Hi Fishes, Is anyone working as QA in Tech Mahindra for EY Client? Would like to know about project and wlb. Tech Mahindra

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You will forget you have a life

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Is there a difference between director and managing director at BDO? I interviewed for a managing director position but my offer letter says director.


Will new joiners in TCS not get their monthly variable pay since they won't immediately be tagged to a project?


Anyone with Knowledge of Big4 Branches in Iraq? Specifically Baghdad. I know they’re growing and can only recruit local citizens but I’m wondering what are their salary ranges for associates @


I haven't join cgi yet but have acknowledged the client decalration form. Will there be any action on me if i didn't join?

Will there be any freelancer jobs for project manager / scrum master/ business analyst? If so what would be the pay they can expect and for how many hours they have to work in a week? Please share your experiences/ thoughts


Gotta laugh at the article in today's AFR about 11 PwC Australia partners shopping themselves around...with a potential to take 170 staff with them.

Article is well informed to say they are all from Consulting, but stops short to say which part of Consulting.

Do we think it's the Accenture team who came on-masse to run tech consulting ?


Barclay's providing Free Food ??

I heard from my friend they are providing in Noida.

Is it applicable for chennai !!!


Hi Folks,

I got a mail from the PWC SDC HR to submit the documents after clearing the technical rounds.

It has been few days after submitting the documents and I have not received any call from the HR to discuss further.

I tried to reach out via email but no response from the recruiter.


On completion of one year in CGI will it provides any annual hike??

Has anyone worked for ~Pourri (Poo~Pourri) and can provide an honest review of the work environment? All the 5 star Glassdoor Reviews seem fake, and all of the more realistic ones say management is terrible...but has great benefits.


Hey folks!!
Gartner send Diwali gifts?


is anyone familiar with REX founded by peter rex? i was not and got reached out by someone. want to know if it’s a legit company.


How much time take to release Tech mahindra offer letter

Can anyone please suggest what should be my expected CTC from PWC India ? Currently I'm getting 11 LPA @ 8 yoe.


How do you all build scopes? Is it based on a certain annual hours count? Is there a billable % target? Does it differ for AOR accounts versus project based work? Any info would be greatly appreciated


I have accepted my offer, and my Joining date is on July 25th... Meanwhile I have submitted my document & BGC check also completed & onboarding auto generated mail received for formal welcome comunication

Later, I haven't received any further communication from HR,I even tried contacting them, unable to contact them

My question
1. How to I contact EY GDS Kochin team for any queries, is there any contact number/mail id ?
2. will I be contacted by HR before joining?, If yes, when?
3. WFH or WFO?


Does anyone know what is the salary range for Senior technical consultant in Salesforce my experience is 6 year 4 months


Anyone worked at an agency that fired a huge client? What was the final straw?


Is impetus worth joining as a senior tech support engineer?

Hi, I’m interviewing for amazon SDE2 for the Halo Partner services team, does anyone have advice on what to expect in the first interview and the process in general in terms of questions?


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Need to mail Rakhi from Chicago to NYC (i.e. within US), anyone done it in the past? Any issues with USPS due to the nature of the item? First time doing this so what type of mail and how much it costs? Thanks.


I just downloaded the barstool sports book app. How long does it take to verify identity on here?

Does your agency pay for your phone/service? And if not, do you check email after-hours on mobile equipment you’ve personally paid for?

Hi Fishes,

I need 11 liked to unlock DM. Please help!

A Fish


Hello everyone, I am looking to transition into an analytical role such data analysis, market research and analytics consulting in the life sciences, biotech, pharma and/ or healthcare industry. My background is in healthcare and pharmaceutical and some market research (internship). Recently, I also completed the google data analytics course to expand my technical skills. I have been applying on LinkedIn, but would love to connect and see what is out there. My pup appreciates any referrals:)

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Currently an HR Generalist looking for a second remote job. Does anyone know of any opportunities? I’m currently freelancing as well.


Anyone co-parenting in different states? Looking for insight on visitation, general feelings, and how the child/children are doing. Thank you!

Why is management so hell bent to call everyone back to office when we work online anyways? Why can't they see that employees from tier 2 cities will be able to save on rent & travel? What do you prefer WFH or Hybrid WFO?


Which Big 4 company has the best GC policy? Like one of the options to vote.

Why would certain banks raise dividends if there is a supposed recession coming? Does that seem a bit bullish and that things are priced in?


Anyone going to church every week in NYC?


Who here is happy at their agency? Like, genuinely happy?


Hey fishes, I joined KPMG GDC in the month of Nov last year as Associate 1, wanted to know how long does it take to be promoted to Associate 2, and what's % hike given on promotion.


Planning to visit Barcelona and the Andalusia region for Christmas and NYE. Good idea in terms of the weather? Any additional recommendations on things to do and restaurants ?


Hiring multiple positions in Tech/Sales at Fintech GRIP.
Having worked at a startup is a plus.

Location - Flexible (WFH or Gurgaon office)
Perks -Permanent WFH

Interested folks DM or share your resume at prakruthi@gripinvest.in
The detailed JD can be shared later.

Mention notice period and Job role applied in your subject line

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Any good places in Puerto Vallarta, MX to check out?


Ive always struggled my whole life because I lack self confidence. My parents (immigrants) were strict and didn’t let me grow / express my true self as they had their own expectations of how I would become as a person. I’ve always had issues with friendships when I was younger and still do now. I’m sad and frustrated of who I am and why I’m lacking so much confidence. It’s funny because some people (family and other) are proud of me and take me as an example (continued)


literally every presentation ever

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Additional Posts in Interview Experience

It's in same state since last 2 months , getting mail reminder to give availability, but then no invite or any communication, is any one facing same ?

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Any tips on how to do well in cognizant live interview?


I have given the first round of interviews in Infosys on 7 dec 2022 but till now no update .what to do?Infosys


I am scared to give tech interviews and I always feel that I am not ready yet although I am performing very well at work. Any tips?


I need 11 likes to DM, Kindly help.


What are the relevant interview questions for bizops engineer?


Can anyone share their Java Developer Technical interview experiance in BOSCH ?


Hey Folks,

I am working in automotive domain.
And I accepted offer letter from TCS. But now having different offer as well.

So can you please suggest me what will happen if I accepted offer letter and doesn't join TCS.
Does they block for future?

Please give me your comments as I am in big dilema.


I gave infosys interview on 14 may and same day received a mail to upload document including current salary and application form. But its almost 10 days and i have not heard back from the HR . How much time it takes to hear from them.i can see my status as review in progress in the career portal. Can you confirm whom to reach as I don’t have recruiter details. Infosys


I have got an offer from juniper for notice period of 2 months but my company notice period is 3 months. Initially HR confirmed via mail that revised offer letter will be shared post confirming doj. But now after 1 month juniper HR is not picking call/not responding to emails.
Can they revoke the offer?


Hi guys, yesterday I had a interview with Accenture but could not join due to technical fault from their side as they don’t take interview by any team or zoom links, it’s their own software. I informed the HR about the same but did not hear back from them till now. Will they reschedule the interview? Did anyone face the same? It was the final round of interview.


Has anyone recently switched jobs after working in ROR backend development for 2 years ? Needed some guidance

Has anyone recently given interview Interactive Brokers LLC for java developer? Or anybody working in Interactive Brokers LLC ? Please share your experience. Thanks in advance! :) Interactive Brokers LLC

I have Amazon Assessment for SDE-II this week.
It's my first time prepping for switch. what should I except in this virtual assessment


Deloitte Worst Interview Experience.

1. Interviewer late by 45 mins, and unapologetic about it.
2. HRs took a week’s time to arrange my interview, just to know it’s a case of profile mismatch.
3. They just picked a keyword from my profile and didn’t even bother to have a look at exact profile.

After all this they still have the audacity to tell that we don’t compare ourselves with others due to our brand value. Time to reconsider your mythical facts.

What’s your views fishes ?


I have received offer from Accenture mentioning joining date is sep 22, previously I told them 3 month notice period, but later I got to know that my notice period is of one month asi was in probation.
So i have requested them early joining, will they give?

I discussed same thing with HR,he said that he will send revised offer letter before my LWD. But I have not received yet, it is almost 20 days now.

My LWD is 17th July. And I don't have any other offer.

Pls suggest what should I do.


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone tell me about the current interview process for Frontend Engineer(FDE) at Amazon India ?
> How much of a framework related question do they ask (ReactJs , Angular etc) ? Or do they focus mostly on JavaScript ?
> How much DSA is needed ?