Hi fishes, Mindtree 21 lpa vs pyramid consulting inc 23 lpa with one year WFH Yoe 4 tech stack java Tata Consultancy Infosys Mindtree Capgemini HCL Technologies

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Mindtree has good WLB is what I have heard from my friends at mumbai location.

@mindtree please confirm

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Hello guys, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice to get into Google as a software engineer. I just finished my degree (not the best GPA) but i have roughly 2.5 years of work experience. I randomly got a interview at Google for early career last summer but unfortunately did not get it. Is there anyway to take another chance, even if I put my application I'm not sure if it gets noticed, any advice?


What’s base salary in line with street for first-year analysts (Markets) for PARIS updated after the 2021 raise? I know the standard for London increased from £50k to £75k and was wondering if it is on the same scale

Left public accounting this year after 5+ years and looking for 10-20 hours of flexible & remote accounting/auditing/etc. type work. Message me if you have any opportunities that may fit this description. I would love to help a small business, but am open to anything fitting my vague guidelines.


I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


Has any body attended Qualcomm interview for SAP basis ? Please let me know . I have interview scheduled on Monday .Qualcomm

Cab someone tell me what is a good salary for a business analyst based in Germany?

Reporting to company management?


So I just got an email inviting me to do a virtual recorded interview with Bain

Does anyone have any insights on whether this is the first round?

What type of questions do they ask?


Any good cos providing perman remote option ?

Is it legal to dock pay, bonuses and/or origination payouts if billable time isn’t entered on time? Firm is threatening a 3 strike rule. Just seems off if you work for the money (it’s calculated based on rates/hours/business brought in) that they could threaten you this way. Firing? I understand that. I’m in Pennsylvania if that makes a difference.


So just throwing this out there. Can agencies give us WFH bonuses to cover the cost of setting up a home office? I had to invest quite a hefty sum for a desk, office chair and upgrade my wifi connection. Also, can we deduct our work space rent area for tax purposes? Every little bit helps!


How is Capgemini's yearly hike?
And what is the approximate promotion hike?



Hey FSP-cleared folks, what’s your total compensation?


Hello Fishes,

I have received offer from
PwC India in technology consulting vertical for Gurgaon location.

Is there any possibility for a change of location if I ask HR, will they do it?

Would also like to get some inputs regarding work culture and current wfh/wfo scenario.


Can anyone tell work culture about kvp corp salesforce practice.

@kvp corporation. @kvp business solution pvt Ltd.


Hey folks, I am starting soon as a Manager. How is the best way to blend in with people? Is there anything I will need to know, or pay attention to about the IQVIA culture? I am excited, but I also want to meet the people with the right attitude.
PS - Joining one of the North America offices in consulting. (Suggestions welcome. Thanks very much.)


I recently joined company A on an H1b. Because of the immigration team's mistakes, we had to re-file and it took almost 4months for me to join from the date of the offer. As this was getting dragged on, I interviewed at two companies (let's call them Company B and C). After I started at company A, I received offers from both of them with 30% more TC. If I accept one of these offers, that H1b transfer will take another 2months. Will resigning from A burn the bridges? How should I handle this?


Relocating from Chicago to NY after being remote for my NY job this last year. Best places to live? Late 30s, married, large dog, kid on the way


Applied at Meta for a Creative X Art Director position. Anyone able to take a look at my portfolio and give me a heads up of the creative hiring process? Thanks


Hi Fishes, How's bonus and hike in UBS UBS Business Solutions (India) Private Limited for Associate Director?


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Any HR people on here? Setttle a bet for me: do you get to see the answers to the EEO disability question at the end of job applications?


Anyone have one of the Peloton alternatives like the NordicTrack (or similar)? Debating the Peloton, but would love to hear thoughts on some other options as well. Thanks!


Hi everyone,
Role- Senior Software Developer/Tech Lead
YoE - 6.5
My friend has offers from-

KPMG - 17.5
HCL - 18
Ttec - 22
ITC Infotech - 22
Wipro - 22.5

Please suggest.


Selling a boat soon. Going to clear about 50k. Won’t need to access the money for a few years. Are index funds still the way to go w the market being as high as it is?


Hi guys,

Im a draftsperson and programmer in Perth Australia and now have just over 1 year experience in this role. Im just wondering how much other people similar to me are getting paid outthere as i feel like im being underpaid thanks

Any Travel Technologist out there? What agency do you work for? Is it worth leaving my staffing job?

LnT Infotech is hiring Pan India for below roles:

Interested people can drop their email id's and Names with respective Job Id's .

Post Photo

Which bank account is better for salary account?



Is there a market for lawyers to add expertise In crisis management or reputation management? My goal is to counsel clients on how to respond to media inquiries without saying or posting something detrimental to a potential litigation while still maintaining communication with their client base. If so, how to break into that industry? Courses? Books? Certifications?


I am currently in the IT field. Started as an MA and recently completed CNA license. Is there a position that I can transition to easily? I would love to work in the healthcare industry.


Most tech workers are Democrats, but most Democrats are to the left of most tech workers on economics. Who's your favorite politician?


Do those above CD, let’s say a CCO or Global CCO, look at portfolios to hire mid-senior creatives, or are they focused on running the agency?

Is it weird to email those that high up with books? Better luck w/recruiter or CDs?


What are the best consulting companies to work for in life science consulting? Specifically for supply chain.


Any horror stories of buying a car from Carvana/Vroom or other online only car buying options vs going to a dealership ?


Anyone successfully get rid of hyperpigmentation? I have a few red spots from blemishes and a few brown spots from sun damage. Have tried Vit C serums but they break me out and risk of exogenous ochronosis hydroquinone scares me.


Before how many days of joining PWC SDC Kol can I expect the laptop?
Also, There was no joining date on my offer letter neither I have any document containing my joining date….I just have a confirmation over an email from the HR and can see my insurance benefits w.e.f. date on workday portal.
Should I ask for a document with joining date? @pwcsdc


Why does it seem so difficult to land an interview at BAH? I only apply to jobs I qualify for and can’t land anything, even with a referral. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!


Hi fishes,
Any about what will be the salary of C05 operation support specialist in
CiticorpCiti ? Is it fair for 4 yoe? Please share your valuable opinions.

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Mindtree - 23 LPA fixed good package? Getting only 25 % from current CTC... Help me


Hi fishes, how is the work life balance in wipro kolkata. Joining as senior officer in finance

I have an offer from Amazon for 6lpa and another from oracle for 13lpa.i already accepted offer at Amazon

And I am really looking forward to join Amazon..but the salary difference bothers me.

Would it be advisable for me to ask for salary restructure at amazon.?? If I do would the take back the offer??

Thank you!!


Hi fishes,
I have recently submitted my resignation in
Cognizant . I am getting mails to check in with my manager for Goperform activities before July 29. Can you please let me know whether do I need to perform this Goperform activities as I have already submitted resignation or I can just leave that?


Hello everyone

Could you please help me review this offer from WIPRO

Position : Senior consultant
yoe :8.5
Career band : B3
career stream : Consulting stream
offer ctc : 18 lpa


Can anyone from wipro project manager c1 reach me?


How is work culture at HCL Technologies for a servicenow developer?


HCL Technologies I recently joined hcl and I did not like my project is there any option I can change that. Hoping a positive answer.


How good is the salary of 14 lpa plus 2 lakh joining bonus after 3.2 years in Bangalore as developer?


Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well.
I need some help with project , last october i got diagnosed with B Cell ALL in CMC vellore. The whole course of medication is of 3 yrs, in which 6 months continuous chemo (if no reaction else it stretches) so i had to live in hospital vicinity.Since october been on leave without pay & joined back in july. Its been 45 days& HR is asking to accept some bench extension program. I might need to apply for leave without pay again.They can also terminate me


TCS 16lpa
Wipro 20 lpa
Tech M 24lpa which one is best for wlb and job security?


Fishes Had discussion with manager on Jan 20th and finalized the CTC with IBM( submitted counter offer), its been 13 days now still waiting for offer. Are they intentionally delaying it? Given that i have another offer in hand?


Hi Guys ,
Happy Diwali to all fishes ..
Just a thought, wanted to discuss with you all.
Why do companies force us to work from office , when work can be done from anywhere. Some companies allow work from home but they need to work from their base location (Bangalore, Pune , Hyderabad) , do you also think there is some political pressure on corporates to ask their employees to stay in these cities so that locals can ask for whatever rent they want ?


Hi Fishes 🐠,

Hope you are doing great!

I wanted to reach out because I’m currently exploring new opportunities. I have 4 years of experience in project management and business operations. Please help sharing/referring if there is any PMO/Project Management you have.
Just to add, I am currently serving my notice period and will be available to join after 20th Jan'22.


If I register and create a profile at tcs ibegin portal and do not give the interview, then am I eligible to apply before 6 months?


Capgemini everyday a new hr will call n take interview details.. crazy appeared fr interview thrice.. but never got call back.. can we blacklist some companies for mental harassment ?