Hi Fishes, One of my friends is looking for data science role. Can someone please refer. Skills : Python, Django, PyTorch, Data analytics, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer vision. Exp :1.2 years. Location : Anywhere in India

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I saw one opening at myntra for similar work ex and role. Check that out


Thank you so much, will definitely check.

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Hello everyone! Would anyone be willing to prove me a job referral to any real estate investment/asset management: REPE jobS in NYC?

I’m a Canadian with 4 years of experience in audit, asset management, and REPE!


Any Capital One 🐠 willing to connect? Looking into PM roles and would appreciate any insight and possibly a referral if willing! 🙏🏼🙏🏼


Help me with likes for dm feature. Help me with ur heart and soul

Also I am looking for job opportunities in Consulting in any Healthcare project.

I come from a healthcare and pharmaceutical background and 6 years of experience with MBA in management from Symbiosis.

Looking for opportunities and job change.
Pls help.


Miami-based Account Sup looking to make a lateral move (either client or agency side)....does anyone know of any open positions?


Hello! Hiring a Group Account Director for a terrific Minneapolis agency. Relationship-based culture. Great work. Position could lead to equity. Please DM me for details.


Hi All,

I am looking for a switch, a short introduction of mine

1 - I have completed my bachelor in textile currently pursuing Digital Marketing Analytics from NMIMS

2 - 5+ YOE in eCommerce Operation - (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Paytm, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, Ajioetc)

3 - Currently working with Audientes (Denmark) Company

4 - Achieved certification from Amazon and Flipkart

5 - Current and Preferred Location - Hyderabad

Please refer if you have any references Thanks

#hiring #jobhunt

Any openings for Marketing/Sales professional in Software field ?


I want a job where I can work remote and do something involving excel or coding. I have a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Does anyone have any suggestions or willing to refer me at their company?



Looking for referral for Automation Testing Position, have 6.1 years of experience.

Skills: Selenium, Rest assured api test automation, manual testing, H17 Mirth integration. Preferred Location :Pune


Looking for referral for Oracle Plsql, can somebody please help


Hello fishes,

Any open positions for Data science Manager or IC in Hyderabad / remote? Please help!!
Yoe: 14 yrs
Tech stack: Data science, ML, NLP,Python
Notice period: 1.5 month left



Wipro is Hiring aggressively,

Please let me know and share your updated resume to:
snehijob@gmail.com along with Technology or JobId.

Subject: Wirpo Job Rafferal | <JobID> | < Your Name >

Java / .Net / NodeJs / Testing.

Experience : 1 to 5 years.

Happy Helping.

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If anyone is hiring in Canada please kindly give my partner a chance. The wait, dilemma and uncertainty is taking a very big toll from us.
-He got almost 5 years of project management, bid management and proposal management experience for a construction consultant company.
-He got experience in Primavera, got excellent statistical analysis skill, can use python for constructing ML models,
- He is proficient in RFP,RFI,RFQ for construction projects as he got BSc in Civil Engineering and MBA. 🙏🙏


Multiple developer opening in microfocus, DM me name email and job ID for referral.

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Hi Fishes
I have around 3 yr experience working with Mulesoft based integrations and I’m looking for a job change. Can anyone please refer me to @ any openings related to Mulesoft developer. TIA


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I am 16yrs experience Storage Admin. Recently I have completed certification of AWZ SOLUTION ARCHITECT. I am looking for opportunity in AWS cloud.
Location Mumbai, Pune

I heard Moroch is starting layoffs beginning 9/1

How important are snapshots in pwc and how to handle them

PSA: over the short term investments go up, investments go down. Over the long run, assuming the US empire doesn't collapse, they go up. Stop watching the value of your portfilio like a gambling addict.


KPMG is hiring for:
1. Business Analysts
2. Outsystems developers

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Comment here if interested!


Anyone is here who has recently switched technology to Salesforce?


How rare and/or respected is it for an Analyst at big4 to voice their discontent about their placement? Is it seen poorly if done professionally and with humble intent? Will it get anything done?

My performance review is coming up and I found out I’m receiving a $5000 increase however I was already planning on asking for $7000. What would you suggest still asking for the $7000 or be content with the $5000 increase?


Question - let’s say I had old paper stock certificates, and the companies pay me quarterly dividends. Do those companies notify the IRS of those dividends if the shares were not held in a brokerage?


Which v50 firms havent matched cravath yet?


Selling a boat soon. Going to clear about 50k. Won’t need to access the money for a few years. Are index funds still the way to go w the market being as high as it is?


Looking actively for job change. Can anyone refer me for the post of manual/automation tester.

YOE: 2.8 yrs

NP : 3months



Asking myself extra hard today why I chose this career field. It is what I thought I should be good at but with ADHD, it really feels like it was not made for me. Anyone think of working in a less ambiguous, more structured environment?


How long does it usually take to start to get in the groove with a new job where you feel like you can actually start doing work? I started a new job on Monday in the cleared world and am having a bit of a career pivot so I’m learning new tools and programming languages on top of the company and customer admin/IT, and program stuff. I’m trying to give myself some grace but I feel bad that I’m not up to speed yet. Is this just imposter syndrome trying to take me down?


Any one can help to get to know niche technologies and list them here in Accenture?

What arr the benefits given to whom is working on this niche technologies?

Fiancé and I are going to start looking for a house in the Chicagoland area. Any advice? TIA!


Has anyone changed their Id docs on the EU Settlement/UKVI portal? I’m collecting my new passport on Monday 9am and would like to travel back to Uk on the same day at 1pm. Do you know if passport changes are accepted straight away? Or should I leave on Tuesday?


Additional Posts in Data Science and Machine Learning

How is Ameriprise Financial to work with as Dat Scientist. YOE 8


Hi Guys.
I have received hackerank test link for Data science from Dunzo. That is 60 minutes test. Can anyone help me type of questions they ask on test.


Is this true currently demand for data engineers is much more as compare to data scientists?


Hi guys I am getting 19 fixed + 2 lakh joining + 1.9 var in ZS
AND Bank of America 21 fixed which should I join for good career exposure and which would be better


Looking for lead developer/engineering manager role referrals . Working as lead developer on big data with pyspark and AWS experience
Exp : 12.5
CTC :34L


Hi All,

I am struggling to get calls for DS/ML role after applying via Naukri & Linkedin.

Years of exp: 3.5
Relevant exp: 1
Skills: ML algorithms, Python, SQL, AWS

Please dm me if there is any opportunity at your organisation or somehow you could guide me.


I am from a non technical background but have an MBA from tier 2 bschool. Is it wise enough to switch to data science/analytics? I am equally passionate about ESG please advise

PS- not very good in maths but have analytical & interpretation abilities.

Has anyone being part of Data Analytics team in Airtel. Is is worth it. I am looking for a job switch n got offer from AirtelAirtel


I am a tier 1 college graduate with 2.5 yr of experience in data science and modelling.
Currently looking to change
Current CTC ~23LPA.
Experience in python, SQL, ML, Deep learning and associated competencies (like data analysis, data mining etc)

What is the CTC I can expect in the market?


Has anyone given ab in bev cultural fit test. What is it like, is there anything i should prepare for it


What are some good companies to work for as a data scientist/ Machine learning according to you ??


Which is the best industry to grow and explore HR Data Analytics?

I have basic knowledge of python R and intermediate level proficiency of Microsoft Power BI


I am currently working as a Chatbot developer with 3 years experience. I want to get into Data Science and AI. Will I get a job if I don't have hands-on experience in Data Science. I am currently learning Data Science and my CTC is 8.5 LPA.


Hi Fishes,
Tomorrow is my coding/ DSA round with
Google for the role of Cloud Engineer - AI, I am practicing the google interview questions from leetcode, if you can share any prior experiences and problems that you have encountered will be very useful. Much appreciated, thanks


Is the PGDM course from UpGrad good for moving forward in the data science domain. ? Please help me as I’m thinking of pursuing something alongside work as I cannot leave my work due to financial condition. I wanna excel forward in this domain. Currently having 2.5 YoE in data science and analytics.


Hi Fishes, I'm a Python developer now and I need to switch my role related to AI/ML for long term.
Currently I 've planned two options and I'm bit confused which road i've to take:
1) Do Masters degree in Canada, after that try to get Job in there or US.
2) Do any Master Programs in Here (India) and get a job.
Suggest some ways other than this also welcomed.

YOE : 1.5 years as Python developer

Skills : C, Python, Excel in writing SQL queries, Swagger, Microservices, PostgreSql.


Anyone looking for referral in EY India for Data Scientist/ Data Analyst role, please DM me. We are rapidly expanding our data science team. Role will be mostly in Time Series forecasting.