Hi Fishes ,

If anyone is looking for updkilling yourself by enrolling in any higher education courses via upgrad. You can reach out to me for referral , with the referral you can get upto
30 -80,000 rs discount (depending on course )
Below are some of their popular courses . I myself have enrolled in MBA in business analytics and they have brilliantly designed the course with very rich content and hands on approach of teaching
They offer MBA , Masters , bachelors , doctorate etc

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It’s funny - I’ve been rejected so many times in my short career. But when it happens, I still feel a small sting. Just got dinged from an interesting role - how do you deal with the aftermath?

Any strong feelings against going in-house in a junior corporate counsel role? I am currently interviewing at Assurance IQ and Smartsheet, and I'm excited about them both.

FWIW, I'm at a boutique law firm, and while there is still lots of learning I could do, I don't think the niche is a good fit, and all signs are telling me to leave. I'm a 2019 grad, did a year-long state clerkship, and have been at this firm for just under 1.5 years.


Current M at big 4. Oppty to move to a Director role(SM equiv) at a smaller firm with large layoffs 2 years ago but rebounding. 10% base bump, higher bonus target , more resp. Stay or go?

I have a little under a year of experience as a Sound Engineer and I was offered a role that pays $35,000 a year in Chicago, this seems low to me. Do I have room to negotiate?


Im early in my career and looking to grow fast. What do you think is the best way to transition to a project/program manager type role? Is it possible/probable to join a new company and jump right into a project/program manager role without holding a similar title or growing into one internally?


Dear Sharks,

I want to shift my career to UI/UX designer as an entry level designer. I have good hands-on experience. I work on Figma.

I have an experience of 2 years. Need help with referral for the same.

Thanks and Regards!


Hey fishes, looking for referral at Deloitte. Can some one refer me for SM in Location Strategy team? TIA Deloitte


Starting at AWS next week in a non technical L5 role. Any advice on how to survive?


Looking to broaden my knowledge and explore project management in near future. Should I go for MBA or Engineering management masters?


Thank you to everyone in this bowl. I got a new job with a title and pay bump (33%). I felt damn near my worst when I was searching for a new job(11 mth process). The advice, encouragement, and support from this bowl helped in immeasurable ways. It’s been 3 months in my new role and I’m in a much better culture and team that’s supportive of my goals. To those still searching - I know it’s really tough and it may feel like you’re trapped but trust that your yes will come when the time is right


Hello all,

Looking for any openings/referrals, for HRBP associate or HR operations specialist roles.

Kindly DM or comment if you have any leads.


Hi! Is anyone willing to connect and refer for an open PM role at Thirty Madison? Thank you!


I have an interview for a business product manager role at Microsoft. Any tips on questions I can expect? This is the last round!

I really appreciate any help. Coming from Google, Microsoft would be a dream come true :)


Hiring multiple positions in Tech/Sales at Fintech GRIP.
Having worked at a startup is a plus.

Location - Flexible (WFH or Gurgaon office)
Perks -Permanent WFH

Interested folks DM or share your resume at prakruthi@gripinvest.in
The detailed JD can be shared later.

Mention notice period and Job role applied in your subject line

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Hi fishes.

Ive recently completed my MBA from a good institute and am currently a CFA L2 candidate. I have approx 2.5 yrs of workex and am interested in roles like FP&A, Financial Modelling, portfolio/risk management, valuations, or fixed income. Would appreciate a referral.


Opinion on taking an offer from Cognizant at a manager role? Currently SA.

What drew you all to M&A consulting? Trying to get an idea of pros, cons, and exit opportunities. Thanks, everyone!


I have recently given interview at Microsoft.
HR provided the feedback as I am not rejected bit not fit for the role so they have put me in talent plus pool. What should I expect next and does this mean that I may get the offer ?


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Anyone working in Hexaware as a data scientist ?


Hi fishes

I have been selected for Consultant position for Mastercard. Its been 10 days since I have submitted my documents.
HR called once last week for salary negotiation but hasn’t called back since.

Should i be worried?

Boutique transactional practice. Firm is growing post-COVID. Things are at risk of falling through the cracks. I need an easy way to track matters for status reports with colleagues in the firm without remaking the wheel.

Currently using Clio, which has its limitations for this purpose. I know colleagues that just use an excel spreadsheet.



Recently been invited for an interview with Bearing Point. Interested to know what type of work they do in the UK? Also what is the typical working arrangement, working mostly on-site, in the office or remote?


Got H1B lottery picked up last year (2021). Now I have an approved petition. But I am not holding visa.

In this situation - can I able to switch company? Can I able to change the petitioner(new employer) in this approved petition?

What is the best answer to Why are you leaving your current organization ?

I'm looking for my next mechanical engineering internship. From those of you who have already been there, what should I look for in a company to make sure I have a fulfilling position that will help my career progress?


Anthems/Manifestos—like writing them or hate them? CD feels?


What will be the appraisal cycle for new joiners.

I will be joining in sep


Are companies loving towards full stack engineering and removing all QAs?

The AC isn’t working in the room and the technician said it’s because of a leak. Now I have to change my room close to midnight. How many points would you pros recommend I push for?

Does adidas pay annual performance bonus as discussed during the time of hr discussion?

Anyone have a bunch of work but haven’t had the motivation to do any of it now that we’re at home? I don’t think I’ve really done anything in 3 weeks. Thank god there are no time sheets in industry.


Does anyone miss working at the office?

Has anyone dealt with a company where it’s mostly white males in leadership and you brought into make changes but leadership doesn’t let you into the so called “boys club”? And how do you handle that? They constantly undermine your ability to do your job and make decisions and complain to higher leadership that your just a kid not able to actually help them? Especially when all your doing is helping them but they break laws and make terrible decisions with HR related activities?


Hi Fishes,

I was never been part of service based company. But, we rarely get on site experience in product based company. Which companies are good if you are willing to have onsite experience once in a lifetime?

I am from the US and I'm traveling to Europe next week for the first time ever. I have read that tipping culture at restaurants and bars is different over there, so I wondered if this is true and if anyone knows, how should I prepare accordingly?



It's important - I got data analyst offer in Designboxed. But i am in doubt because.
1.Interviewer didn't ask any technical questions. I had only one interview.
2. Evening itself I got call that i was selected and ready to discuss salary.
3. Last year it was under IT raid because of pro particular political party

Anyone know about this?


Additional Posts in Job Referrals and Openings

Hi friends,
Currently im having 11.2 pa fixed offer yoe 3.5 as system administrator. Is it good offer or i have to try any other please suggest.


Hi Fishes
I am a Data analyst with Total 6 Yrs of experience in same company
Skills: Power BI , SQL , Data analytics and visualisation
Current CTC: 8.50 LPA
Planning to reassign but don't have any offer in hand
Notice period: 90 days
please advise


Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a great day. I need 11 likes to enable chat.
Please help


I am looking for UI Developer position.Please let me know if any vacancy is there in your organisations.(YoE-4 years,1 month is left of notice period).


Hey Fishes,

I got a call from SonyLiv (Gurgaon) for Ad Operations specialist but the HR wasn't very transparent about the salary range.
If anyone is working there could you give me an idea about the range and what I can expect?
Current CTC 10L+Incentives
YOE : 4.


Hi Fishes I am looking for a change however not getting any good opportunity.
Currently associated with Genpact as a Management Trainee. I am quite in Accounting, Reporting and Monitoring.
Let me know if if having any opportunity or should I go for some kind of cource something like that.
If yes please suggest.
Appreciate your support 🙂


Hey, I am looking for a Project Manager opportunity in Bangalore. I have nearly 3 years of experience as a Product Owner and as a Project Lead


Carrier Midea India plz ping me.. Need someone to refer

Voice support opening in CTS.
Dm for any referrals (1-4years yoe)
Skill-Customer service international voice


Can anyone refer me in Optum , I have the job id.. I am serving notice period. Someone please help.


Which one will be better
Kpmg global - associate manager position
Schneider Electric - staff engineer
Honeywell - advance software engineer

Honeywell Schneider Electric KPMG KPMG India


Which product companies are currently hiring actively for product manager roles in India


Hi All, looking for openings in financial services field for my wife … she has 4 years of experience in financial operations. Worked with Citicorp financials for 3 years and in Goldman Sachs for almost a year. She is currently looking for hybrid or wfh option due to health reason … happy to share the resume…

Hello everyone, I have 7 months of experience working for a supply chain software company as a Business Analyst. I am looking for a more technical role in the software industry and would really appreciate any insights or referrals. Thank you.


Hi guys,
Can someone refer me for Roche - Hyderabad?

I am having 4 years of experience as Data Analyst cum Data Engineer


Seeking internal referrals or to connect with TA of American Express.
Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
Position applied for: Legal Operations Specialist.


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