HI Fishes,

I am currently working as a senior research analyst with 4.5 years of experience in market research (report writing, proposals, market estimations, presale and post sales qeuries, etc.). Can you please suggest me with suitable openings and also a possible hike. I believe I am highly underpaid because I started my career with low salary. However, I think I deserve more. Could anyone please help. Seriously please help. Have a great day⛅

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People who have gotten a good job transferring into a new career role. Can you guys post your resumes that got you in.?


1YOE medical device NPI Lead looking for salary perspective

Mechanical engineering grad, joined a medical device startup that I had done co-ops at. 8mo into full-time, pivoted from engineering into more of an operations role doing new product introduction (NPI), now with 3 direct reports.

The combination of startup+medical device+NPI seems very unique and I'm struggling to find salary comparables. Currently making 75k but it feels very low given my new responsibility and impact. Any advice?


Expected Pay for an Investments Analyst? (NY, large reit)


When is the right time to ask for a raise in salary? Nearing the end of my first year at current tech startup. We don’t have a formal process to request a merit or cost of living salary increase that I know of… there’s less then 15 people in our company. I made a big no no when joining the company and did not negotiate the salary before accepting. Should I informally chat about future compensation to my boss? He’s a pretty laid back guy and I think he may be flexible with me.

Multipel positions opening in my current organization, send your resume

Location: Hydrabad (Hybrid model)

Email me:

Winfo solutions is 5 year old organization with both IT services and Product solution for clients.

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Hi fishes,

Can anyone tell me the salary range for b2 band
Yoe 4.2 , as senior engineer in Wipro.


Hello any tips/info on questions for an execution trader role (VP level) at top tier hedge fund?


How much should LPNS make in Dr (allergy) office in Texas?


I have 6 years of claims experience and I currently work for a non standard company as a total loss adjuster and a fire and theft adjuster and I’m getting paid $58k and I’ve been with my company for a year and a half and I’m just checking in to see if I’m getting paid on par with the industry.


Salary range for Consultant @ Deloitte in ETP?

I need some outside opinions on understanding my worth when it comes to salary. I get mixed opinions when I talk about this with friends/co-workers. I am happy with my work but also don’t want to sell myself short on salary. For context, I never imagined making the salary I do today so I am extremely grateful, but also why I need inputs on worth. 😊

5 years HR experience and 3 years Human Capital consulting (SC level now). Base is 135k. Average or low?


Anyone in the Chicago area looking for an admin role? If so, send me a message & I’ll send you the link to a req that is open on my team.


Can anyone working for companies / startups in ‘money saving’ mode share positive experiences of receiving a significant pay rise when resources are limited?
I’m a junior/mid-level project coordinator making £40k investing long term ideas that add value to my team/company. I’m coming up to a year in the role and want to ask for a pay rise (5k) to compensate for inflation and to reflect my conscientious efforts, but I’m aware resources are tight. Any advice?


Looking for Job Change

Total Experience - 2 Years

Relevant Experience in Java - 2 Years
Relevant Experience in Angular - 1 Year
Relevant Experience in SQL - 2 Years

My Skills :
Java Spring boot,
Angular Framework - HTML, CSS, Typescript
Mysql, Oracle DB

Current CTC - 7.5 LPA
Expecting CTC - 11 LPA

Current working Location - Chennai

Preffered to work - Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad
Also able to work in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Noida


I need a job referral for Accenture Jaipur location, please DM


I’m current with a Big 4 but interviewing with another one in hopes of getting a higher compensation. If I get the offer and bring it back to my company will they match it?


Have an offer from a dream company but I'll need to go in at a lower level. Knowing that I can bring a lot of value to the company (read- I know my worth), I negotiated with the hiring manager to have a level/comp review 6 months after employment. If I hit all my goals (ie, prove myself) within that time frame, I'll get a promotion and salary adjustment.
Should this be in writing in the offer letter?
How detailed should it be? I assume I won't know what goals to set till I start...


So Google reached out to me for the
role of a cloud data engineer. Could
anyone shed light on the interview
Any added insights/tips would be

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Trump has been pandering to anti-vaxxers. He is also pushing to expedite COVID vaccines. What is he going to tweet once a (rushed) vaccine is released to motivate the general pop and anti vaxxers to take the vaccine? Give me your best Trump tweet!


What alternatives are out there for the mens gucci 1953 bit loafers? I like the clean and sleek profile of the Guccis but don’t wanna pay $850. I’m not afraid to pony up a bit for something quality but would rather keep it to the $200-$450 range. Meermin? Allen Edmonds?



Can we move in different departments at mastercard? Is there a certain period which needs to be served for getting eligible for mobility?



How is Wipro consulting? Unsolicited Honest opinion please!!
TIA Wipro


Does anyone know what covid restrictions will be in place for the inauguration? Will people be allowed to come to dc without quarantining?


Will training be provided for level 10 lateral entries?


Need a referral for a job opening at
Accenture India Accenture .
Job Id - 84445


For anyone who’s taken / passed the CFE, is it worth paying for the full exam prep course or would studying the fraud examiners manual suffice?


Sending love to all the fish tonight. Life is short. Nobody deserves to be miserable. Let’s lift each other up every day.


Has anybody tried the app Future fitness? Would love to hear opinions


Any ideas for how to meet people in Houston? I am new to the city and have been feeling really lonely..

Why is my DM option disabled? I'm unable to check my old DMs. Is there some updates that I'm not aware of? Can someone help me out with this?


Always felt like the definition of tech in agencies is all over the place. What is your definition?


Tax help: I got married last year and my wife is planning to be a stay at home mother. She has 150k in student loans. How can I file jointly to get the tax benefits without ... cont


Thoughts about insurtech space? I am looking to at exploring data analytics related innovations as a product manager. Currently in HCM space where recruiting and EdTech is all the buzz. How dull or interesting is insurtech data analytics wise? Specifically, any thoughts about Applied Systems?


Hi! I recently moved to Canada on a work permit, and was wondering if i can work while traveling outside the country. Are there any work permit restrictions?


What are some roles/jobs/companies you recommend with an associate producer skillset? Something has been telling me for a while now that I don't want to pursue production as a future career, looking for something with a more stable schedule and less anxiety-inducing lol. For context I'm working agency-side at the moment.


So what are all you single folks doing tonight.

I’m not a tax professional - I’m a designer from the US working in Switzerland (not-EU) at an intl org. Currently they take tax at source and I’m American so I’m also taxed at home. I just quit 😬 but before I leave Switzerland I booked a freelance gig (contracted) with another intl org here. What do I need to do tax wise? I have no idea. In the US I would just have a 1099, for this no clue.


Additional Posts in Job Referrals and Openings

Looking for Opportunities in Buying & Merchandising, Category Management in e-commerce industry looking for reference if any.

Location - all india


To All Fishes,
A Small advice from my experience...
Don't join in Startup Small IT Companies where Company don't have Financial Strong...
Suddenly you will get a Call from HR n give notice to u as bcoz of budget issues we are Terminating Some people and you are one of them...


Any opening for role in tableau,Alteryx


Hi Fishes
I am a Data analyst with Total 6 Yrs of experience in same company
Skills: Power BI , SQL , Data analytics and visualisation
Current CTC: 8.50 LPA
Planning to reassign but don't have any offer in hand
Notice period: 90 days
please advise


I got a offer from Deloitte as well as I got a offer to mexico which one I should prefer??


Hello wonderful community, I have recently relocated back from Canada with 6 years of experience in the non-profit space within marketing/resource mobilization. I’m based in Gurgaon and wondering what the best way to go about the job market here. I’d love to explore some MNCs, open to wfh as well.


Hi everyone - one of my friend looking for a new role and would appreciate your support.

Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer to her in Bangalore, KA, India

YOE: 8 yrs
Skills: #informatica #iics
NP:- Immediate joiner
Preferred Location: Bangalore, pune

#immediatelyavailable #immediatejoiner #jobseekers #jobhunt #jobchange


How is the working culture at Stripe India like?


Hi Fishes .. I have an offer from Delta Airlines for a Product Owner role
. Can anyone help me with the below questions

1) Hows the work life balance?
2) Company Culture? ( Agressive .. Hierarchial .. Too political)
3) Job security in the current economic climate
4) Any rumors of Layoffs?

Thanks in advance!!


Hey guys! I need a referral for a role in Meesho. Anyone can help?


Anyone have job id and need referral in Oracle then DM me. I will give referral.


Hi Fishes,
I joined my current organization 3 months back.
Didnt allocated any project yet.

Now i am looking for a change:
Can someone refer me:
YOE :8.9
Location: Bangalore
Notice period: 30days
skills: java, spring boot, hibernate.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, I am looking for a Project Manager opportunity in Bangalore. I have nearly 3 years of experience as a Product Owner and as a Project Lead


Urgently Required
Lead Network Engineer 10-15 years experience Cisco ACI, Cisco Enterprise, Data Center Switches, Cisco Router
Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Pune/ Gurugram
Kindly DM me your YOE and email id.

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Hi Fishes,

I've an experience of 4 years in Operations, Customer service, Customer Success.

Currently working as an Assistant Manager, Operations and Strategy.

Looking for new opportunities in Noida. Preferably in MNC's.

I urge everyone here to refer me for the positions available.


Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a great day. I need 11 likes to enable chat.
Please help


Got laid off from Byjus.

Looking for opportunities as Physics faculty, Video presenter, Content developer.

Please let me know if there is any vacancy or any referals Vedantu Extramarks Byjus


Hi all,
I am currently serving my notice period and actively looking for better opportunities.
I already have 2 years of experience in python and Deep learning. I have also done my Master's in Artificial Intelligence specialization and have strong knowledge in Machine learning, NLP, and Computer Vision.
Do let me know if anyone can refer me to the above-mentioned profile. I would be open to having a conversation to discuss further for any open position. I look forward hearing from you.


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