Hi Amazonian,

I am about to join Amazon next month accepted the offer now my current company is not releasing me and asking me to stay for 1more month as the project I am working at will be finished by then, Will amazon extend my joining date?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

You have no obligation to stay in the current company beyond your notice.

Don’t even think of spoiling your future relationship with the new employer for the old one, you will get nothing for your selflessness trust me


The effort taken in overall hiring is so so much that almost always in such cases people do wait. The worst impact could be they would fit you in some other team, than intended.
Of course maintaining trust both sides would make movement smooth for you, without stress. It's not in your hands anyway, thus keep them informed.


2 options.
1. Exit. Join Amazon.
2. Pass the info to Amazon HR and try to reschedule the joining date, usually its possible for a month or so. Tell amazon some solid reason like settlement wont happen and all.


Also would like to know if I am not able to join on provided date whats the next step, when can I reapply or can I join any other process in Amazon?

It depends on the hiring Manager and Recruitment at Amazon if they will consider. Check your current company notice period and stick to it.

It depends on your hiring manager...
Coincidence is that same happened with me but they waited..

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Tiger Analytics - Senior Software Engineer(Data Engineering), [WFH]

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Airtel Africa - Big Data Developer, [Currently WFH]

Which one to choose, the compensation is more or less the same.

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Hi Fishes

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Hey Y’all 👋🏽 Can we quit adding “hey Alexa” and “hey Google” into spot scripts? Second time I’ve had to reset my voice this weekend, because you’ve confused my google home. K thanks.


Hello Techies,
I got offers from IBM kyndryl, BNP Paribas and Brilasoft. Please help me identify which one is best for career growth and WLB.

IBM-17 lakhs
BNP Paribas-15 lakhs
Brilasoft -19 lakhs 10% variable.

Also let me know the percentage of package revision in BNP Paribas for counter offers.


I'm looking to apply for a Principal , Prod Svs. App Support position in Chennai.

Does anyone what the typical salary range is for this designation?

YoE: 13
CCTC: 21.3L

After two rounds of interviews with various partners, about to have a team interview next week to meet a bunch of seniors and mid levels. Any tips on how I can make the most out of it and show how I will be of value to the team? If successful, the job would be my entry to BigLaw, so anxious.


Has anyone here heard from Stanford? Wonder if they’ve already started sending out invites


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Hi all,

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Can anyone please refer me at Amazon?🥺

Hi all, I am an Aws data engineer with 4 years of experience, Aws developer certified. I have only 20 days of notice period left.

Can anyone please refer me to a data engineer role at amazon


SPS RCO SAM is a prison

Recently I moved to this team, things were going fine and now they BLOCKED Tampermonkey script/google translate/Retail assistant/any extension usage across all browsers in my laptop . Apparently it is blocked by administrator for all the RCO employees. They have blocked it stating 'security reasons'.
I don't understand what they wanna accomplish by doing all this, are Amazon's security walls so fragile that they need to implement these measures?
-contd in commnt


What is the ideal time period to switch for next level. Especially L4-L5 and L5-L6.


Hi People,
What is the nominal pay scale for an Amazon L4, Success Team manager?


Amazon India People from Assam who will be travelling to Hyderabad, let's get in touch


Am a QAE Automation at Accenture. Can somebody from .QAE provide insights on the interview process at Amazon. I really want to give a try . Amazon India Amazon Accenture

Does Amazon provide any amount for WFH setup reimbursement after joining? It's not mentioned in the offer letter anywhere. Amazon Amazon India

Hello guys! Can someone please refer me if a Billing operations position is open in amazon? I have 3 YOE with hands on experience working on MS dynamics Navision, ORACLE business intelligence, Salesforce (SFDC) , ORACLE

I am currently working as a vendor employee for one of Amazon Team..
Can I apply for other team roles/openings as an external candidate and get hired if there are no condition from my current employer?

Vendor employee means I work for Amazon but my main employer is another one who takes care of PF, Payment and all.


YOE: 4.2
Prev Tc: 27.8 LPA

Amazon Offer

Base: 45 LPA
Sign on: 20 + 18
Stocks: 550 (5% + 15% + 40% + 40%)

Had a competing offer of 53 LPA Tc.

Is this a lowball?



How much is the package offered for senior central timekeeper (L4) position ?


Hi fishes(piranha?) of Amazon India, Can someone refer me ? Mainly looking at Ops Manager & Program Manager roles. Old IIM MBA, 2022 graduate here. Amazon India Amazon


Hi Guys I am looking to switch to Amazon, Microsoft in a Data Scientist position by normally applying to website but haven't seen any success. If any you Amazonian can help me out with referrals or help me reach out to the HR for an interview, it would be highly helpful. Please reach out for detailed discussion and resume. Please drop your Linked I'd on Mail- rajatabhi605@gmail.com (Don't have enough privileges on the platform for DM)
Thanks for your all your responses to be shared