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What's hierarchy in Citi ? And can anyone get AVP for 6.5 yoe ? What should be salary? Tech stack: BA

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For 10 plus only citi gives AVP C12. Generally for your years of experience it will be C10. But I saw here some C10 are getting 32 LPA and some C12 are getting lesser. So salary is not exactly based on band I guess.I am not working there but holding offer.


What band and package u got??

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Anybody working at Raymond James in Technology, let me know how is the culture there overall?


How is Mercedes benz research and development India (MBRDI). I will be joining as a data engineer. Are there frequent onsites to Germany? Ho@w is the work culture etc..


What will the in hand salary for a fixed pay of 22 lakh per annum?


Hey Guys!
Could anyone please guide on the levels of Sanofi and titles too? (Talking about North America & Canaa specifically).
It's all very weird across different Pharma?
Like How is L3-1 different than L 3-2?
Is L-3 2 equivalent to a director?
Or how does it work?
Would really appreciate if someone could share the salary ranges too.


Hi everybody, thoughts on below / where (if anywhere) there might be room to push? Don’t have a great sense or reference and would appreciate any advice!

Role: L7, non-tech (non-GCP) in NYC / Bay Area

Base: $250
Bonus: 25%
Equity: $580
No sign-on


What is correct CTC for a Pega Developer with 5.2yrs experiance with CSSA certification and currently leading a development team.


I just got an offer from EY in London but considering based on what the maternity policy is which doesn’t seem to be spelt out in contract or benefits pdf. Does anyone know a) if there’s a minimum employment period to qualify and b) what the enhanced maternity pay is. I’ve read both 16 weeks and 18 weeks.


What kind of raise can you expect going from mid to senior at the same agency?


Does anyone know what a Demand Analyst salary is in North of England? I have an interview tomorrow with my current company and don't want to be shortchanged.


Does anyone know what the typical salary is for a PharmD in the pharmaceutical industry? Especially in functional areas like HEOR or market access?


How much hike does Infosys give to the 7 years experience candidate for senior java developer role on current Package Infosys


Anyone know the typical salary for a senior associate in risk management at RSM?

I’ve been with KPMG for a few years and moved once internally so I need to ‘start from scratch’ to get promoted to senior associate so I’m exploring external opportunities.


Have an interview with the Renewable Energy Corporate Banking team for an analyst 1 position at Wells Fargo this week. Anyone in this bowl have any interview tips or know what to expect in terms of industry specific questioning? Thanks in advance!


Recently had my year end review. I am a 4th year at mid size firm in NYC my raise last year was $20,000 and my bonus was $10,000. This year my raise was $20,000 and bonus $15,000. I feel like I working extremely hard this year and overall significantly improved (my review had no negative comments), but the additional $5k doesn’t make sense to me. Is this standard or should I say something?


I got selected in Infosys and offer was about to get release today but at last minute suddenly today infy HR told I was interviewed 5 months 20 days before in infosys so they cannot proceed now as 6 months cool off period. I am AWS cloud architect with 10yoe. For just 10 days difference they are stopping my offer even when I can join immediately in a week.. Please help in this situation what to do

I have an interview scheduled with infosys. My CCTC is 16 and holding an offer will infosys be able to provide at least my current ctc.... Yoe 3

Hi can you suggest , JP Morgan or TIAA ( both mumbai) which is better? In terms work culture/ work life balance and employee growth.

I will be getting their offers next week. Not sure which to choose. Jp is giving ,21 lpa, yet to negotiate with TIAA. Yoe- 5.9.
Also how much i can expect fix from TIAA?

Please suggest .


Hi all, I work 52-55 hours a week (soon to be more). I’ve been at my company 4 months and am now the only member in all of operations as of two weeks ago (barely trained). I make 70k+15-20% bonus in Manhattan (which seems low). Is it reasonable to ask for a raise considering I will be the only member until at least end of June as per my boss? Or would It be reasonable to interview elsewhere and take advantage of the employees market that we are in? Any advice helps. Thank you.


Should I get out of workers’ comp defense?


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What is the expected TC range for an L4 BD/partnerships role in NYC? $190-220k?


Hi Fishes,

Can someone give an idea of annual package NTT offers at an Advisor position (Grade - 10)?

I am an experienced hire SC in Core Business Operations for Deloitte GPS (recently started). Currently slotted for Trad model. Turning 32 this year. Heard Principal had to be made by 42. Is it actually possible to make Principal (even assuming great performance) in 10 years?


Ryan Reynolds wins Marketer of the Year at the CMAs.


I heard Sanofi is opening the delivery center like Novartis in Hyd !!! Any one have any news?


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What should be a good salary In Poland for a family or 4? Two kids and couples

Ey is offering me relocation to Poland and they have initiated the process.

Is 25K zloty is decent salary? I heard they charge monthly 32% tax . Is it true

17 years of project and program management experience


What are some good ways to not get overwhelmed by the amount of data on your deals? I’m trying to understand it as much as I can but there is a lot.


When you wake up (before hitting your stimmys) to an email from the partner asking why you haven't updated them on the vdr and you direct them to an email you sent at 1:30 in the morning and all you get is a "my bad. see you at the Bulls game tomorrow." <<<<<<<<<<



Can anyone refer me in Accenture

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Thinking of switching employers. Do you think bigger retail stores (the ones that have several locations) are easier or harder to work at than little hole-in-the-wall grocery stores (which is all I've ever done)? It seems like the larger chain stores would have more downtime, but I'm wondering if anyone could give some input.


Average salary and raise structure in long term care? PharmScript Pharmerica CVS Health

Curious for negotiation purposes since we seem to only get one if corporate wills it every other year for <2%.


Hello all, I just thought I reach out for advice. On March 17 I was unexpectedly let go from my job. Here it is over 3 months later and I’m still searching for my next opportunity. I apply almost daily have had some great Interviews and some not so great. I’ve had to pause my mba journey while I search. I’ve got over 20 years of sales, including 5+ in Sales Enablement and 5+ in sales leadership. Would appreciate and positive comments or job leads if anyone knows of anything in SF


I came out to my family last year and they swept it under the rug. I feel like I shouldn’t give them access to me until they give me and my partner acknowledgment, even if they don’t agree with it. I have been very sad and hurt. My therapist and others have said that maybe my family doesn’t have the capacity to give that acknowledgment. Makes sense, but why should I condone their homophobia then? What are your thoughts?


Deloitte M&A fishes. Looking to benchmark comp. Is a $230k base in line with that PMI SMS make at Deloitte ? Can one expect bonus in the range of 20-40%?


What is the expectation for new manager salary within IAM? Currently at 90k west

Additional Posts in Citi Laterals Group (CLG)

Is there anyone who recently joined citi? Have to ask few questions



Please help me in selecting out of these three:
1. Citi
2. Deutsche Bank
3. BNP Paribas ISPL

Offer is pretty much same in all the 3. I am from finance domain.


Average hike in Citi in promotion year??


Can anyone refer me in Citi for the jib I’d Testing Senior Analyst | C12 | CTS - 03112022-R22020665


Hi, i also have 8 YoE and I am in the process of finalizing the offer for a C12 position at @CITI My current fixed is very less 12LPA, how much maximum can they offer me based on my current fixed? Is there a way to convince them to not base the offer only on my current pay, as that's the main reason i am looking for a change. Please throw in some suggestions. Thanks guys!

How often office party happens in Deloitte credit risk team??


Hi , Grade C09 got the fixed CTC as 10 LPA. 4.7 year experience. Non technical role. Is it less or Ok for non technical role.

How many leaves are there in Citi?

Looking for a role in Model Risk Governance in Pune. YoE 12+ yrs.


How is the tech stack in CITI ?

My Skill set: Java, React, Spring boot, Micro services

Want to know if they use some specific framework for development ?



I have cleared the HR round, first stage interview with Sr. vice President & vice president, now I got an invite for a second stage interview with the director, does this mean that i have been selected? Or will there be any other round after the second stage? What questions will I have to face from the director? It's an AVP trade support role.


Have offers from both Wells Fargo and Citibank. Need your views on deciding between the two. Here are the numbers
Citi: fixed-33 lpa variable-3 Lpa.
Wells Fargo: fixed 30 Ipa variable: 3
Ipa + 1 |pa joining bonus.
Yoe-6.2 years
How are these companies in terms of future growth, wlb, brand value.


How much can I expect for Vp role in Citibank, pune?

Hi Citi Fishes,
Does Citi give hike and bonus always or it could be any one at the end of appraisal cycle ?


Hi all, my UserId on workday is disabled I guess as I am not able To login to workday to complete onboarding tasks. Contacted the onboard team but their suggestion are not working. Any one have any clue on how the username can be reset as I couldn’t find their site.


Is the possible to apply and being considered by CITI hR for multiple openings?

Hi guys,

My joining date at
Citi is 1st week of July. Would need to relocate to pune kharadi office as currently I am mumbai based.
Requesting to provide some brokers numbers operating in the area. Requirement 1bhk.

Any leads appreciated.