Hi Everyone,

Hope you all doing well!

This is my first post as well as my first switch after working 6y in the same organisation.

Recently I have cleared two interviews one from
Infosys with 11.8 LPA (10.2 fix, 1.6 variable) - offer letter received
2) Cognizant with 15 LPA (14.3 fix, 0.7 variable) - documents submitted, yet to receive offer letter.

YOE: 6y
LWD: June 6

Considering the opportunities I have which one would be the better choice in work culture wise.


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

With six years experience Infosys might have given you Consultant designation.

You can ask for atleast 16 to 17 LPA based on that.

Try for more offer. You have enough time.

What is your tech stack?


Thanks for your prompt response!

Infosys has given me Technology Lead position.

My tech stack:
Hadoop, Hive, Spark, SQL, UNIX, Scala & Python(Basics)

Infosys and cognizant have nearly the same work culture. People move within these companies a lot, so you won't see much difference.
Go for the one who pays you the most.

For most people 2nd company is like a casual fling. You stay there for couple of years and move on to a better opportunity.
So don't think about work and other stuff, get the best deal and designation and join


Noted!!! Thank you once again!

Congrats!! Both infy and CTS are kind of same . Since CTS is paying you high you can go for that. Check other factors as well like location , travel time etc . Try for other opportunities if not go with CTS work for 2 years then plan for another switch . Since you have been stable in ur company for long time which would be a added advantage for longer run.


Yes, I will try for more preparing for interviews. Office wise CTS is near compared to infy so I can save some time.

Thanks for your input 😊


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Recieved a call from infosys on interview for tomorrow .but they haven't scheduled the time. is it possibly canceled?

Wanted to share since I was searching on here prior to getting my offer:

Company: Accenture Federal Services
Position: Consultant (L9)
YOE: 6 years
Base: $105k —> $115k (negotiated)
Bonus: 5.5%
Sign-on bonus: $5k
COL: LCOL area
Work Style: Fully Remote
Vacations: 17 days
Parental leave: 8 weeks
401k Match: 6% after vested (1 year)

Declined for a better job offer tho.

Hope this helps someone in the future!


Anyone with 20lac+ CTC got the offer despite 3 month notice period?what is your YOE,skill and new company.


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Hello, Portuguese guy here, still in Portugal/Europe but really wishing to move to USA if an opportunity comes up.
Currently working for an IT company (within the Credit Agricole Group) and thinking about becoming a developer since I learned C at the university and could easily pick up a "hot" language if the market justifies it.
Otherwise I love project management and am happy as a PMO, specially working in Change/Transition Management.
How can I get a VISA? Do I need to get a job offer first?


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Hi all, I am expecting salary discussion call with Siemens Digitals HR. What is the ideal salary that I can ask? As of now, no offers in hand.

SKILLS: Devops + Tools + Python
YOE: 7.9
CCTC: 18.1 LPA


Anyone hiring for strategic account manager, or AE/SaaS Sales roles?

Hi guys i recently left TCS
But wanted to know whats the percentage they gave for A and B bands ,,,is it same like last year ,,one of the post read
he is expecting 15% ,,


Hello fishies, I have got an offer from S&P for 30LPA with 8.5 YOE . The designation is software engineer and the role is for production support. Is it a good offer or should I renegotiate.


Is anyone hiring for a Project Manager ?

Hi Fishes,

What package can we expect for Senior Enterprise Architect with 15 years of experience in Salesforce India?


POLL: how many FaceTime dates have you been on during quarantine?

Hi Amex fishes,

Does Amex provide new phone on joining ? TIA

Do you think EY underpays is? Yes/no?


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations


How much salary range for full stack developer?

Yoe - 9 Yrs
React Js , node js, express .

My current CTC - 18 L


Recently I got an offer with good package, but the joining date is over.

So, By editing the joining date in that offer letter and I'm planning to showing it my current employer (MNC) for salary hike.

Please advice.


Hey i have got an offer from fintech product based company for 42 fixed plus 3 lakh variable. I've also got offer from a accion labs with 46 fixed.

I don't want to join accion labs, how can I renegotiate with product based company, any good way to not scare them away and get better offer.

Yoe 8 tech ml engineer


Need help with likes 👍🏻 Any likes will be appreciated 🤗


Hi Folks,

I am working as a Senior linux Administrator from past 3 years. Can anyone let me know how do I move to devops role. I am getting calls only on linux even though I have experience working in devops


Hi guys,

Help me to DM directly ,please give like


How to negotiate in salary side. Scenario right now with me is,
I have offer from product based company 17.5 as CTC(15fixed + 1.5 variable + 1 joining bonus)
I have another offer from mid scale organization offering 20LPA as fixed with other things that makes CTC 20+
How should I negotiate with product base company hr to make my fixed part at least as 18LPA.
Which points to put in front of her, as she can easily say we have lots of perks and all other than CTC.


Hi everyone,

Emerson system- i gave 2 technical, those were cleared then there was 1 HR round, but now when i asked them about status they are saying they are working on getting the salary approved but now they got an update to keep that position on hold for now.

Is this behaviour right after taking 3 interviews and what should I do now


Hi Friends,

Need some suggestion as I am in dilemma to decide which company, I join out of TechM and Oracle.

TechM says Cloud Architect, but I don't have any other information on the work and all.

Oracle is senior programmer/lead on their products.

I currently work with Ericsson.


Hi All,

I have two offer.

1) With CTS - 14 LPA

2) With Tech Mahindra - 14.5 LPA

which one should i choose. Which will be better company to join?


Hi All,

I can help with referrals for
Jade Global.

Please find appropriate openings and let me know.

Hi Fishes,

I am having YOE: 7.5 and I have offer from Synecron, Fractal, lnfogain all giving approx same package, Could you please help me which should I opt for, I am working on Data Engineering Side.


Hello Everyone is anyone here from pune and wanted to travel pune new places and party pls let me know recently I shifted to Pune Hinjewadi...