Hi fishes, I have 4 YOE in manual, automation and accessibility testing, im more interested in cloud tech so I started learning AWS technologies now I know concepts of EC2, S3, EC2 adv, VPC, RDS, Elb, ASG, IAM, Redshift(dont have handson).I am planning to switch over to other company. So How much salary I can expect?Is there anything need to do to get more opportunities but I have less time only(in 3 months notice period) Any suggestions please. Im confused and fear of my career?Dm pls.Amazon Infosys

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I was onboarded in a different role. Ended up being pushed as PM (because my business experience). Now I’m thriving on the role and few months now in the role I’m going to ask for a raise, since I got a crazy responsibility bump but 0 pay bump. Do you guys think asking 30% is too much ?


What is a typical AVP salary + bonus structure at CitiGroup? In Mississauga, Ontario.


What is the chance of getting a UK visa sponsorship by investment banking clients for analyst/ client manager roles? What is their average salary in market?


@BCG 🐟

What is base and total comp for (1) Consultant 2, and (2) PL in Toronto?

Currently located in UK, thinking about move to North America as my SO got job offers in Toronto (pref.) &US Midwest


Hello Folks,

I am looking for my first switch

YOE- 2.6
TECH- ServiceNow developer
Current CTC- 6.6 lpa

I have one offer of 11 lpa.
Could you please help me how much I can more expect?


What is the general consulting or global consulting role in PWC @SDC do? And how is it in terms of growth perspective?


Hello 🐠 🐟

I am looking for change let me know if anyone has references
YOE - 7.4
Tech - Java,SpringBoot,Microservices,Angular
Notice Period - 45 Days
Location - Hyderabad


How much do QA Engineers (or QA Testers or QA Analysts) make their first couple years?

Do you have any certifications or specific learning paths?

Manual or Automatic Testing?

I think I'm underpaid but want to know more info from those in the field.


Hi fishes.

I have offers from Amadeus and Deloitte. YOE - 4.5, SDET. Amadeus offering 18L fixed+ 1.5 Variable+ 75k Joining bonus. Deloitte is offering 16 Fixed+ 1.6 Variable +1.5L joining bonus. Which one should I choose if I am looking job stability and learning opportunities along with decent work life balance?


Big favor to ask. Closing out first year as an MD and would love to hear what other MDs compensation looks like from the cash side (base and bonus) — I’m planning to make an ask but need a better understanding of where the market is right now because it feels frothy. Any help / a range from anyone in the PE space would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


Required you guys suggestion...
I recently contacted by company when they asked for expected CTC i gave them with my calculations 7.5 my current CTC is 5.2 with 3 YOE.. is it more to ask...? Kindly suggest.


What band should I expect with 10YOE in QA
Seems they will offer around 28L

Should I ask for P3 to get higher fixed pay?

Is it worth it to get a professional certification like SHRM/PHR? Not many of my colleagues have one and it’s not a requirement for my role, but I’m curious if it’s worth it in the long run


Is salary credited for KGS today or will it be tomorw


What are your suggestions on accepting a job offer in the following scenario:
The job location is in Japan, Tokyo. Since the borders are closed for Indians, my work location is remote in India for now. Salary is paid as per Indian market.
When the borders are open, I need to relocate to Japan. I haven't been told about the salary that I would get when I relocate. HR here says once borders open and the Japan company's HR will discuss on the salary range suitable for the Japan market.


I have an offer from ACN strategy and Deloitte GPS (both in Washington DC). Pay is higher for ACN, but I am really unsure of which to choose. Would love any thoughts/ suggestions!!


Is it worth for an Indian national to come to US on L1B? There’s a cap of 5 years and from what I read, GC queue is the same as for H1 (15 years+) with the downside of no extension in visa. Switching to H1 is not a possibility since spouse would lose work authorisation. What are the options other Indian L1B folks pursue?


I’m curious as to what other administrative assistants make in other areas, any information would be helpful


Hey All,

I have the offer from Legato, CitiusTech, and SOTI for the same designation and similar technologies and matched package.

Which one should I choose?


Hi folks,

I am having 11 years of experience in SAP IS-Utilities and earning 31 LPA, I have been offered between $9500-10500 Singapore dollars per month from a Singapore company in SAP BRIM Technology.

Is it a good competitive pay in Singapore?


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Has anyone taken the CAIA exam recently? Currently studying for lvl 1 but not too much commentary out there.


Thinking to get this soon! :) Anyone has one and want to share your thoughts? Omega Seamaster 300m

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Hi Everyone,

I am working with a startup as a Business Development Manager and currently based in Delhi.

I am looking forward to make a transition from the Sales/BD role to Product Management roles. Also doing a certification from Institute of Product Leadership for a smooth transition. Can anyone help me with this.

YOE in sales& BD ~ 6 years


DM for thoughtworks referral


Anyone going to hijinx festival?

Anyone here from the sales side at Cordial? Would love to hear the experiences of AEs and SEs there. Good spot to work?


Can anyone refer me for assurance profile?

Hey BIOS-UEFI Engineers out there, can you suggest me some sources which help me grow my knowledge on the UEFI Development?


How much communication is important for QA role. I have 5+ exp, good in automation but am lagging in communication.couldnot speak fluently. That's the reason am not attending interview from other product based companies.

Any thoughts or solutions.


I got a call for a Java position. I told them I do not develop in Java. I do JavaScript with React. He says “oh yes, that is what the client wants”. So I sent my resume. When he sent the confirmation email it stated Angular/Java. I told him that I don’t have much Java skills. He then sent this (pic) as a response. 🤔🤔🤔
When I spoke to the client she had no idea why the recruiter added angular react as it was just a Java developer position, Completely wasted so much time

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Is LTC dead?


Hi Fishes,
I'm a consultant with Deloitte India with 9 YOE.
I'm getting 12LPA whereas, they are hiring again a consultant with 3 YOE and they are paying them 16LPA. So i have asked my manager on fixing my pay to Market standards.
I can move on to other company easily, but just 9 months with Deloitte India
Wanted to serve atleast 1 year.
What's your recommendations please

HR is asking for aadhar card and candidate information sheet with latest resume.
Does it mean I have been selected? Only the salary discussion part is left?


How often do you cry at your job? I cry usually one day a week triggered by stress/overwhelm but want to know if this is a typical response


Is anyone looking for an SDR? If so, I can share my resume :).


I know this has been asked before but hoping for some tactical starting points. I grew up in an awesome ... but very blue collar family. My parents didn’t invest so I wasn’t exposed to it growing up. I would like to start. Would some 🐠 be willing to help a newbie navigate the best way to start. Would love recommendations on books, websites, podcasts etc. I have a relatively low risk threshold so I would like to start small and build up to a larger portfolio. I hope that makes sense. Thank you!


Salary for a CA fresher in TIAA India as an internal control analyst

Hey guys,
Need an opinion. How do you think pwc ac banglore will be affected in case recession news comes true?
I heard that the work is majorly from US and that too kind of residual work. So, I thought if recession hits US then primary impact will be on AC centers.
Please provide genuine thoughts. Also was there any layoffs during covid?

Scope of question- Consulting


Webcast mein kya bataya? Please share the imp points. TIA



My CA friend is currently working largest natural resources and mining company in Delhi NCR. She is planning to switch job within Delhi NCR in Industry. She has 3 years of PQE in financial reporting, tax accounting and currently working in FP&A role.

Any leads would be highly appreciated.

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Hi fishes,

Please suggest what should I choose from following:

Mindtree -> 24 LPA (Following up every week if I am joining or not)

R Systems International -> 25 LPA (Current company, trying to retain, very good hold on project and good relations with manager)


Tech Stack -> Angular Front end development.

Serving notice period (more than 2 months left)

Please suggest considering the global recession fears

Thank you.


Yoe: 3.5 Tech stack: .NET+Angular I hold 2 offers: Hitachi Energy (Chennai) - 12.5F+2.5V Siemens Healthineers (Bengaluru) - 16.5F+1JB+1.5RB Which is best in terms of wlb, hikes and growth?


I have job offers from Thales 27 lpa fixed, Capgemini 25 lpa Coforge 28 lpa fixed HCL Technologies 27 lpa, tech stack - golang. I am mostly looking for job security. Please suggest me which one good to you. It would really help me to make my decision.


Hi Sharks,
Need some inputs. Have 3.9 years of Experience as an SAP ABAP Certified Consultant. Looking for change.
How much package should i ask to recruiters? How much will i get in current market?
CCTC : 6.7


How much should I get having 6+ years data engineering skills : DWH, ETL, BI, SQL, Python, She'll Scripting, AWS, Azure, Neo4j, etc

Hi, do sopra currently offering 8lpa said before joining they will make it as 9 to 9.5 yoe:2.5. Do they really make it? What about allowance in sopra steria, do they have any afternoon or night shift allowance?


Hi I have two offers please help to choose one

YOE 4.2 Years
Amadeus 16 LPA
Omnicell 19LPA


Hi fishes ,

How much FIS GLOBAL offers for android profile with 5.5 yoe ? Please suggest


Hello fishes,
What is the current market salary can be expected for cloud and devops engineer for 5 years of experience?


How's grade 6 with 4YOE having 130k base salary in California?


I work in P2P process.
I have got offer in seimens and koch buisness solution. Can anyone tell me which company is better and go for it.



I interviewed at Walmart for in4 position, I cleared 3 technical rounds on Friday, and my managerial round happened on Monday, my interview was average for the managerial round. From that day onwards I am trying to get my feedback for the managerial round but the HR keeps telling me that they have not received it yet from the manager. It has been more than 5 working days. Should, I assume that I got rejected??

Hi Fishes,
I have 2 offers in hand with almost same PKG from LTI and vois .
Which one I should join. Please suggest.


Hi All,

I am a full stack developer with 4+ years of experience. My tech stack is node, react, AWS. I am looking for a job change. So I am giving interviews for both frontend and backend. But whenever I am facing interviews, i am getting to know about lot of new things which I was not aware of which is making me depressed? Because I have knowledge of a lot of stacks but don't have knowledge of anyone in depth making me feel insecure now.


Hi, I am 7 years experienced and into IDentity and access management domain (AD, Okta,etc) and I have an offer from Capgemini so I want to know if Capgemini is good company to join now, I think I will be part of managed services team. How’s the work life balance here? Please share your thoughts if anyone is from Capgemini?@


If you are getting 950000 total CTC in TCS
What will be your in hand amount monthly


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