Hi Fishes,
What Is the maximum salary in Uhg of salary grade pay 26

What should expect salary YEO 6.10

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Depends on profile

For which position?

For data scientist?

Senior Software Engineer

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I am about to receive an offer from ADP Hyd. I have 12+ YOE. What is the grade that will be best suited as per my exp? I'm in AWS, My current sal is , 23L base 13L JB 100 RSU (comprising 29L ) should I get 48L from ADP? I already have an offer of 32L fixed+10L variable + 6.4L JB from Accenture as L7 Mgr/Sol Arch. Among Accenture & ADP what would be better? (I personally feel as Accenture is purely a service based organisation, a higher salary would be a little risky, not sure thou) ADP Accenture

Hey Guys,
I cleared the PWC interview and Hr told me that they will offer senior associate position with 14 lpa fix and currently my fix is 11.8lpa with 6 yr experience. I changed recently like 3 months back but got bad project in Accenture so wanted to change
Is that good to switch with this role with given package? Please suggest .. Technology- Cloud Emerging technology team. Location - Gurgaon


Let's see trend for each member who got offer from Epam anywhere.( I want to reapply as I rejected)

Please provide following information for motivation

{YOE} , {Salary offer from Epam anywhere} {skills }

Hi ,
Got 12.25 LPA offer from hashedin by Deloitte.
Fixed 10.5L, performance variable bonus 1.75L ,
How much in hand salary I would get any idea?

Currently a first year IB analyst (boutique firm, in office, getting $55k/yr salary + 10% bonus); I am looking to get hired for a 100% remote IB/Financial Analyst position and better pay. I have one year in corporate finance under my belt. I have applied to 46 jobs over a month now and no bites. Can anyone help a girl out? I'm seriously looking to get hired in like 2 weeks. Is it possible? Anyone here know of any companies seeking immediate hires?


Does anyone know compensation range for communications associate at J.P. Morgan? Specific job is digital communications change management associate. Appreciate any insight here!


Haven't been able to find much information on Disputes & Investigations bonus %s (at any level)... any insight is appreciated as I am just starting out!


What would be the in hand salary

Post Photo

L8 folks, how much hike and bonus you got?
Quite new to Accenture, not sure what the standard hike % here is.

Dear CGIans,
What would be cost deducted from salary for paid cab service(weekly twice) in CGI for general shift people?CGI


Hey folks. 3 YOE, working in tech at a great company, and making 135K TC in Austin.

Have an admit at Columbia and received 30K in aid each year, so I anticipate paying 110K in tuition. With cost of living in upper Manhattan, estimating an additional 35K each year, so 180K total cost.

I want to stay in tech post MBA, but explore faang companies and product roles. Is this worth the cost? I figure I could make a jump in comp at least?


Background is 5 yrs exp as GW BA (relevant) and 2 years non relevant. Got an offer from CTS. 21.5 CTC..how much more can be negotiated? Being offered senior consultant- Manager, will help to know salary band for this profile. Thanks in advance.


Looking for an agency recommendation. Someone who specializes in CPG, preferable experience new CPG product. Experience with direct to consumer a bonus but need them adept across marketing strategies.


Does anyone have any company recommendations for where I could reasonably expect to earn $80,000+ in a remote role in the US? I recently finished my MBA and have several YOE, and I’ve been targeting analyst/consulting roles after completing the Google Data Analytics certificate. Any input is appreciated.


The severance package at Meta for laid off employees almost makes it nice to be laid off depending on what your personal situation is….. personally wouldn’t mind getting 4+ months of full pay to reset and think about what’s next 😬


Does anyone have any insights on salaries at Twitch? Saw an opening for Senior Strategy Manager and would be helpful to know the potential salary for it.


Acko requirements for blended process (voice & chat) Min 2 years of calling BPO exp (1 year of which should be in international voice process mandate). Graduates/undergrads can apply. Excellent English & Hindi Work from office Day shift No cab Salary 4lpa to 6lpa ROI - HR + TL + manager round
Kindly share your resume at my email ID yashig997@gmail.com



Which one is best to choose btw capgemini (associate/b2) or KPMG (associate consultant) having same package. Yoe : 3.8, role : data analyst Capgemini KPMG


Hi Fishes,
I have 2 offers in hand..can anyone suggest which one is better to take
ServiceMax - Senior Software Engineer
Palo alto networks- IT Software engineer

Looking for good exposure to new technologies,customizations, frameworks etc..
PAN salary is on higher side but don't know if I will get a satisfactory role.


Compensation changes are communicated to everyone via convo with a partner or manager some time between 7/5 and 7/12. Almost to day 4 and radio silence... #umm


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Any tips on applying for a UX Designer/Researcher role at Google (UK) without a referral? Would really appreciate any help!

If anyone is willing to have a chat and then give a referral would be amazing. Happy to give you a walk through my experience and interest in applying for the role.


Wednesday Pepsi commute

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I got into Management a year ago and now I miss developing. How do software engineers turned managers feel about their switch over to people management?

Hi, how long does it take for HR to release offer letter post HR round?


Need referrals for police brutality lawyers in greater NYC area. Thank you!


What is the expected salary increase percentage for this year for a software engineer? There was no promotion and there wont be in the near future since the company is a small one

Hello everyone!

I was wondering what job positions I would be able to apply for once I finish my degree for BA Healthcare Administration?


Wanted to know positions and grades in fleetguard organization


Egg freezing- one cycle or pay upfront for two? There’s a small discount and they will refund the difference if I decide not to proceed with the second. Numbers look good but you never know, and quality is never guaranteed... thoughts? I don’t want to psych myself out ...


For the ibd associates


I’m really struggling to get through this busy season. I’m a staff 2 feeling inadequate at the job (audit), and I know my manager is noticing my poor work product. CONT


I suspect I have ADHD. I show multiple symptoms but am wondering about one specifically.until my promotion to manager I was considered high performer. now am stuck and can’t figure out how to progress. I am very good in executing and repeating what I know but have major issues in shaping an approach or identifying new opportunities. And if I don’t know how to continue I am just staring at my screen or finding distractions. Can this be related to ADHD or is it maybe just time for a career change?


My last working day is 28th June in
FIS Global.

What things I need to do , I didn't get any mail after putting resign till now regarding submission of assets or related to anything .

Kindly help what things we need to do or will get any info before lwd ??


Any openings on data science or machine learning with 4+yoe Google Microsoft Amazon @FAANG I've 4 years 5months if experience in data science and machine learning

Hi folks,

Ihave interview with nagarro for business analyst profile, after clearing mettl aptitude iq test, second round is a case study. Do you have any idea for that case study round? Need help on that.

Anybody went through case study round? And can help me on that? Thanks in advance..


“I need a monitor, Wacom, and Adobe Creative Suite license”

“You need to email our IT guy, Sean.”

“I did, and he hasn’t responded.”

“Sean doesn’t respond to emails, but usually that doesn’t mean he isn’t working.”

Well played, Sean. Now go get me my shit.


Heard of a denial on extension once and denial again on the re-file?

What's your favorite electronic health record? We have Cerner and while I like it- I've heard better things about other EMRs.


Hi All,

I have 3 years of IT industry experience and 2 years of relevant experience into salesforce ecosystem. Need referal on salesforce developer/admin roles. Could you guys help me with the same. Thanks


Looking to buy a single family home in Decatur or along the belt line.. anyone have any realtor recs?? First time home buyers here


Additional Posts in Optum Global Solutions


When is the appraisal cycle at Optum?
I might receive an offer anytime this week, and if I join Optum in November, will I be eligible for next appraisal?


Hi fishes,
where can we see pay range based on salary grade?


Hi All

1.Can you please recommend any hotels/place to stay while going to Optum Noida office to collect the laptop?

2. What are the areas where people stay? If you can guide where one can look for flats/preoccupied flats/good pg that would be really helpful?


My DOJ at Optum is March 28th, I have received Only Annexure till now. How long Optum takes to release offer letter.


Hey , can someone refer me to one of the open position at Optum India ?

Information Security Engineer Manager – PAM_Hyderabad, TG
Requisition Number: 2039662
Job Category: Technology
Primary Location: Hyderabad, Telangana



Can any one please share the interview experience with optum as I have an interview aligned next week as Java developer of experience 3 years … I need to prepare for data structure or core should be fine? Please help me on this


Hello, what is keep warm session in Optum , I have an upcoming session, will they ask me to solve production bug live?😁Just kidding, kindly please let me know.


Hi fishes, after completing 3 months probation, after how many days we get the confirmation ? Even we get the confirmation or not ?

How much sodexo per month can be taken 1100inr or 2200 inr in optum.


I have few questions regarding Optum :-
1. How much an average employees can expect from RRP, 20 percent of base as variable looks very high.
2. Work life balance
3. Notice period
4. Work timings
Can someone please help me on this.
Thanks in Advance


Does Optum provide any reimbursement of internet allowance?

I am being hired for Optum RX , Any Idea about OPTUM RX. My role is going to be as a Pega Developer. Any idea about the teams there. Wlb and culture in OPTUM RX ?


Hey Folks, i joined yesterday - Optum Noida, how long will it take to get Sez and Id card? Till then what needs to be done?