Hi Fishes, wondering if someone can help with referral for companies in Delhi NCR.

I have 7+ years of Data Analytics, Product Analytics and Business Intelligence experience. I am currently serving notice period. Thanks!

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Hi Fishes,

Jones Land LaSalle India (JLL) has multiple openings!

Let me know for any referrals-for ones looking out for an opportunity in this company!


LTI is Hiring....!!!

PAN India....!!

Need immediate joiners preferred within 30 days.....!!!!!

If anyone interested Please DM me or share resume to

Informatica Consultant - JR Code 446209 :- 4-8 Yrs

Snowflake Consultant - JR Code 446227 :- 4-10 Yrs

Bigdata Consultant - JR Code 446247:- 4-15 Yrs

Abinitio Developer - JR Code 446287:-4-8 Yrs

AWS Consultant - JR Code 446310 :- 4-8 Yrs

GCP Consultant - JR Code 446327 :- 4-8 Yrs

Data Science Consultant - JR Code 446347 :


Hi Fishes ,
I had a HR Discussion after clearing 2 HCL rounds and 2 client interviews . HR is not considering moving above 40% hike no matter whatever I say to justify, the Discussion was like talking to a wall . Any suggestions to get another 10-15% more (first offer)? Will HR reject me stating this reason in HCL ?? FYI- Client and the project team wants to take him in as per their feedback to me and I feel i am the right person for the role too .. 9 years exp -Infra storage domain .


I am looking for referral
YOE : 4.7 yrs
Tech stack: Java/springboot/Microservices
Immediate joiner


Looking for advice…
I am 60 days into a new EA role in another industry. I support 2.5 partners (I say 2.5 because one of the partners is on a partial leave). I am learning the role as quickly as possible but I do not seem to be meeting the expectations of my manager and some peers. I am also a woman of color in a majority white workplace (3/100+). From day 1 I have never felt accepted and have ignored several inappropriate comments made by manger.


URGENT need for (14) Business Analyst local to or would be willing to relocate to AZ.
Client: State of AZ
Deadline: 12/7/2022
Start Date: 1/9/2023

**New Graduates will be accepted. There is no minimum of years to qualify**


Was reached out from an Amazon Recruiter for a Program Manager role. Got past the online assessment and now they are asking for total compensation expectations (inclusive of RSUs, bonuses). Any idea of what is a fair number to put? Especially since the salary is no longer capped. Currently a Senior consultant with 6.5 YOE, making 116K.

Looking for a job as a sales support rep or account manager for a remote SaaS position. I have 3 years experience working as a Sales Support Specialist for a construction design software company. Seeking a base compensation of 80k+. Any referrals are helpful 😀


Junior here.
New to the role.
New to the industry.

Does anyone else feel in over their head? Or is that just me?


Hi Fishes,

I have an offer from Fortune 40 for Data architect role, can someone from Hyderabad give me a referral for 
Apple and Amazon for Data Engineering roles. I am looking for roles in Hyderabad.

Thanks in advance! :) any help will be appreaciable.


Hi everybody! 😊
I've been working as a Junior Analog Design Engineer for a year and half.
I received a proposal for a Senior Analog Designer role from Bosch in the same city where I am currently working.
Should I wait and build up a few more years of experience before accepting a Senior role or should I jump in and work to fill the gap?
Next year, there will be an important deadline for the project I'm working on and my resignation could be critical for the team, how would you deal with it?


My friend is looking for software engineer intern roles in USA/Canada. He is currently a second year computer science student in University of Victoria.

Please let me know if someone can refer him:) Happy to answer any other questions

Group EPs and upward, what is your role day to day & generally?


As a junior strategy consultant who’s keen to work in PE, would a CFA or CAIA be an advantage when applying for an investment role in the future?


Can anyone provide a Nike referral for me?


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I went through the loop at Amazon and ultimately didn't get hired. From what the recruiter mentioned, it wasn't a question of fit but of experience (only about 2.5 years out). How many years of experience have you all seen people go into FAANGs in lower associate counsel positions? Thank you for your help!


Is this legit?

Post Photo

Who else is ready for the national championship!?


Imposter syndrome to the max.

I have a lot of raw intellectual power, but the rockstars I've seen are so much more than just smart. I've always been confident in my own abilities (cont)


Can someone inform me about the duration of notice period in Accenture Operations. I am working as an Analytics Advisory Specialist. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.Accenture India Accenture


who's still up and wants to chat? banter? whatever

Consortium applicant here. No response from cbs, yale, johnson, haas. Any ideas on response time?


Comp check folks... need insight. Total work experience 18 years including industry’s. 12 consulting ... moved around a lot in earlier roles in industry. Comp 270k base, 15 percent bonus 10 percent stock. Low high? Tier 2 city?


Need referal in mastercard for architect/ tech lead role.

. NET Full stack developer with azure and Angular.

YOE- 10.5


How is the Company Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets in terms of Career Growth,WLB,Job Security and annual hikes?

Is it different from Genpact?

Client: Morgan Stanley
Location: Bengaluru


Not sure if this bowl is still active. Anyone here in NJ? Planning some summer hikes. Was wondering if anyone else has some plans too.

Anyone want to get together to go somewhere to watch the World Cup quarter finals tomorrow and Saturday?


What is the location of Infosys kolkata office?

PwC SA offer of $103 with 3.5 YOE in a T1 city. OWT/Advisory. Would love to get to another opinion!


I'm about to apply for some new jobs, and I have been a UI/UX Designer for a tech company for almost 2 years. So much of my portfolio stuff is from this company. I had only worked for a year as a marketing designer before that.

1) Should I try to divide my work based on projects or show everything as a whole? Is it going to be a red flag for them to only see projects from this company?

2) Also is there a way for me to talk about projects that are still in the works but I am a signific part of?


Bay Area licensed producer in life accident and health Seeking a producer position in employee benefits where there is a good base salary + commissions pay structure, or a salaried position in marketing or account management/benefits consulting where I can earn 50% commissions on groups I sell in addition to my salary. These are my current options so I know it exist. I’m an account manager who is licensed and can write my own groups, and I will get 50% of the commission.

Many of the teachers I work with have great relationships with their co-teacher, but one team is really struggling. What can I do to help them get along?

Has Anyone got Imposter Syndrome just before Interview ?
If yes,please share few steps to overcome that which will help fellow fishes to become sharks😊


Anyone have advice for folks inheriting expensive properties? Will be inheriting a couple VHCOL properties (some of the most desirable land/neighborhoods in the city) mortgage free, in the ballpark of $6-7m worth. What would you do, sell some and invest in indexes or keep them as rentals? I’m thinking lump sump investing into securities may make my worth much higher in the future compare to just keeping some properties.


Who thought taking away the breadcrumb was a good idea?


Additional Posts in Product Management - India

I’d love to hear about your job hunt for product roles- what worked? what did not work? what type of products did you want to build? how did that play a role in that hunt?


Is Rakunten Symphony India good company to join for?
What's work life balance there?


SPM salary range at Amazon?

What’s the base and stocks offerings ?


What questions I will face in Product management interview any tip.

I have an interview with Bloomberg in ESG domain


Looking from a transition from B2B to B2C in Product management. Total tech experience : 11 years, Total PM experience : 5+ years


Hello fishes 👋

I'm working in a research and corporate strategy based role. My work is 50% similar to product management. I'm interested to switch to a PM role, but my project/company is not allowing internal transition.

Any suggestions on how to make a transition to a APM role?


I want to know how much I can get if I shift from NCR to Bangalore for an Associate Product Manager Profile.

I have a 5 months internship plus 7 months experience for this role in the same company. I have an MCA Degree from a T3 College.

At present, my CTC 6.

Also, let me know -
1. what is the avg. salary per annum
2. what are some higher salaries people are getting
3. what other benefits can one get
4. what are other parameters which influence salaries

- for this role?


Hello all,
I'm looking to transition into product management. Would really appreciate any suggestions/guidance to go about it from people who are in product.

Background: Btech in computers, MBA in mktg and experience in software engg and research. Combined experience of ~3 years.


Guys, need referrals for PM roles.. Please help


i am 9yr experience lead software developer in dot net. how can i move into product manager and how much package i can get?


Hey everyone, I’ve been working as a Customer Success Manager for the last 3 1/2 year. I want to transition into a product role. Could anyone suggest how do I move into a product role and what are the skill sets that I should possess while aiming for a job role in one?


I am trying to get in product product management

Currently I am working in data and business analysis.

Certified PMP, experience with Agile and scurm

Any tips

I have over 11 years experience, BTech , no MBA degree. Working as a Product Owner
Desperately want to switch to a Product Manager role. Need a break in a Product company.

What do you guys suggest?
Any courses, MBAs specialising in Prod Management etc? I am SAFe Prod Manager certified but no hands on experience as a product manager.


Hi, fishes,

I'm a developer with 3.2 years of IT experience.

Eventually,, I want to move into management.

I want to know if is tre a fast-track way to switch from Development to management. I'm aware of the conventional method of progression after 6-7 YOEs in development. However, I am exploring this side a bit more.

Do help me. Thank you


What is the best site to look for APM or PM roles.

Currently applying through either Naukri or IIMjobs.


Dear fishes,
Looking for referrals for the role of a product owner.

experience - 6 years.

Available to join immediately. Any referrals would be highly appreciated.



Currently what are the product firms that are hiring for product management role?


Hi Are there any product companies looking for a business analyst?please dm me. No referrals please. My lwd is feb 23rd. 8.2 YOE , Data analytics space