Hi Capgemini folks,

There are multiple post asking any work from office plan any update on that, how is work culture, how much the hike%?

Please anyone clarify above queries.

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Hi 🐟,

I have an upcoming partner interview with 
EY EY-Parthenon (Strategy & Transactions). Has anyone got any tips / advice / works there?

Thanks in advance

#ErnstandYoung #EY #Parthenon


Need your suggestions
I got offer from product based company and intiated notice period in TCS. Now manager is saying he'll intiate on site opportunity for Mexico. And asking to revoke notice only after official confirmation for Visa. What should I do now.
Offered CTC -9.3lpa
Cctc 3.6Lpa


Has anyone heard back from PwC or Deloitte for entry level consulting roles in the US? Thanks!


Hi frds,
I hve few offers & planning to join MC.
YOE 8.5
Offer 30L
Automation tester L7

Plz help wid few below

1. Can I nego near joining for joining bonus or higher salary as I got offer from morgan for 38L bangalore loc

2. How is work cul and WLB in MC

3. How soon I can get L6(Lead) as I am currently working as lead since 2 yrs but got SSE.

4. Wat is d avg annual hike & bonus paid.

5. Any RSU optns & how soon one can avail after joining.

6. Diff dept & best dept or BU learning in MC.


Anyone have experience with Abbvie? Internal consultant role to be specific. Any insights on company culture, benefits, pay, etc. would be great. thanks!

What is current salary for EP position in NYC?


What is the work hours and break hours in EY GDS?


If I join Daimler Truck Innovation Centre India (DTICI) in December. (Have a probation period for 6 months in the offer letter). When can I expect my first hike in the organization? And How much approx can it be? Would anyone please share your insights. Daimler Truck Innovation Center India Daimler


Is anyone working in London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) ? I wanted to know about the work culture and growth ?


How are the annual hikes in CBA , TIA ?


Anyone hiring a recruiter, preferably campus? 2 YOE at Big 4 firm, additional unrelated YOE in prior path. 80k salary or higher? Ty in advance!


I have been a nurse in LTC, Blood Banking, Plasma and Assisted Living/Memory Care for 27 years. I am a HWD and have ZERO WLB.

A previous Director of mine approached me about a Clinic Position in STL. Bankers hours…She asked what I would need to leave where I am at…I do not have the slightest clue how much a Clinic Nurse makes. Any ideas?


Hi what is the maximum salary that can be provided in Verizon for the role 'Senior Engineer Consultant-QA Test Automation' ?

Hi ,

How much PWC India offers to a 4 year expected Java developer?
Can someone tell me pls.


Anyone in Corp Dev M&A? Received verbal offer today and it was a total boner killer that sounds non negotiable. Offer came thru random guy in HR vs hiring mgr/director and seriously considering going around hr cause the guy sounded lazy asf.@

Would like to understand market comp for in office CD roles, 4+yrs m&a experience and 25-40 advisories under belt. It’s an F500. Basically a pay cut of like 60-75% lol, idk if they’re testing me or serious. Edit: Happy to give any additional details.


Best career path if looking at commercial banking opportunities? Looking for very real potential of $200k annually with work life balance. I have an interview for business banking relationship manager

What is the highest salary one can get by knowing Oracle tools(fusion cloud, OTBI, etc.) and how to achieve the highest salary?

Anyone working at Entri app ?? Hows the package there for 4 year mobile developer?? Hikes and WLB?? Looking for a product company to join.


I have 4+ years of experience in software testing. What shall be the expected salary range while looking for a job change?

I’ve got an offer for RPA Developer at vistra itcl finance company,
Can someone provide insights on this company? Vistra


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Anyone a recruiter or know of one for Edward Jones? There is a role I believe I'd be a good fit for (same job I currently have with another company), would love to chat. Edward Jones


Stuck in a weird limbo where I want to leave my job more than anything but grateful that I have one at all with all the layoffs in our industry. It's a new kind of trapped. Anyone else feels the same?


Does anyone here work for the custom or express underwriting department at Liberty Mutual? Wondering how you like it and the differences between the two as far as work life balance goes. Appreciate any insight.


I’m selling 2 tickets to the Bucs vs Rams game on Sunday 1/23.

Section 107 / Row Y / Seats 15-16
$450 each (face value)

What could you talk about for hours?


Are any SF bay area folks working towards FIRE? I want to, don't know how given the high cost of living in the bay area. Would appreciate if you could share what your FIRE number is and how you are...


What are other company’s master in Taxation tuition reimbursement polices?


Current Strategy Consultant trying to find a 2nd remote job. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a 2nd job that is remote but not overbearing?


What's the dress code at the company? Is it office formals ... E..g. shirt and pants?


This COVID debacle means BJP will either lose power or form government via a coalition. Congress will continue on their downward trend because they refuse to move on from the Gandhis. AAP will emerge as the true leader of opposition in the future. Discuss. [10 marks]


Is there anyone here that has a US based remote job that lives outside of the US? Wanting to do that but feel like most companies wouldn’t allow it for legal and privacy reasons.


Common salary ranges for NYC area managers/senior managers? And please include typical sign on bonus estimates as well

anyone a part of their local dsa chapter? what's it like? I've been curious about joining

Best tax group at PwC?


What is the salary range (fix and ctc) for T3.1 if current fix is around 16.8 with 9 years of relevant experience in ABAP OOPS/ HANA/Odata?


Stress is causing a massive flare-up of racing thoughts recently. I feel like it's been at least a week or two since I last was able to completely clear my mind. And if it's not random stream-of-consciousness mess, it's music. Ever had a song stuck in your head? Because I've had one for four days now. Driving me nuts. Anyone else struggle with this/have a solution?


Additional Posts in Capgemini India (Business Services - BSv)


What will be in hand monthly salary for 19lpa?


Hi, I need some help. I have 5 yr of experience in consulting. Expecting an offer from Capgemini (invent). Any insights on how much (fixed) salary shall I expect ? Current fixed is 14 LPA. Capgemini


Anyone have idea on below companies. Which is better in terms of WLB & hikes? Both offering almost same CTC.
1)EPAM Systems
2) FactSet


For 2 years lateral do we get any hike on april appraisal cycle and what is minimum hike given


I got an email from Capgemini HR for interview today. But I was already interviewed in April 2021. Is it gonna make any issues? Can I give interview within 6 months?


Hi All, Any C2 joined recently? Would like to connect one to one. Have few doubts. Please let me know


Hi people,
How much joining bonus can Capgemini give for 9.5 fixed pay?
What are the factors they consider?


Can anyone help me know about the below points for Capgemini.

1 - Permanent Work From Home(WFH) policy in capgemini for Manager-C2? If yes, how can we attain?

2- When they are saying hybrid model, how many days they are expecting to join?

3- Can we go 5 consecutive days to office? Let's suppose first week for every month and rest 3 weeks WFH.

4- How long may be the hybrid model, I mean , what you think will they call employees for 5 days a week after 6-7 months ?


Anyone works in Capgemini Kolkata? What is the head count in Kolkata?


Hi, I am having 4.9years of experience which includes 3.7years in Wipro Technologies and currently working as a incident Manager in Wipro Technologies. And I am looking to switch my job, could anyone let me if there is any openings.


Hello fishes,
Wanted to understand what is the minimum experience for being a c2 at cg?
I have close to 9 years (8.8 )years of experience so what should be the designation to demand or what can they provide? And how and what are the roles and responsibilities of c2 level! I saw here someone getting a manager designation at 7 year of experience at much less package hence asking.


Any positions in business or consulting?


what will be the role of Senior consultant in Capgemini?


How is Capgemini different from Capgemini invent which is better to work.
Also what is the year end cycle for Capgemini invent.


Ho much Capgemini can offer me for YOE 7.5? I am switching last organization since I do not feel comfortable here and it is just after 4 months of joining and still in probation.

My Tech: Oracle EBS

My Last Organization Salary: 21.5


Friends, what to expect on the day of joining in capG ?

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