Hi Everyone, so I recently joined a company (Unicorn) as an account manager in Canada and I’m getting 65K plus about 5-10K incentives (did not negotiate). It’s been about three months and I am outperforming. My numbers are usually double than other team members (total team size 15). My performance review is the next three months and I am working towards building my rapport. I like the company but I also want to make sure that I am being paid well. Any recommendation how much should I ask for?

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What do you think is a realistic salary for a HR Manager with 12 years experience in small companies (80-200 employees), MBA, SHRM-SCP in Hampton Roads VA area?


Edward Jones advisor with 30 million AUM and roughly 250k gross production. Been there for almost 4 years. Got an offer at Merrill Lynch to take over a 100 million dollar retirement transition plan in 5 years, or to join a 5 person Merrill Lynch team that manages a lot.

Pros to EJ: Have my own office, a year or two away from partnership, great office setting and client satisfaction.

Pros to Merrill: Bump in compensation, additional tools and services w banking, ability to take over assets.


NY Junior producer salaries? Sitting at $52K right now, wondering if I could expect more moving somewhere else.

Hi All!

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer(Backend) with 4 YOE. My current CTC is 21LPA (All Fixed) with additional Yearly bonus. I got a call from
Google (Pune/Bangalore/ Remote) for Software Engineer - Backend. I have the following doubts but any insights are welcome -

1. Does the lower designation offered make any difference?
2. Kinda ambiguous, but what kind of hike or ballpark pay can I expect?
3. Any similar interviews experiences or focus areas I should prepare for?


Hello All,

I have 3 YOE. Recently I got two offers.

One in Deloitte as an analyst
With fixed as 6.8 and 10% variable.

And one more offer in Accenture as application development analyst
With fixed as 7.5 and 21% variable

Can you please share your views which is best for analyst?

Can someone tell me what is the minimum percentage of bonus for differentiating rating.

Hello Boschers Bosch gave me 12 LPA offer with Senior Associate consultant ( Career level 51) I have an offer of 15 LPA from Accenture which I mentioned during Bosch HR round. but still they gave less package offer. How's the average CTC for career level 51 in Bosch? Deloitte Accenture Tata Consultancy Bosch Robert Bosch Wipro Nagarro Mindtree Bosch Global Software Technologies


Hi Guys,

I have couple of offers and difficult to decide plz suggest

experience: 10 years

tech: java , microservices and GCP

Coforge: 35
Deutsche Bank: 38
Brillio : 44

which one i should consider Definitely not Coforge, confused between DB and Brillio , Brillio not sure about job security and work but CTC offered is very good.


Would you take a pay cut if you had a chance to leave the industry?


Will you take a pay cut to join a strategy consulting firm? Though it’s painful, I think it make sense for the longer term


What percent increase would you leave a fairly steady role for? Ignoring growth or new title stuff. What would you want?


Good morning, was curious what the starting pay would look like for a “Medical Records Specialist”

I have a bachelors degree in Health Administration (BSHA)

But very limited experience in the position. I currently work (Correctional Health) as a medical records specialist.


Hi everyone, I’m currently a junior in big law working in IP and Tech Transactions. My goal is to go in house at a film studio and practice production law. I’m having trouble figuring out how I transition into this industry. Can someone share possible pathways? What salary can a second or third year transitioning to in house expect? How can I prepare myself now to be a viable candidate?


Hey, any idea on the pay that Deloitte offers to AM Level 2 and 3 into Audit (FS) side ?


Hello fishes ,

I have total of 2 yrs experience, 1 yr on power BI (Good with SQL + Good with Python + Conceptual basics in ML ) . How much LPA ,
I can expect for my next job ?

Help me with this fishes ?


Hi all.. can someone help me to understand what would be the take home net salary for this salary break up

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Thinking of applying to other digital consulting companies to use it as a tool for retention bonus and salary increase. Has anyone done this before? First year DD manager at 140k


How much is the raise usually by % after you pass probation?


The attrition rate in Infosys for last 3 quarters roughly accounts to 75% (20+27+28). With nearly 3/4 of the company moving out in last 9 months, the Infy management have never seemed to have learnt a lesson from it.

Still no compensation revision given for employees who have been associated for long term (Say 4+ years)

Folks - Is there any compensation revision planned in the near future... considering the after effects of q1 fy23 attrition rise ?

Infosys Wipro Infosys Limited


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When is Novartis calling people to office?

Do you ever feel like upper management at your company has expectations so unrealistic that there’s no way anyone has ever managed to satisfy them? Sometimes I just have to stop and wonder where they got all these standards from and laugh.


Anyone up to get drinks/play billiards on Friday in Boulder or Denver?


PWC RA cyber manager range?


Checking in, how’s everyone been? Let’s revive this bowl! We need this space for people of color to be to ask questions and connect with other likeminded people .


Social distancing into summer? It will probably be helpful, but I don't think people will abide by it


How much hike does BNY provide every year?


kinda tired of working in TA, does anyone ever feel like you are on the wrong career path when work seems to get harder each day? I feel stuck


Interested in hearing bowl thoughts about executing Prog Guaranteed as an alternative to direct. Pitfalls, gaps & potential?


I Joined KPMG India around 4 months back. But I don't know how to claim for internet charges. so not able to claim for it. Anyone aware?

Any of you fish at TeamSnap willing to provide a referral??


Currently working in a Management Consulting role in Big 4 (not front office). Got an offer from Product Based company that is more of value consulting and business development role. and Its a new team catering to Partner ecosystem of the company. I am doing good in my current role.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Is corporate going to stay “hot” forever? Or at least be able to sustain its growth. In my firm and most others I know, the Corp department has doubled litigation now.


Hi there. My company recently got acquired by a big telco. My leadership seems to be a very positive about this acquisition and keeps telling us it is a great opportunity and blah blah. I am thinking if it makes sense to stay and wait or start looking ?How to position myself to get most out of this acquisition and push my career forward ?

Expecting an offer from Quantiphi.

Very confused about joining it. especially after reading work life balance reviews.

Can someone Help ?

I was interviewed by one of the Clients of UST and at the last moment I got an offer from UST Bangalore & would be deployed to client location in Bangalore.

How is the experience with such setup at ust

What is best certification course for SAP Career?


Hi! Does anyone know where can I find cool off periods for various companies? I am looking for Dropbox at the moment.

I am bored out of my ever loving mind. No heavy incentive to look for work just yet due to COVID in my area + I’m not really sure what position to even look for since I don’t want to go back into PA. You can only scroll through social media and news so many hours of the day. I’ve cleaned. I’ve FT dated. I’ve read. And read. And read. I’ve done the self makeover/reflection thing. 🤦🏼‍♀️


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I’ve been working at a Series A startup in the Bay Area for a year now running sales. Any idea what kind of equity comp I should be expecting? We’re in the CPG space. Thanks!


Is $23 an hour decent for an admin assistant to an executive chef at a 5 star resort?


What should be a good salary for entry level Product Manager in Austin?.. just graduated with my bachelors.. I was given $80k as base, $84k total with 5% yearly raise and $8k sign on bonus.. tried to negotiate but they didn’t budge because I’m in a rotation program.. they claim there might be a raise after the program.. trying to see if I’m being lowballed here.. thanks


I am a senior auditor, I have been approached by my company to join the bookkeeping and outsourcing team as a senior accountant. My background is 4 years in bookkeeping, 3 years working in industry doing financial reporting. Have 1 year tax and about a year of audit. Currently at 85k. What salary should I negotiate for?


I've got an interview for a contract that would give me a 60% bump in pay
My current manager asked what they were offering and if there was anything he could do to make things better where I currently am. There is no way they can match the offer, but I'm a little worried about leaving a permanent full time with benefits and vacation time. What's my best move? Ask for 20% and be happy with 10%? Aim higher?

For the record I just barely make living wage as is so it's not going to be massive jumps


I’m exploring my options in sales and curious to know. When you’re looking for another position. How much of an increase in salary base are you looking for?


I was in an interview. I was asked for compensation, since it's a newer organization I couldn't find much info. I ended up low balling myself almost 15k. How do I redeem this?


for pharma project managers: is there more money to be made in the central lab side of a company or the bioanalytical side? looking to apply at labconnect if any employees are floating around and could speak to the company specifically, but open to other input. i only have experience in central lab but have a science background. TIA!


So I started off as a college external L4 area manager. I got promoted to L5 at 13 months. I’m looking to transfer from MD to MA. I got an offer letter for 68.5k salary. 10k supplemental transition payment. I want to negotiate and push my salary to 72k, but I’ve never negotiated before. Am i being reasonable asking 72k? Any tips on how to go about that conversation?

Hi. Can someone share the salary package for a Sr Learning Consultant at Canadian Tire? Please and thank you.


Got an offer letter for a new job, but it's $10 less than what I make currently. What can I ask for in a benefits/sign on package to compensate for the drastic wage difference?


Negotiating Raise to CMO

I’m finishing year 2 CPG startup where I lead marketing.

I was hired as “Marketing Manager” with the expectation that as long as I perform, I would continue to lead the department. I’ve helped the company grow from <$1M to forecasted $10M this year, and am the CEOs number 2. My ceo “de-prioritizes” titles, but I feel I’m deserving of it.

I’d like to negotiate the following:
- pay raise: $140k > $170k
- title: head of marketing > CMO
- equity: some added shares



I am coming up on a promotion. In preparation, I've done some market-level research for the future position and found the average salary is approximately $30k more than my current salary. I've been with the company for 10 years in various positions, but 2.5 in my current. My previous supervisor would never entertain any negotiations above the offer letter; stating "the offer is final". I've spoken with other colleagues and its not true.

Any advice for negotiations, and how much is too much?


I have over 12 years in B2B sales/sales management experience along with a graduate degree. I am wanting to shift gears and I am at a point where I can invest time in myself to learn through practical experience. The new industry I am wanting to pursue is real estate investment. I have read all the books but want some hands on experience on the property management side. How could I best leverage my skills for a role in this, and what should my expectations be for negotiation in compensation?

Approached by 4x recruiters in the last 2 weeks.

Offers are:
180, same role, SME tech sector
200, same role, big MNC (300k employees)
225, senior role, NYC fintech startup
225, different role, Cybersec vendor

Currently 125 with pretty poor benies.

How can I leverage those offers into more comp where I’m at?


I make 106k and bonus is like 13% with potential for escalators. Looking to pivot for sake of growing been doing this for 9 years now. Any thoughts on is my compensation fair for market? And also what compensation I should be looking for with pivot to data engineer?


I was offered similar positions at competing banks. The salary for both roles are the same. What are other things I should negotiate (I’ve only negotiated salary in the past never additional benefits). Also, I would love either position.