Hi Fishes, KPMG is hiring for the below positions, please connect at 9461626633 in case your profile matches the same.

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Looking at a Jeffries equity research position. Has anyone made the lateral into equity research? Can anyone refer me to the bowl for IM?


Hi fishes Need a genuine help.
Anyone has refferal here for Any role?
YOE 1.8yrs in tcs
***Preferred Location Kolkata
Sql, ftl, html,css, bootstrap, angular beginner level, core java , jira jenkins, Bitbucket ,BMC release process Management, Well familiar with Agile Methodologies

Currently in Notice period 60days left pls help if you have any opening referral ..thanks in advance 😇


Interviewing for a digital acq marketing operations compliance role at Citi. The role would be under digital marketing op within US personal banking. Anyone have insights into the culture + WLB here?


Hello, I’m currently looking for a non clinical position in the Charlotte area, more in the public health field. Does anyone have any referrals or info on any jobs?

Anyone need referral to KPMG? Let me know how can I help 😊


Multiple SDE 2 openings in Amazon Gurugram. Interested folks can drop resume to referral247@gmail.com 

Subject: SDE 2 Referral [Company-Exp]

· 2+ years of development experience
· Programming experience with at least one language Java, C++, or C# including object-oriented design
· 1+ years of experience with architecture and design (architecture, design patterns, reliability and scaling)
· Brings 4-8 years of software engineering and product delivery experience, with algorithm knowledge


Pwc AC Do you have any opportunities in life insurance QA I am open to relocate anywhere


Hi Sharks,

I am a Software Engineer from India. Require job in Singapore in a reputed company.

Roles - Business Analyst/ Data Analyst/ Business Intelligence Engineer/ Data Engineer.

YOE - 1.2 yrs

Remote work is fine too.


Does anybody here work as a Digital Asset Management Coordinator/Lead? I’m thinking of transitioning from graphics where I have managed assets for innumerable projects and would be interested to learn more about the experiences of those in that role.

Is Google very strict on minimum YOE as a hiring requirement?


Hi fishers, what is JS6 at Ericsson finance department?? Is it IC role or team handling??


Zurich, Switzerland.

So I recently asked for an higher salary, which I have been given. My role and responsibilities are the same. I effectively received the agreed amount of money on my latest salary slip but I didn't sign any "new" contract. Is this normal? How does this work? This is my first salary bump and I don't really know how is it supposed to happen.

Thanks in advance


Hi All.
Looking for an opportunity in TOSCA/UFT.
Any lead or referral would be helpful


We have an open role on an awesome team! See the link for job description - platform strategy manager


Hi, I have been working in Supply Chain Planning (Distribution, Demand, S&OP etc.) since past 3 years. I have started getting a feeling that this role is quite exhausting as it involves a lot of firefighting.

I am trying to explore different roles in Data Analytics. Can you guys please share your experience regarding these roles?


Anyone looking for referral in EY India for Data Scientist/ Data Analyst role, please DM me. We are rapidly expanding our data science team. Role will be mostly in Time Series forecasting.


Hey is anyone willing to talk about their role at Microsoft and possibly a referral. Thank you.


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As I age I feel lonely and empty. Wish I had good friends who cared about me. Last night I couldn't fall asleep and had some time to think about friends I had growing up (more like if I had any). I can count may be one who I haven't spoken to for years. I was pretty much alone all along. Still alone.


What’s your favorite piece of sales related software your company uses, and which is your least favorite?


When google has killed divisions in the past what happens to low level employees (L3-L4)? Do they get moved to other groups or just laid off?


What we can expect in L2 discussion in Capgemini, it is scheduled with an onsite team manager from Capgemini and its last round before HR discussion
Require your valuable inputs.


Any opinions on being in HR in tech? I have two job opportunities that will help advance my career and one is still in the tech industry and the other one isn’t.


Just got word that Perkins Coie cutting associate salaries 15% across the board ... dark days ahead


Earlier this year I was recruiting for Bain. They said they’re admitting me for the January 2021 class. Great news, but still a few months ahead.

Thing is I’m hoping to go to bschool in Fall 2021...


I have joined infinite computer solution, and have resigned within a week by sharing mail. I told them to release me early or give me the buy out option as have some personal reason,but Hr denied everything and told me to serve a complete notice period.Also in the syste the HR has not initiated the resignation . And threatened me every tim that she will raise absconding for me.
And today I have not even received the salary, in payslip it's coming as LWP and zero salary .Feeling very helpless.


Looking for a 2BHK 2 sharing near international tech park! Any leads?

Hi Sales engineer has previous experience at small start up . Laid off since september looking for tech sales job . Please reach out if you know or have anything.

thank you in advance


Planning an Australian Trip in winter 2022 (November to February). Any suggestions for housing, things to do and other advice? Might be a solo trip so anything is appreciated!


Working across from someone who has been on secondment to the same client for 7+ years. How does that work?


I’m trying to transition to a tech company. Any advice on how to do that?


Hi all

I am really missing my old Capgemini team .

Is it ok to miss the old team mates?


How do I motivate myself? My manager is sick this week and I'm not finding any motivation to login and work. Help!


What’s up Government Consulting fishes have a quick question for you all. What is a typical annual performance based bonus and market raise for a Sr.Consultant in the GPS sector across the big 4?


EY folks, a friend has an offer from the cyber practice. How is the practice doing. Thoughts on it ?

I just neutralized my lunch purchase at Papa Johns with a campaign donation of the same amount to Stacey Abrams


Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities

Anyone can refer me in Pwc, EY, Deloitte,Kpmg and Oracle for QA Automation Engineer Role.
My LWD is 21st April.


Could someone share a referral at Discovery Inc.?


Can someone refer me at Amazon. I have job id. Thanks in advance


How can I reach Kroll Inc. Toronto, ON and/or Washington, DC Human Resources? There isn't any e-mail contact for career inquiries, and I can't reach them on the phone.

I applied for an Associate position at CRD department focusing on Turkey (as I assume from the Turkish Language requirement) it is not even reviewed for 3 months... I'm an attorney registered to Istanbul Bar, working at a "big law firm" for two years now and I felt like this could be a great opportunity.



11 Likes pls, i need to send an important Dm
Thank you✌️


Hi Fishes wanted to know what option would be better to go with as a SAP BASIS consultant with 5.5 YoE. Offered 14.5 LPA in TCS or 16 LPA in NTT Data ?
Priorities are good WLB and Learning opportunity


Looking for MBA fresher opportunities in Germany/Bangalore.

Posting on behalf of a friend. He is graduating from college this month in Germany and is looking for opportunities in Consulting. He has 8 years of experience in Automotive domain as a Design Engineer/Lead.
Any leads / suggestions much appreciated.

Also, what should be the salary expectations for his experience in India?


I have 5+ years of Exp in Manufacturing industry and now I am willing to work as a Project Manager.

Please help me to refer for any Job Opportunities

Hello guys
Can I ask INFOSYS a counter offer after accepting offer letter. I have got a better offer from other company. (I want to join infosys) . will they revoke?


Hello fishes, Guys what's your opinion about epam systems, i have seen reviews on Glassdoor and came here for honest reviews. Please give insights on learning, growth, wlb, work culture, hikes etc for epam systems
PS. I have around 3yoe and got role software engineer- A2. Thanks 🙌🏻


Brillio is Hiring !!!

Architect - Amazon Connect
Exp : 10-14 yrs

Architect - GCP
Exp : 10-14 yrs

Technical Specialist - GCP
Exp : 5-6 yrs

Technical Specialist - Jboss/Tomcat
Exp : 6-10 yrs

Production Support - BPUAA
Exp : 6-10 yrs

Database Admin
Exp : 4-6 yrs

Calypso Admin
Exp : 4-7 yrs

Architect - Azure
Exp : 10-14 yrs

Location will be Bangalore for all the above positions.

Interested people can DM me.

Thanks !

Hello Fishes,

My np is 90 days and am actively looking for change.But i rarely get any calls due to 90 days np.I have been searching jobs for last months, Would it be wise to resign and come in notice period without any offers? Maybe then I would get some calls?

Can Suggestion what to do in this situation??

any reviews on Show and Tour company?


Will get suggestions on semiconductor industry


Hello Fishes,
Please anyone could refer me for job role such as Business Analyst, Product Management, Product Manager


Hi Fishes I am looking for a job as a Quality manager in automotive sector If any one has any leads or referrals would be very helpful. Thanks


Hello fishes, Anyone from Deloitte. Need referral for Business Analyst role. It would be great help for me. Deloitte Deloitte India Deloitte USI

Thank you.


Hey Guys,
Please do hit like button for 11 times so as to enable DM feature.
Thanks in advance 


DM for refferal.
**Power BI developers and Powe Bi Architect **
Snowflake Developers
Informatica Developers
Abinitio developer
Pyspark Developers
2. Oracle PL/SQL with Unix
3. Python + Spark + Hadoop
4. Scala + Spark + Hadoop
5. Ab Initio (Production Support Experience) / Developer
6. Tableau Developer
7. Java Developer and JAVA prod Support
8. Production Support (SQL/PL SQL/Unix/ Linux/.net/Hadoop/Java/Informatica/ITIL)
9. AWS/ Terraform Architect
10. Devops Architect
13. Big Data Developer