preferences.
Any referrals would be great.
Thank you in Advance.


Any opportunities for SAP have 3 years of experience at Accenture


Which schools are offering a GMAT waiver for the upcoming year?


Good old Golden Question- what is a good salary hike range to ask a recruiter when switching for a new job. As in the expected salary hike- should I ask 10%, 20%, 30%?


GroupMe in comments! (Thanks @Amazon): Those who'll be in Chicago next week, figured we could meet up:

Monday 2/24, 8pm Sidetrack, in the corner side bar with the long table, connected to glass bar.


Anyone use a recruiter to find an associate? Having a hard time finding someone.


How’s Bain in Southeast Asia?


Should I buy a Tudor black Bay or an Omega seamaster?


So does this mean Deloitte doesn’t care about use of marijuana if it’s legal in your home state?

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I was interviewing with consulting firm, after clearing the final interview, I got laid off from uncle D. Now firm X is conducting a background check. If they find that I am not employed would they


I hate the “subtle” flexes people be making about their salaries/bonuses/investments/net worth. 🙄


1 night short to next level on Marriott, is there a way I can get them to help me out?


If you know that you might get fired, is it better to quit before or wait until it happens?


Am on track to renew SPG Platinum status by mid-April. Should I keep staying with SPG through the rest of the year or focus on getting status at say Hyatt or Hilton?

Can someone from UST help me with a referral? I can share the job id from careers portal? Thanks!

ERP consultant (NetSuite) at boutique logistics firm. We get $1,000 per year to take a course or professional dues related to job. I already have an MBA. Ideas?

Daily duties

ERP, IT, DevOps
Programming (Javascript)

Manager track

Project management, AGILE (SDLC etc)

Firm related

Subject matter: logistics / supply chain APICS

Own Interest

Data: R, Python, PowerBI

Leaning towards APICS as it would help me get on cross-team projects. Or I could pay for a premium Netsuite course


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi Fishes,
May I know how much should I be earning as (L2)Desktop Support Technician
Grade : 21

My current CTC is 7 LPA with RSU worth 1L for 3 years.

Any suggestions please?
Thank you!


I have 2 offers. 1 from Netcracker and other from Erricsson India global private limited. Both are in Pune. Role is same - project/Program management. Location is in Pune. Difference is below. I have spent almost 19 years with Infosys and leaving now
Pls suggest where to join

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Hi fishers,

I am having infosys offer 16.60 lpa with 15% variable as technology lead, and epam system is in process and they are providing software engineer designation with 20 lpa.

Which one to join as per growth, culture and future.


Hey Fishes,

I have given my L2 round with BofA, for analyst role probably 6C band
Tech stack SAP basis, required a career switch for risk analyst,

Please pour your thoughts on ECTC, since I have no idea



Story of a friend:
He worked for one year for Accenture at 3.5 LPA. Gets 9 LPA at a startup. Then now after 6 months he is planning to switch and got offer for 13 LPA. So 3rd switch in 1.5 years.
What is your take on this?

I joined a pharma company and was told I’m getting paid very high for my level.. but I did get 2 offers of same CTC/fixed. Now the annual hike is nearing, is it possible I get a good hike still or no? Any bad stories or experiences anyone?


Hello Guys
I am having below offers

1- from Vodafone(VOIS) with 22 LPA(8% Variable) witj 1 Lakh JB

2- From Happiest Mimd with 24 LPA(All fixed) with 1 Lakh JB

With respect to WLB, Career Growth, Annual hike, Job Security which one I should choose ?
Tech - Data Science
Total EXP - 8+ years
Relevent Exp - 3 years
Happiest Minds Technologies


Just curious to know

Any talent acquisition people there in this group.. if so
1.will you take multiple offers just like your candidates ?
2. And how do you decline your offers.?
3. Are you really happy with your domain or any jealous on techies who often switch ?

JUST TO know other side of the HR

#hr #recruitment #talent acquisition #humanresource


I got offer with Robert bosch with 14 lpa ( 1 lpa is bonus) and in Ey 17 lpa (2 lpa as variable) and i am a frontend develop with 5 year of exp. Please suggest me


How's Games24x7 wlb, culture and HR
policies? What is the average compensation
for someone with 6.5 yoe? How's the
appraisal and bonus policy?
#salary #help #wlb #gaming


Hello fishes ,
I have an offer of Hinduja tech for 8.5 LPA and wipro for 10LPA . Also one offer is in pipeline from Tata Elxsi
Which company should I prefer for embedded developer and how much should I negotiate with Tata Elxsi ????

Exp - 3.5 years


Please help me choose between these two offers
Morgan Stanley : X fixed + undisclosed variable (Mumbai)
Fractal : X + 1.5lpa fixed + 10% variable (Pune)
My location: Mumbai
Yoe: 3
Role: Data analyst


Let's make a list of Companies which are offering work from home for lifetime or more than 1-2 yrs ,(For Non Tech Profile)

👉 Comment only where clearly for lifetime or for a certain duration.

I know these:
1. DXC Technology (upto 2024)
2. Consero Global (Lifetime)

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Hey All,

I have the offer from Legato, CitiusTech, and SOTI for the same designation and similar technologies and matched package.

Which one should I choose?


Hi all, for a 6.7 YOE developer, what is the current market CTC standards


UST Global with 22 LPA vs LTI with 20 LPA . Hyderabad location, 6.2 years in .net and 1 year in Angular. Please suggest.

What is maximum salary to expect for 6 + years of experience in Automation Testing in ibm, please let me know.


How much salary should I ask for below skill set in Publicis Sapient ?

Skills: Java ,Selenium, SoapUI, Postman, Jmeter. Continuous Testing- Jenkins - Aws and Azure.
Currently - 9lpa

Please advice, anybody recently received an offer Also please comment.