Hi anyone from Amazon can tell me total TC For location Poland Amazon Amazon Web Services

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For which level and role?

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Hi there! Just signed my offer letter and am excited to get started at Visa in the coming weeks. QQ: Does Visa reimburse gym memberships? If so, how much?


What’s EY consulting like for first year BAP staff? I’ll be based in NYC if that helps...


Need advice. I have 1) 2.99% locked 30 year fixed rate & a 3.125% rate (without PMI ~$74). Monthly payment 1) $1812 2) $1749... which one would you go for? Concern is 1) PMI drops after 8 years.. help


Hi all. I’ve been working oncology med surg for 2.5 years. I shadowed in periop/or recently and loved it! They’ve offered me a position and I’m so excited to take it. Im so burned out on the floor. I’m currently making $33 an hour plus diffs (Atlanta GA) and I’ve heard that these nurses are making way more. What is reasonable for me to ask for when negotiating? I’ve got no cc or OR experience (which I was told doesn’t matter) and they’re going to train me in their periop101 program. Thanks!


Hi fishes! Nagarro declined the counter offer letter ₹33,00,000 + shares worth 4.5LPA

I've 6+ yrs experience (mobile dev.)

Nagarro offered 18LPA. Initially I told HR for 22 but he mentioned 18 into their internal portal to their senior so after clearing all interview rounds I got 18.

When I asked the HR, he told me to accept it for now and bring the counter offer letter so they can revise offer letter.

But now they declined. Weird.


Hi- New here! I am looking for new opportunities in PV- I have my PharmD and I have 1 year experience in pharmacovigilance. I definitely low-balled myself with my salary for my current role but I wanted the experience. Looking for guidance on salary ranges for someone with my background and potential opportunities for career growth!


What’s BCG and McK comp for associate partner?


Hi fishes, I will be joining NatWest on 1st Dec in Data & Analytics vertical and my base location is in Gurgaon. Can anyone please tell if it mandatory to visit office now a days for all projects? Or how is it?
During my interview process I was informed that I can work remotely majority of times and come to office on need basis. But since all the offices are opening now. Just want to know the situation at NatWest.


I am product designer with a fair amount of experience (6yrs).

Recently was interviewed for a Sr. role in Booking but unfortunately the team finds me better suited as a core individual contributor.

I am also in the advanced stages of some lead designer positions in other companies.

However I am really interested in joining the team at Booking, especially because of the design culture.

What should be my reasons to accept or not accept the offer from booking?


What are people’s opinions on sharing your salary with your partner? We didn’t come on together but get along great. I think I’m on the low end of my title range, and am wondering if they are too.

Guys need your suggestion here.

Please help me with my decision.

I am 32 divorced and I have decided to not marry again also i don't have any other other responsibilities /loans etc.

Currently earning 18 lpa and I am planning to buy a car which is worth 16 lakhs. Should I go ahead or should l lower my budget as per my current salary package


Hi, I am an expat living in France and working as an IT consultant. I got an experience here that recruiters insist on disclosing my current salary. Is it a norm in France? Do you reply how much you earn? To me it seems absolutely inappropriate and irrelevant. I can respond what are my future salary expectations. I refuse to tell how much I make now, and then recruiters say that they can't proceed with my application without this information. WDYT?


Any insight into wells TMT on hours and bonus?

Currently an associate at a regional bank power and utilities team (94k base, 20% target bonus). I just received an offer at wells fargo for their corporate TMT group but would go in as an analyst 2 (105k base, unknown bonus).


Anyone have experience working with both Guidehouse and EY (public sector division)? Weighing out two offers, similar pay, senior consultant level.


Hi Fishes, Any idea What Is Grade 9 Designation In Western Union India? Is it same like of Assistant Manager IC role or something Else?? Tagging comanies for better reach Western Union Accenture IBM Tata Consultancy


Hey Fishes

What all reimbursements or additional monetary benefits we can get at GDS other than salary?

Hi Fishes,

NTT DATA is offering me the package of 18.5 LPA where 2.24 LPA is variable pay. Can I expect 100% variable pay annually in NTT DATA? I am in grade 9.


What is the CTC offered by Capgemini generally for C2 level .?


I got interviewed at HCL (single technical round in the presence of hiring manager) and now I got a call that I’m selected for the HR round and I’m required to fill a big document which basically has every detail of mine and send passport,latest hike letter etc .
Is it the usual procedure? How do I process ?


Hi guys,
I was offered 16.5lpa B2 band senior software engineer
Tech stack: pyspark/SQL/Hadoop
Yoe: 4.5 years
I request you pls share your thoughts on above. Is it good or not okay or should I consider this offer?

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What’s the life of an Information System Security Officer (ISSO)?


ZS is all about treating people right.

Removing ZSer from a particular geography wasn’t a very ZS thing to do.

So please feel empowered to discuss/collaborate freely on this bowl.

*Also, please use English as the medium*


Hi guys how is sprinklr and paying scale for qa 2 yoe ?

Hi Kearney 🐠, would you know how long one has to wait to reapply to Kearney? Was rejected after R2 (BA level)!

No guesses please 😭


I've cleared both the technical rounds in EY India. But HR is saying, they can't offer me more than 8 LPA as my YOE is 2.6 years. (I already have other offer of 13 LPA, still they're not listening). Is it correct that EY India can't give more than 8 LPA for 2.6 years of experience. #EY #EYIndia


I’ll be sitting for Expedia Group Campus placement for PM-1 / APM. Looking for some insights/ preparation suggestions for the same.

I got a offer from HCL.

I have given joining date of my previous company with a difference of 1 week and submitted joining form.

Will there be any issue in BGV.

I am worried about it.

Can anyone please suggest what I can do at this point.

Anyone tried working at a jewelry store on commission? I want to try it but don't know if I'll make enough


Perceptions of the CAIA designation?
Who can it be helpful for?


If I'm planning to vote in the haryana election, should I apply for the special leave anywhere or can I take it straightaway?


These memes are bad. Like our career choices


Trying to grow this bowl. Not a lot of contributors but huge room for big pays coming. Good luck all. IBM it’s about to get fun


Heavily considering a career in law. Could someone give some advice


Hi , KPMG Singapore is offering 6.5k SGD per month . Current salary is 16 lakhs CTC. Shall i take the offer, is it a good switch. Also how hard is it to rent a place for an Indian in Singapore and what’s cost of living is like?

Hi yesterday my hr round completed in tcs but in ibegin tcs portal job got expired May i know whether I got selected or rejected


Currently a senior in audit, but I am interested in trying to transfer to Turnaround and Restructuring after busy season. I have my CPA and about 6 years of audit experience. Is there anything I can do to make myself more marketable? Is the transition from audit to restructuring difficult?

Does Delta Air Lines provide WFH option?


I'm joining pwc soon & I urgently need to get in touch with someone from Pwc Acceleration Centre (US Advisory) from the TMT Analytics team (Blore location). Pls help?


Hey fishes I am a Software Engineer at Iudx. I am looking for a job change.

Tech stack I use : React/Redux

My current CTC is 9LPA so I am looking for anything between 13-16LPA.

Any reference will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


Anyone in SF this week? Just got in from NYC


Additional Posts in Amazonians


Hi Guys, Can you please brief me about interview process for QAE1. I have completed 1 assessment and 2 onsite rounds. Just want to know about next steps.


Hi Fishes, Looking for Job Change ? This is for you,

Thoughtworks is hiring for below roles.

Fill in this Google form

Note: You may be asked to signin into google for fill the form to avoid duplicate entries.

Tip: You can click on three dots and select open link in chrome to use the account which you already logged in you chrome browser.

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Hey people,

I recently got selected for Amazon brand specialist role L4. My current CTC 5.5 LPA

How much increment can I expect. Is there in pay band for minimum pay.


I have cleared 2 round of Amzon data engineer interview now my interviewers are from Seattle what I can expect in the livecoding and system design round please suggest if anyone has any idea YOE 3


Hello guys I am currently a L4 Business development specialist with Amazon.in" class="linkified" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >Amazon.in, I am looking for a change of roles switching to AWS in similar profile, may I know what are the skills which are required to be possessed? Any help will be of great help to me.


Hey sharks
Iam naveen working at Amazon as transportation specialist L3 for almost a year.can I please get any suggestions moving to L4 or get better pay than this in any other roles.


What to expect in first round of interview for data engineer. Thanks in advance


Can someone please guide on interview questions for Amazon Program Manager role in Selections and Catalogue team


Is the WFH in certain state compulsory to work from that state only...can I join and move out for sometime as its WFH..will it create a issue


Hi friends, can anyone refer me for a job at Amazon (India). Pls do help. No replies after many applications done in portal.


Can we change to different roles or teams just after 6 month in Amazon?


Hi fishes

Need your expertise...can you please let me know the exact questions asked generally in behavioural rounds for business analyst and same for bar raiser

Do they also ask technical questions during these rounds

What can I expect as part of salary for yoe 3 as business analyst

Please help contribute....hope this helps other people seeking similar roles


I am selected for a ijp for resolution specialist, what kind of rounds and what would be in the rounds ? Can anyone elaborate the type of questions I'll be getting ?

Any job openings in amazon for non tech roles