Hi Fishes,
My current CTC is 4.5 LPA, with 5 YOE.
Company's budget : 8 LPA

how much should i quote when they ask for me my expectations?

i did say - i dnt have any specific figure on my mind and i am open for discussion.

How much can i expect?
Nd how to take the big chunk of 8LPA for myself?

ps : want to learn, would appreciate your inputs on negotiation skills.

YOE : 5(Sales)
Role : Business Development Executive.


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Ask for max 8.

Also is the company sprinklr?


No issues i got 350% hike in 11 months

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SwissRe Hyderabad has below openings. Please DM me for Job Description and referal.

Minimum required exp is 4+ years.

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What do you think about a 2% salary increase? I bring a lot to the table and I am the second recruiter with most hires.
Should I talk to my manager about this and ask for more? This is a big company and new hires for the same role are getting paid more due to inflation way more than what I would get with this 2% raise.


I need a job referral for Accenture Jaipur location, please DM


Anyone interested in a referral to Accenture? Let me know!


I work as Quality Analyst in my Company and doing it from past 6 years looking for better opportunity. My age is 43. I am looking to move to operations as Team Lead via job switch .I need some guidance how can I get considered because I am already doing a supervisor role.

Anyone hiring Republicans?


Is there any policy in Amazon Web Services / Amazon India that a candidate with Bachelor's Degree in commerce cannot apply for Cloud Support Engineering role, even if they are certified in AWS SAA and DevOps tools and also have necessary hands on exposure? Kindly let me know.


I have about 10yrs of customers service experience. I'm looking for work, but I'm always getting minimum wage for this position. Should I change career path? Or is there a job for customer service that actually pays well.


Hi Fishes...Jst a small query...I joined Gds on 2nd March 2022...Am I eligible for the bonus payable in this month's salary?


RSM is looking for a manager/supervisor across the Richmond, McLean, and Baltimore offices. Let me know if you are interested and I can make a referral.

If you are looking for a reduction from big4 hours, but still a wide variety of complex deals, we could be a good fit for you. I can personally attest the work life balance and culture is great in our mid Atlantic offices.


Do you think at 35 years old could you switch to a developer career path? I feel I am stuck in my current position and have always loved programming, although I do not have a computers science degree


I've been searching for a job for a year now and have applied to hundreds of positions. I've been writing cover letters, tailoring my resume, and networking for a year with no offers. I'm looking for roles as customer success, relationship manager, or account management... Does anyone work at a company that is hiring for these roles that would be willing to refer me? I have experience in all of these areas + consulting, organization assessment and change, program compliance, and management.

How is SBI Cards corporate office Gurgaon as a new job for Manager role in Data Analytics and Reporting.

Experience - 10

Need advice based on career, work life, environment, management attitude, growth curve in next 4 years. Salary not a bar.

Currently working in Consulting, Japs MNC. Extremely cooperative ppl and environment. Salary hikes are less for non-revenue HCs and no learning curve.


Hello 👋🏽

First post on here!

Professional in the Midwest with 5 years experience. Recently got an offer for a fully-remote (main benefit I want) Senior Business Systems Analyst role at $112k base + 10% Bonus + Equity Grant of $20k in the next 4 years (basically an additional $5k / year).

This seems more than in line with the national average for this position.

My main counter that I would like to ask for is a $10k Signing-Bonus.

Is the Equity Grant basically the Signing-Bonus?


Anyone from Synechron here.

Can please tell me about the Synechron Finlabs?

The recruiter is telling me they are opening access for me in FinLabs. What does that mean?

Will I be contributing to FinLabs Innovation projects or what?



Anyone on here know the hiring manager for Spawn Ideas in Denver? Specifically for the Content Manager role?


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I’m joining a new company next month, & my wife is pregnant and due 4 months from now. So after joining new company I will be needing paternity leave(3-4 weeks)after 3 months, Should I inform/ask my manager earlier before joining, or should I just wait until I join it. I have first 6 month probation period.
11+ yoe, developer, joining as tech lead.


Tag yourselves I’m “I want ur body copy”

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What do you think is more important: (emotional intelligence) or IQ?


Has any insurance agents out there heard of FFL ? If so, would you recommend them ?


Have started learning UI/UX and looking for someone who is having UI/UX professional experience who can guide me on it.

Please drop your emai id and I'll get in touch with you.


How long does the bgv process rake place for India offices

Did anyone left coforge recently? I have to leave by next week, and company asked to courier their laptop back to office.


Does anyone have an outline for the CIPP/US exam? This book is too long and I don’t have the time to make my own. Thanks!


Got a pretty good laugh from this one

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How much annual salary increment is there in citiustech?
And if someone is getting promotion then what is the scenario?


Male colleague sent me a link on how to storyboard. Reminded him of my title and my undergrad was significantly video-related.


It is sometimes the noise that makes me calm..


If people don’t abide by their own boundaries that they set. Is it even a boundary?


How do we feel about more and more celebrities coming out to speak about their mental health? I, for one, am thankful for it. I have struggled with my own demons in the past and it makes me feel less lonely.


Average cost for wedding invitations?


Is MBB (mostly thinking about McKinsey) really that bad in terms of WLB?

I feel like people tend to exaggerate things sometimes - i was told i'd be working approximately 65h at Deloitte in Tech Strategy and honestly that barely ever happened.

I wasn't considering switching since I love my job and my team, but many people are telling me I shouldn't "waste" my potential at Deloitte (whatever that means...). They kind of got to me and now i'm looking for more info about the culture/work at MBB.


McK 🐟: What tips do you have for folks who want to be rockstar BAs, and fast track their progression to EM?


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Which company is good to join for a 9yrs experienced professional in Performance Testing considering terms like wlb, learning track and perks. Package is moreover the same in the range of 22lpa to 24lpa.
1. Wipro
2. Citi
3. LogicMonitor


Hi fishes,
One consultancy on behalf of Intellect design arena has said they are giving me 19LPA but haven’t released any offer letter yet
I had been in conversion(on what’s app and over call) with consultancy.
After not responding to my calls and emails for more than week and since joining date is near, I contacted company hr related to offer but he said that he don’t know what k consultancy has offered and they can’t make mentioned offer.
Any suggestions what to do in this situation?


Hi, if you join a company and you feel like your team is a complete organisational mess, should you stick it out or can you start looking for other places?

I'm worried that I will be fired for no fault of my own.

How do you explain in the interview why you are leaving?


Ericsson R&D vs BMC software vs NASDAQ Which company is better to join. All of them are paying more or less the same in-hand salary. YOE 3.2 years Skills java + MySQL

Ericsson BMC Software Nasdaq


Can I accept an offer from company B after joining company A? I have been with company A for a week now.


Hi Guys, Is product based company such as Twilio are revoking there offers as my Joining date is 31st October.

I am applying in other companies however no fruitful result till now.

Currently serving notice period.


Hi fishes, How much can i ask for process developer position at Genpact (gurgaon) for 2.2 YoE? I already have an offer of 5.8 lpa from another company. Accenture Genpact Deloitte Tata Consultancy

Cloudera vs Salesforce ? Cloudera is paying more. Company vision, product roadmaps and profitability comparison anyone?Cloudera Salesforce


Please help me to choose , super confused,
1)Epam Anywhere 32lpa fixed +70k joining bonus, permanent work from home 2) Capgemini 38 lpa 10% variable
I need work life balance .
Java developer having 8 years of experience.


I got an offer and the HR didn't provide me any JB however the offer is really good. They said we can talk about the JB if I can join them within one month. But my project is not willing to release me before my official NP of 60 days. Can I still go and ask for JB. How should I approach this situation?


Please give your honest opinion in this issue🙏
Which company should I choose
EPAM Systems - 15.5lpa fixed
Piramal Finance - 16lpa fixed
Publicis Sapient - 13.5lpa (can extend up to 16 fixed)

Tech : Big data technologies
Role: Data engineer
Exp-2.3 yrs

Thanks in advance 😊


Hello Everyone is anyone here from pune and wanted to travel pune new places and party pls let me know recently I shifted to Pune Hinjewadi...


Hi everyone,

Emerson system- i gave 2 technical, those were cleared then there was 1 HR round, but now when i asked them about status they are saying they are working on getting the salary approved but now they got an update to keep that position on hold for now.

Is this behaviour right after taking 3 interviews and what should I do now


Hi all,

I recently joined a Big4 org. For more than a month now, I am only attending project calls where mostly, I am a silent listener as I am one who jumped in between ongoing work.

Consequently, I am filling the bench code in timesheets.

Is it normal?
Do I need to take steps on my own so that someone add me to the project.

Can anyone suggest?


Kmpg KPMG India Deloitte EY PwC


Cisco Ciena Juniper Networks which one should I choose? Fixed CTC is same for all.


Hey Fishes,
Hope you have a good Friday. Quick query, Can you tell me what should I ask for 4.6 YOE as a .Net developer as my current CTC is 10LPA.


Got a job offer at a growth stage startup

Total YOE : 6+
Level : L4

Current TC : 41 lpa (35 lpa fixed + 6 lpa variable) + stocks
Offered TC : 50 lpa (44 lpa fixed + 6 lpa variable) + 15 lac esops

Startup looks poised for good growth (5x-10x in the next 5 years).

Is the offered TC low balling? Should I negotiate more or take it given good growth prospects?