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Hi Fishes ,
I have joined Accenture any suggestions on how to get a project.???

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

No issues upto 3 months. After which HR will call you and ask why you have not got project yet.


Project team will look into bench list and call you. Till then chill..

Any issues while being on bench .? I am at CL level 9

Up to 3 month they won't say anything?

Not sure n can't be predicted. I'm working from 10 yrs .

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Just wanted to give a big virtual hug and thank you to this group!
About a week ago I asked for advice on contacting a client about her very interesting work.
Just wanted to say that because of everyone's advice and support, I emailed her.... and it was AWESOME! We had an hour zoom chat and she is just super cool! 😊
So thank you ladies for giving me the confidence to just do it!


How is Virtusa Lloyd Bank Project?

How is work life Balance?

Tech stack Java?

Hello experienced Nagarrians Is there any chance of firing of freshers in Nagarro who are in bench? Joined in January - February batch Promoted full time July - August Mentor feedback,Exit score (95) and throughout training performance was quite awesome. P.s. No project interview for 2 months in bench. Hr said No java projects as of now will map you once requirement comes up. Plz comment your valuable opinions.

Tata Consultancy

I feel like leaving my company just for good money package but I like working here
Idk how do I get courage to leave such a good company ..project people
😕😕.it almost feels like break up ..this thought came to my mind this month and my urge to get more money is increasing

I want money too 🙄🙄

Attention legal recruiters (agency or in-house). I am a top performing NYC based legal recruiter focusing on placing associates and partners with AmLaw 25 firms. I am seeking to add to my team - open to speaking to anyone who has recruited legal before in any capacity. In addition to having an inside track with a Tier 1 client base, I offer above market fee splits to my members of my team. NYC ideal, but open to remote options for the right fit. Please message me if you’re interested!

Anyone working on pfizer project?

Program Managers and Directors, what was it that helped you move up from being a senior project manager? And/or what do you think it is that sometimes keeps a senior project manager from being ready to make the jump to the next level in their career?


I’m current a Technical project manager for a communication company. I been with the company for 15years. Looking a AWS, this role pays significantly more. I am wondering if there might be any differences in the skills set and if I should apply. Any Technical Project managers here that can offer any advise?


Desi ppl , struggling a bit with verbal communication since I moved to US. Sometimes can’t find words during client meeting so do a lot of ‘aaa’s , ‘Kind of’s and ‘sort of’. How can I improve it? I do watch English series a lot and read books but looking for other ideas that may have helped you all . Are there are classes which helps with fluency ?


I was interviewed by Capgemini and only thing pending now is Client Round which is scheduled for 30 minutes. Role what they are offering is Project Manager - Information Security. I don't have any other details about grade & designation but I've asked for 42-45 LPA CTC as my current CTC is 33.5 LPA.

Need suggestions:
1> What can be the band & designation I should be getting as I have 10 years of experience?
2> What will the in-hand or I should say fix base if I get 42 LPA CTC in Capg?


Reminded today how far a simple "thank you" can go. My client sent a 3 paragraph email to my partner and sr manager thanking me for my work and its impact on this team. Good to feel good!


Hi All, I am looking for referrals for a few Program/Project Manager roles at a couple FAANG companies, Microsoft etc. I have 5 YOE and have exp in business operations and finance transformation etc. Thanks in advance


Account manager to another account manager, "The client just asked what happens if they don't pay us. I just told them it'll be bad, but I honestly have no clue"


Hi Sharks,

Looking for a switch at MBB firms.

Current domain- Project management consulting and change management roles
Skills- Power BI, Microsoft project, JIRA, case solving, financial analysis with dashboards, SQL.

Open to Deloitte as well.

Would be happy if someone could refer.
Bain & Company Boston Consulting Group McKinsey & Company


Stuck working with a client I cannot stand to the point that I've seriously considered looking for a new job. The work isn't that bad but the client is rude, patronizing, and often straight-up problematic. No one does anything about it since he takes up a ton of space and projects a lot of confidence. Just needed to vent I guess but any advice is definitely appreciated.


Question: The company that you are working for offers cloud managed services and has been approached by a potential client. What are some areas (or red flags) you would consider before responding to their RFP?

( I started putting together a response but would love to get your insights)

Answer: 1) Understanding of current annual spending vs spending if they adopted our cloud services 2) Clients expected growth rate 3) Regulatory requirements depending on industry (medical, fed etc)


Was there any affect on your project due to Melbourne shutdown..........I see another potential lay-offs wave coming for Deloitte😬


Hi Fishes,

Want to understand what are the concerns of not meeting the utilisation rate ?(LoS: Advisory- MC). My current utilisation is way below what is expected, but the issue is that in all my projects, there's a significant amount of delay in project start, even for short projects

Please advise, thanks in advance

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Hi! Can anyone help me understand the general pay scale for a Requirements Engineer in the automotive industry (3 years of experience).


After accepting the Oracle offer's what are steps until joining. I am not able to see joining date any where on the portal. I am immediate joiner.


Sorta new to investing in general, but I’m looking to start saving up to buy a house, I already have some money saved up in a savings but the return is so low—what would be the best way to do this? Safe stocks? Or a CD? I don’t plan on touching the money for about 2 years. TYIA!


Am new to CTS..Though appraisal cycle is from Jan to Dec why CTS is releasing Hike letter only on Oct .it's like after 9 months we are getting hike letter..why can't employees escalate this??


What does the rank on offer letter means (42,44 etc.)? Also, what’s the hierarchy in GDS among Assitant manager, Associate manager and manager.
Expected to join in December - when do appraisals happen for FY23 and what sort of ball park number can I expected given that it will be prorated.

Hello, I’m looking for someone to connect with at Meta/Instagram. I’ve lost access to my instagram account, reason being that I breached “community guidelines”. I have filled out the form to appeal the restriction but it’s been 10 days since I’ve heard back. Anyone have any advice on what I can do to get access to my account back? Thanks! Instagram Facebook (Meta)

Best production/editing houses in London?Looking to put together a list across various types of projects and budgets from your top-of-the-line big budget :60 to quick turn-around social assets. Who do you like?

Any consultants here working in Muslim Countries? Can you list the country, firm and services?

I'm looking for Change Management, Learning Development or Training roles and would love to move to Istanbul, Qatar or Malaysia!


Any book recommendations to gift my cousin sister? She studied (masters) psychology and is a trained classical dancer.


I’ve been looking into starting out but don’t understand the first couple of steps. I totally get the business end of it like real estate, office work, etc, but compliance, choosing a broker that accepts small AUM/beginners? Do I really need a CFP? How important are insurance licenses to business models? What if I want other FINRA licenses? Am I my own sponsor? I could go into the details of why but character limits. Any insight or even a place to start looking at information would be helpful.


Has anyone interviewed at Monzo Bank? If so, what was it like?


Anyone here switch from Risk Assurance to a different LoS like Consulting or Deals? How did you do it? Please advise.

Just finished one year as an Associate and I know that this line of work is not for me in the long term.


My motivation legit evaporates when I’m on the bench... help


CT shirts. Extra slim fit vs super slim fit? Which do you like better?

Thought they always just had the extra slim fit.

How regularly do you work past 10 pm?


What you wish you had done before you left your previous employer?


Why are public school playgrounds paid for with tax dollars locked on the weekends? I live in a nice part of town and would love to access the local school playground with my kids. (I know it has to do with damage and vandalism but still...)


What I’d like to know is... why is there so many bb OR amc posts??? Why can’t we share the love with both 🚀 🚀🚀🚀


Hi Guys,

This is my rating.But the issue is I'll be on bench starting next week will it affect my chance of promotion?
Im on milestone year

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Additional Posts in Accenture Job Openings

How much CTC should I asked in Accenture with 4.5 yoe in Selenium automation? CCTC is 7 LPA.


Can anyone refer me in Business Strategy in ACN?


Hi fishes,

Need 11 likes to enable DM.

Thanks in advance.


Hope all fishes here are well hydrated and having a good day!

Anybody in the mood for a referral? Please refer me for  JOB NO. 177195.

Many thanks!


Job opening 2/2

We have multiple openings at HCL and we are looking to expand our hiring numbers for this quarter, please DM me your CV with the Role and Location that you are interested.

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Can Someone Please Reffer Me to the Data Engineer position, i Have total 3 years of experience.

Please Me with Refferal, if position is available
Thank you!!


Hi fishes, Need your guidance to choose from below companies. Nagarro, Cvent, Fiserv

Hi Fishes.
My name is D.S.K. Chaitanya. I have recently applied for Associate-Investment Banking in Accenture. It's been almost 15 days and the application status is unchanged and no mail regarding the next step. Can anyone refer me for this post. Thank you


Anyone is mangement consulting in life sciences? Please ping


My  JOB NO. 187765
Cab anyone refer?

Hi guys,

I had a telephonic technical evaluation with the
Accenture HR yesterday. I got a "Congratulations" mail today saying your digital interview is scheduled for 6th. Will this be a technical interview or an HR round?


Hi people ,

Anyone joining Accenture on 13 ? any details you get so far for onboarding??


Hi, I am unable to apply for Automation Testing profile in Accenture portal. I once applied for a job 4 months back. If I am trying now, it's showing "we already have this resume in database which we received from you or some other sources in the past". Is there any other way can I apply for Accenture. Kindly guide me.AccentureAccenture India


Hello all, currently i am working at Infosys as Technology Analyst. I am a Java resource with having 5.3 years of experience.

Can anyone please suggest if there are any vacancies so that i can apply there? I am looking for a job change.


Can anyone refer me in Accenture for digital marketing role. I am having 2 years experience in digital marketing.


Hi Fishes,
Im looking for some openings in Frontend development (Angular) and im a immediate joiner . Can anyone give referral for me.
YOE: 3.4 yrs


Hi fishes...

Please advise

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