Hi all,

What is the formula for Grauity calculations, on HRWeb it states

Basic Pay x 15/26 x (number of years with
Microsoft India).

However, according to other Indian sites it is

(15 * your last drawn salary * tenure of working) / 26.


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

It is basic pay.

Both are same.

The first one is calculated as

Basic Pay x (15/26) x tenure

which will give you same result as the 2nd one

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Hi Fishes,

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Are there any other deductions apart from this?

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Hi all. Bit Urgent

Kindly validate which one is better to go.

IBM - 32 Lacs per annum - Manager
Capgemini - 33.5 Lacs per annum - Senior Manager

YoE 12 and skill SAP. Please suggest.


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Additional Posts in Microsoft India Confessions

I'm interviewing for SDE position at Microsoft Bangalore.
YOE-9 months
How much CTC can I expect? And what would th breakdown be?



Hi Team,

I am interviewed for the Service Engineer - Data, in Azure CXP org.
Currently they have offered me below for level 60.

Experience : 5 years in Data Engineering, Azure Cloud
Current CTC : 48 Lacs ( 23 fixed + 25 stocks)

I am not aware of Microsoft payband, need your help in salary negotiation. Microsoft.


Is Microsoft hiring freeze still going on? I attended interviews in June end for SDE opening in Azure & cleared it. Post which I got to know that the position went to on hold & dint hear back anything from HR. Do they even come back once the freeze is lifted? Does it make sense to wait?


Hi Fishes,
I am in final stage to get offer from
Microsoft India ( CSCP) as Data and Applied Scientist. HR asked me my expectations, I just wanted to know how much salary I can expect.

Here are my tech stack and experience

Education : M.S. Statistics
Experience : 8 years in Statistics , Data Science
Current CTC : 46 Lacs ( 42 fixed + 4 bonus + No stocks

I am not aware of Microsoft payband, need your help in salary negotiation. Microsoft


Hi fishes!! Does anyone have idea on the expected hike in internal transfer from IGD to IDC? Current stock level: 59, expected: 61-62, expected role SDE 2. Also how long does the process take?


What is the fixed component offered at MS for Program Manager 2 role.
MBA with 4.5 yrs exp


Hi Fishes

Can someone refer me for a role at Microsoft ? Thank you for the help.


I joined MICROSOFT on June 2021 as Support Engineer (CSS) - What technology/programming language should I learn to apply for IDC as a SDE 1 role. Please suggest anything I should work on to get selected in IDC 😑

Current Base pay-12.14L
Stock level -57

How much hike can be expected in IDC SDE 1 movement?


Hi Fishes,

I am looking for a new job!! Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I have been in a depression for a few months and need to change for the better.
I have 5 years of experience in the customer industry and have worked in logistic operations, tech support, hospitality & insurance...

Thanks in advance.

I'm just looking for a stable job, so I can manage my house & expenses.


Can someone tell, what would be the correct approach for a candidate who wanted to get into Microsoft ? What skills i must have ? How many years of experience is needed?
Skills: Microsoft Azure , Azure devops , Angular, ASP .NET
Thanks in advance

Orientation at its finest .

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What's the perks of working for clients such as Microsoft (commercial MDM).

Is techincal degree mandate to move to MS?

Thank you!


Fishes, can someone rank orgs in the order of its rank on which is better than the other?

For ex : IDC > CSS > IGD> COGS etc?

Need referrals for supply chain openings at Microsoft.


Hello fishes,

I wanted to know the interview process for the role of program manager in Microsoft. How many technical rounds happen? Are they very technical or mostly based on case studies and frameworks? It would be really helpful if someone could throw some light on this. I have recently received a call from Microsoft and would have my screening today.


Does Microsoft hire for Senior Devops position ?

What's the package offered ?


I currently work as a consultant in ZS with 5 YOE.
Is it possible for someone like me to join Microsoft in any role(probably business analytics but open to others). I have very basic knowledge on SQL, SAS, Python and of course very good at Excel


Hi fishes,

I am a Solutions Engineer at Oracle with 1+ years of experience, looking for a similar role at Microsoft (Pre Sales or Technical Consultant). Any leads/referrals will be highly helpful.