Hi Fishes, Please help me choose one on basis of work quality, WLB, Growth overall as I've only 2 days to decide. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

1.Deloitte India :

Fixed : 14 + variable 2 + JB 50K
Location : Gurgaon ( Remote work not sure, depends on client)

2.Airtel Digital:

Fixed : 14.5 + No variable + 1.5 JB
Location (WFH till march 2023)

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Deloitte is a bigger brand . YOE and tech stack ?

3.10, GCP infra/devOps




Your designation offered in Deloitte India?


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Is there anything wrong with taking vacation in one of my final weeks at my job ? I don’t want to have any gaps in pay .


One year has passed since I joined EY India and I haven't received any increments or progressions. What should I do? My colleagues say just wait but the salary is just not sufficient.

Any opinions


Question for agency producers/creatives. As more people are coming back to workplaces, how do you feel about in person sessions with editors? Have the remote sessions been satisfactory overall, or do you feel there will be a higher demand to return sitting in rooms at post houses?


Hi everyone! Would you be able to share what your roles are and your compensation? I am looking to change careers and want to see which roles have a high earning potential. I want to explore more careers and at the same time try to maximize earnings. Thank you!


I'm a lead medical assistant in Chicago, I make about $23 per hour. Is that average for a lead ? I have seen post for a non lead they make about the same as I do. I have 12 yrs experience.


Salary range for Capital One Manager, Risk Management in DC/McLean? 6 YOE


Hi techies

I am a python developer with an experience of 3.3 years. my current CTC is 7 lakhs.
How much salary can I expect If i switch now?

I’m looking to make a switch back to public accounting and I just got an offer for a FDD senior analyst position at a regional firm well know for their TAS practice. 4 years experience with an MBA. Got an offer for $95k (which is what I asked for), but I thought I shot high on salary expectations. Does that sound reasonable, or should I attempt to negotiate higher?


What is a genuine ask for a associate success guide role in SF, considering my current CTC is 9 LPA with 1.5yoe


Need suggestion!!

I am working at 12 lpa, having one offer of 20lpa fixed (remote) from one US company. Having 5YOE in QA selenium uft capybara.

Should I continue looking for better offers?
If yes, what should be my expectations?

Also, say if I get another offer, will it be okay to say No to the previous offer? I mean they trusted me and gave more than expectation earlier.


Talking to D5. Anybody there know the typical salary for a mid copywriter ?


My Shareholder came into my office yesterday and proceeded to tell me that "we" were getting sloppy & "we" needed to get our billable up and that she had missed things. She made a point to say hers were low & she never gave me info regarding billable time. Our biggest client cuts half our time.
During the interview they never mentioned there were billable req.
1 month ago she was singing my praises. Had been real sick last 2 months and went to HR re med accommodation and now this.


Ophthalmic Photographer hourly rate ?


Hi ,
I'm a Marketing student and was recently offered part time internship positiom on the marketing team of really cool FinTech Venture Capital company .During the final interview , I luckily asked for their pay range for interns and almost fell to the ground when he said $30/hr min. I would have said $18/$20 if I hadn't asked him instead .The average student earns between $15-$20 ...so it sounds really good but that's only an opening offer. Should I ask for a higher amount like $35 -$40?


Is anyone still working fully remotely? My company says it isn't possible to have us working from home and we're not as productive when we're not in the office. This seems like corporate speak for we just want to stand over your shoulder to ensure you're working non-stop


Hi All
Please advise

How much a BA can expect during switch from 8.5Lpa(Fixed) after overall 5 YOE. Where dev 2.5 Year and then MBA business Analytics and then BA for 2.5 Year.


My firm is virtual - all work done remotely in home office unless on client site. Haven’t traveled since mid October. It’s driving me nuts. What do you recommend doing?


What’s your salary vs OTE earnings for BDR positions? I feel like i’m being paid pennies compared to some places.


I'm a new Clinical Quality Manager at @united healthcare. I have close to a decade experience in the industry. I have direct reports. It's a remote position. I have a doctorate degree in Business Administration. Certifications: Project Manager Professional (PMP, Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), and Lean Black Belt in healthcare (LBBP). Base salary of $104,500. Any thoughts on the salary package? Optum.


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Had a friend visit from Texas over the weekend and he brought me some treats.

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Took my first pill of Vyvanse 20 mg this morning. Recently diagnosed. Never been on ADHD meds. What should I expect in terms of effects? Took the pill at 7 am. Its 11 am now. Dont feel anything different. Had a cup of coffee too. Any tips would be much appreciated. What should I watch out for? Trouble sleeping, racing heart, mood changes?

What about positive effects? Do you start seeing effects (increased focus) right away or it takes time?


🌟 #HumbleBrag 🌟
As the year winds down, let's celebrate all we've accomplished in 2022! Use this thread to share your accomplishments for inspiration and self-congratulations!


Any advice to recent college grads for landing an entry level paralegal job? I’ve been asked and I did that so long ago I don’t know what else is helpful besides sending in your resume!


What's your favorite malbec or zinfandel - and why?


How are you preparing for your 2022 goals?


Thoughts on consulting for company that sells alcohol, drugs etc.. Do you avoid these projects?

Any EA's at Microsoft ? I have questions


Anyone made the transition from NYC to Austin?

I find myself asking why I am in NYC when everything is so damn expensive. Making good money, but limited on savings and quality of life due to the HCOL. Or recs for other cities for that matter.

What are thoughts on art directors in advertising to get a masters or not? Game changer? Master degree hold any value, or is the book only still the criteria?


Anyone find that early in your consulting career ADD was an advantage... new projects, new colleagues new clients, etc. In brainstorming sessions everyone would come up with 5 ideas and i [CONT]


Does a <3.0 GPA invalidate an applicant looking at T15 schools?


Hello fishes,

How much should I expect in terms of fixed pay for JL2 position with 2 years of experience?


Anyone recently got an offer/package for Cloud Solutions Lead (one level below AD) from Merck? Pls share the typical base, bonus, joining bonus, stocks. Merck


RDE folks in India offices received amazon gift vouchers. What about other locations?


I’ve never had marijuana. But the nurse gave me a Valium before my embryo transfer. I felt quite relaxed and good after taking Valium. Is it the same feeling as taking marijuana? Any sister who has had both can share? Thanks!


Anyone from Google in here? 👀


Can anyone suggest me best courses for Business analyst in Pune.
My friend from axis Bank wants to move in this role.
She is BE+MBA with 6 years of work exp in bank


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi Fishes I have one offer from one company which is giving me 12 lpa and as I am joining early I have asked them to give me 1lakh as a joining bonus also which they have taken into consideration.

On other hand, I have an offer from
EY where they offered me 9.34 LPA. Today I mailed HR and asked for 15 overall with 13 as fixed).Do you guys think they will be able to match that. In my opinion they might die considering I have almost only a year experience as Full time Data Scientist

EY Deloitte KPMG


Hi Sharks,

I have total 11 yrs of exp in Data Engineering.Please suggest which one should I join and what would be the market standard for 11yoe.

1-Accenture - 30 LPA
2-IBM-23 LPA
3-TCS- 27.5 LPA


Ibm, capegemini or Cognizant.....which is better

ibm 7b role 26L

capegemini manager,30 including variable(3L)

Cognizant manager, 27.5 variable 1.5L

please help .Tata Consultancy IBM Capgemini Cognizant


Having offer from dxc,microfocus,ust global all offer same equal package can anyone suggest which one should I joined


Hi..background verification is done before/after releasing the offer letter ??


I have offer in company 17L fixed so what should I ask in nagarro if i clear the rounds


Weekend Drive(Virtual) 17-18 Sept for Below Technologies in LTI-Larsen and Toubro Infotech.

*For Registration, Dm your Email with Job Name*

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6 YOE in Ahmedabad with 14.5 LPA

Got selected in Noida.

What should I ask as expected?

I am planning to relocate with my spouse.

Please share your thoughts or questions.


Hi sharks I have 4 offer in hand, which compamy should I join and can i re negotiate the offers

Common wealth bank of australia - 15lpa
Eurofins - 17lpa fixed + 1 l jb
Epam - 20 lpa fixed
Legato - 21 lpa fixed

Guys can you please help on this to choose a better company

Tech stack - .net full stack + angular
Yoe - 3.3
Notice period left - 20 days left


Hii sharks, presently I am working in a psu company with payment of 18 l per annum.I am having an experience of 10 yrs industry and 7 yrs other experience.A total of 17 yrs experience.What will be my pay if I shift to any IT/technical industry?

I have 7 years experience as a QA engineer in networking domains,to be specific to WiFi/WLAN testing.
I started my career with a 6LPA package,after gaining 2.7 years experience,
Switched to Second company for 9.5LPA .
Switched to a 3rd company (currently working here) which is my dream company for 18.5LPA with a total experience of 5.11 years.
Though I'm happy with my work and company culture, I am not completely satisfied with the current 18.5LPA salary. I always have a feeling I'm underpaid.


Hi I got a offer from Encora for 25.5 LPA. Is it a good package. 12 years overall and 6 years relevant to Java springboot Microservices. CCTC 10.75 LPA. Please advise.


Hello Sharks!!,

I have three offers in hand offering almost around the same package which is better one to join considering all factors overall
Thanks in advance.


Plz hit lykss, I wanna DM as currently negotiating offers in 2 cmpnies


Hi Fishes,

Need your valuable suggestions for what expected CTC should I ask for based on my experience and current CTC?

Senior Analyst in Analytics & Metrics, have worked with insurance clients. Currently in a service based company and current CTC is 14 (12 fixed). Overall experience is 6 years and have development experience on Alteryx (ETL Tool), Tableau+SQL, IBM Planning Analytics.