Hi Fishes,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

We are looking for SDR and Account Executive

Do let me know if you have strong references

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Hi all! Would love a referral for a Scrum Master position operating in SAFe. Not too concerned about industry.

3 years as project manager and 5 as operations manager in the public sector.

Remote only pls. Thank you in advance!


Any folks in Credits and Incentives know of open Senior positions and interested in giving a referral? Currently Senior level looking to move to another Big 4. Thanks!!


Hi Team,

need a referral in cognizant. Please let me know. Thanks


Any company secretary opening in delhi ncr?


Can anyone provide a referral for Oracle? Happy to discuss my background further and answer any questions!


Incoming expat here along with S/O! They are a product manager and are actively recruiting for the right opportunity - anyone open to having a conversation with them + help with a referral?

Tomorrow is our last guest session of this year, so I’ll repost this here:
I recently joined a new business in the finance industry, and our team offers 3 complementary financial education sessions, at no cost and no obligation, open to the public. We educate people on basic to higher level of financials such as saving, investing, government registered accounts, etc. Highly recommended to everyone; you’ll gain valuable knowledge and opportunity to ask questions. Let me know if you’re interested

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Looking for immediate joiners for the below roles: 

Location is not a constraint for the right fit- preferred locations are Chennai and Hyderabad.

WordPress Architect  (Open for multiple level)- Director/ Engineering Manager/ Architect/ Tech Lead

Frontend - React- (Open for multiple level)- Architect/ Tech Lead/ Associate Tech Lead/ SSE

DevOps/ DevSecOps Lead (AWS)

QA Automation Lead 

Java Lead (Springboot, Microservices)

Hi all,

I was leading a team of 10 people in a SASS product company and now looking for individual contributor roles in frontend.

I'm currently serving 30 days notice and looking for frontend/UI developer roles across India/globe.

YOE - 4.5
Skills - #React, #Node, #Css, #Javascript, #aws

Thanks in advance for any referrals, advice or opportunities you can offer 🤗.


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Trust and estates paralegal in Boston looking to transition to corporate work. TYIA for any leads or insight !

I’m hiring Systems Administrator II and Systems Engineers in Illinois and Colorado. I’d love any candidate referrals you have if you know someone who is on the job market!

Is there anybody available for referrals? I step back from BCG Platinion and I am looking for a non IT job in Milan or Italy. Thanks 😊


Hi Fishes,

Could anyone please provide me referral for Business Analyst in Reliance Jio.


Hi can someone refer me in Adobe?
Yoe : 1.8

Anyone here from edgile security? Need someone ASAP

Any job openings for scientists in New delhi


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Digitas Chicago people... I know you get free Spring Awakening music festival tickets. Is anyone not using theirs & want to make a donation to a fellow EDM-loving advertiser? 🥺


How accurate are all the numbers of applicants for positions on LinkedIn? It’s crazy seeing that a lot of positions listed for Google have 0 or very few applicants for weeks - is this an accurate indicator or is everyone just using Google’s Careers page to apply


Anyone Deloitte that recently left send back their $500 WFH peripherals? My offboarding checklist makes it look like I need to but what if I want to keep? Seems like a pain to send back then rebuy the same exact setup...


I’m starting to think there is a very dark side to marketing. My whole job is basically manipulating people into spending money, often money they can’t afford. I’m really starting to question my career.


“I work in the graveyard called Publicis New York"


What are some books that have absolutely helped you either working in the investment management space or even just personal investing?


Had a half marathon race cancelled this fall and hoping to still run it on my own- any suggestions for good spots / trails? Looking for somewhere scenic, relatively flat, long, but not too crowded (I.e., down by the Charles is out with too many people). Willing to drive a few hours and make a day trip out of it or go somewhere local- any ideas come to mind? Thanks in advance!


Has anyone found any reasonable ways to hack luxury travel that actually makes it affordable?


Guys, i have got an offer from NCR , i was told that I will be placed in a client facing role (Support project). Is it good to accept the offer? I am bit worried about career growth.
Please share your thoughts.
Skills : .net and angular


Hi, Being an Indian MNC, is Indegene a good company to work for?


Any book recommendations on executive presence?


What do you do with your free time?


Is OneTrust LLC’s vacation policy as good as it sounds? I saw it is unlimited PTO, but I don’t know how unlimited it actually is. Could one take a 3-4 week vacation?


This might be a dumb question, but has anyone taken the subway recently later in the day? I keep hearing people talking about things being unsafe and I'm curious if that is the case. I haven't taken


Full Focus
How many of you work with at least 90% focus 12 hours daily like you do for finals back in undergrad?

The SMs and Partners I've worked with appear to be fully invested in work all day. Do you increase your stamina to give 100% the higher up you go to CxO levels or MBB/FAANG, and people do not progress in career because of slacking?


How do people make friends here? I have the ones i grew up with and a couple I made in the last couple of years (neighbors/through mutual friends) but I generally find that people here just stick with their social circles


At my company we are going fully remote and we are trying to determine what “remote working best practices” we can enable for our employees.

I’m coming to you all today to ask what has worked best for you that has allowed work to be more seamless?

For example we have toyed around with the idea of “no zoom meetings unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise all communication is to take place over email/Instant Message.

Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi fishes, does anyone know who had left CG in probation? In order letter it's 90 days NP. Does management give early release? I have joined only since a month

New CPA in our building and asks are you a CFP? I say no and she says "Oh I was jw cuz I have people ask if I know a good planner." We agreed to talk but I need a way to deflect the "non-CFP" thing


Additional Posts in Job Opportunities and Referrals

Need 11 likes to enable DM.
Thanks in advance 🙂


Hello Fishes,

Please let me know if any requirement for data analytics or application development/support. Fresher candidate with CDAC completed in AI ML is available immediately.


Hi everyone,
I have 1.5 years of experience in QA automation. And currently holding an offer from product based company with 10lpa fixed , 1lakh Joining bonus. How much should I ask in CGI?


Looking for job opportunities in oil and gas industry,FMCG,fmcd, EV segment

Is there anyone given interview recently in Infosys for Java Developer role? If yes then could you please share your experience and the questions asked in the interview and please guide me how to do better?

I have interview tomorrow need help.

Thanks in advance


Looking to get into MBB, currently working as senior consultant in finance transformation domain at EY in business consulting. Suggestions please?


My friend is looking for Customer Service and Relationship management.
Now he is Asst. manager in Whitehat Jr. Looking for a job - Mumbai Location
Immediate bases


Hey Guys, Likes please to activate dm.


Hello Anybody who can refer me to Bell Canada?


Champ fishes, I'm serving notice period and having one offer. However, looking a better opportunity, can anyone refer me in some good organisation like IBM , Tata Consultancy , Microsoft etc. I'm in capacity of Azure Architect and expertise in operation, security, monitoring, infra and paas as well...yoe 15+


Hi fishes,
We are looking for sector experts who have experience of 5-7 years within domain such as Financial service, Energy & Utilities, Resource, ESG and Technology.

Candidates should be able to join either immediately or max within a month.

Please DM me for any query.


Hello All,
I am looking for SAP WM role and have 5.5 yrs of experience.. Pls let me know.


Trying to Carpe the Diem but the day is seizing me.

Content specialist with 3.5 years experience in diverse industries. Currently working for a consulting in market research. Losing my potential and mental health to the company’s toxic culture, I can’t be the one man army for my team.

Any referrals would be highly grateful!

Hi friends.. am working as BH with Axis Bank & looking forward to change.

Can anyone refer me with ..


Excellent opportunity in Cognizant
3+ yoe

ServiceNow Orchestration/ServiceNow Integration Hub
Azure+ Linux.
Reverse Engineer-Android

Dm for referrals


Hi Fishes, I am working as a Senior Manager in Sales in an edtech startup in Noida, it was quite a great journey. I have learned a lot, its been 2.4 years i am working here and got promoted here. Now i am looking to switch to an MNC to explore new culture, learn new things and work life balance. Looking for a job in Noida or WFH. Please help


Hi guys looking for an ETL Admin (informatica)
DB exp: SQL, postgres, mongodb
5+ years.
Bangalore Onsite
Client: Tesco


Any openings for the freshers frontend developer in Bangalore. Completed training on frontend technology #HTML # CSS #JS.@

Hi, we are currently hiring for senior dotnet developers for hyderabad location, anyone interested please ping me.

Thank you.


If interested Pls DM or reply

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