Hi Fishes!!

Looking for a job role for Data Engineer role with below skills:

Data Warehousing, SQL, ETL, Py-Spark, Python, Airflow, AWS (RDS, EMR, EC2, Athena, S3), CC Framework, Oracle (SQL Developer)
Yoe: 3 years

Please help! I'm on notice period.

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Hello! I just got an offer from HAVAS and one from Wolf Olins. I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions or experiences to share - both would be an executive role btw


Hi all, I’m seeking mentorship as I try to transition into a communications role. Ideally the role will be a senior level role since I have years of work experience as a paralegal but I need guidance and a push. Any suggestions are appreciated!!


I'm quite new to the UK (West Sussex). I'm in a Project Management role, currently getting a compensation of £60k/y. I cannot stop feeling that I'm in the low part of the compensation range.

Any idea of the salary range for PMs in big companies (Automotive or IT)?



Honeywell is hiring at the Kansas City National Security Campus! Anything from engineering to administration. If interested I would be glad to refer.


Hello all.

Is, Faking experience common in IT industry when we want to switch to a completely different Technology Stack?

Currently I am working as a SAP HANA Consultant with 4 YOE, but wish to switch to a Data Science profile. I already have knowledge on different skills required for a role of Data Scientist.


Anyone working in JLL. Need a referral to apply for Community Manager role. Job id REQ240032


Hi All, If anybody needs scaler academy referral, please free to ping me. You will get 10K discount on your course fee. Full Stack Software Engineer / Data Science & Machine Learning.

Tata Consultancy Infosys Accenture IBM Deloitte


Partner tax prep advisors or partner affairs group in big 4, specifically the group that prepares partners of the firms individual returns. Does every big 4 have one of these groups? Anybody on here in one and looking to give out a referral?


I am looking for a referral in Big 3 & Big 4, let me know if someone can help. Currently working as Senior Con in EY

Have any 🐠 in the Boston area tried home-schooling? Our son goes to a private school and with COVID likely to impact schools into next year, we don’t want to pay the high-tuition fee if he is going to be home for a good chunk of time. Full disclosure : we are not religious, the public school in our town is not that good, and we are not in a position to switch houses or towns for the next 2-3 years. Also, S/O wants to stay-home for the next 2 years and I can work remote 2-3 days a week (cont.)


Does anyone know where’s the best place to find a remote EA position? I’m looking to leave my current position and am having some trouble. I know remote positions are available, I just haven’t been looking in the right place it seems.


Hello everyone so I am an education consultant/writer and I am looking for employment as an education consultant or anything in the education field. Does anyone who know who’s hiring?

Got an offer for a SDE position at Amazon. However, it is contingent upon a background check. Would anyone know if they contact your current employer? I haven’t put my notice in yet and want my employer to hear the news of my resignation from me rather than finding out through HR…


Feeling underpaid for the work I’m producing and taking on. I recognize agencies notoriously under pay lower level employees, but I feel at this point I’m worth so much more. For context I have 2.5 years experience, in an AC role. To my knowledge we still aren’t passing out promotion and pay raises (ya know, COVID and all). Any advice? Do I start shopping around for a new spot?


Has anyone completed the 5-week boot camp at Booze Allen before becoming a Senior Consultant? I just got an offer for 100k and I have to start through this boot camp and it seems like a great way to onboard, but I’m worried there may be a catch to it. Also, is 100k low for this kind of role? I will be in the modern technology cohort.


How much I can ask for Director level position at HCL technologies at 15 years experience?


Accept offer? Just became a staff 2 in EY Audit and being offered a senior audit position with Cohn Reznick. I still have pending interviews for an associate position in FDD/SAT, but should I accept the senior position if my ultimate goal is to get into FDD/SAT and nothing else pans out? Definitely don't feel ready to take on a senior audit position.. Thanks for your replies!


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Mega fund PE VP salary? All in?


Hustle culture is responsible for this. We are afraid that we are not doing enough, not being competitive enough.
In this whole process we forget to ask ourselves- "If I were to die in next 1 year, is this really what I want to be doing?"

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How do referrals work at different banks? Is it like consulting, where somebody on the inside can send your details directly to the recruiting team and in many cases get you to the first round interview?


I’m a former educator that has transitioned to working for a SaaS company. I have been hired under one role but have been managing projects in design UX/UI, content management (auditing and process development), and governance (currently working on a bot project). I certified as a scrum master but I’m having a hard time finding a Scrum position. In transparency I have been in the field about 2 years. Any and all suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Let the firm talk me into staying 3 years in a row with more money and promises. Now I’m finally actively looking without any discussion with the firm and I’ve been priced out of my desired industry


Hi Friends,

I got 2 offers one from TCS and one from PWC SDC Bangalore.

TCS Package - 27.5 lakhs including Retention Incentive of 1lakh

Additionally, they have added Monthly Performance Pay and Performance Bonus (Variable pay)

PWC SDC Bangalore - Fixed - 27.35 Lakhs.

What would be my hand salary for both TCS and PWC and which company to prefer in terms of good projects and wlb

Please advise


My first 2 luxury watches have been the DJ (rhodium dial, steel jubilee bracelet) and the Tank solo. For my next watch, I was hoping to go sportier and I gravitated towards the sub. However...



Can you pls help me to understand expected salary, joining bonus, RSU and designation for 12 years of experience Chartered accountant with Qualcomm?


EPAM is hiring. Intrested folks can message me. Happy to refer 😊 EPAM Systems

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Performance cycle be like...

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Thoughts on the London (zones 1 & 2) property market (flats or houses) in the next few years? I’m considering buying this year bc I’ve got £ for a down payment & could get a mortgage with a monthly payment same as my current rent, but I would maybe sell in a few years to co-buy a family home with my partner. I’m a bit concerned the market’s at peak now, plus stamp duty sucks. On the other hand, I read that property values are meant to go up 25% in 3 years, so maybe I should get on ladder now??


Do you think it’s irresponsible and greedy for bar crawls not to have been cancelled? Looks like everyone are sharing cups, putting stuff on their face and generally being too close to each other.


Curious if anyone pre-ordered Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th anniversary. Tired to put deposit, but it sold out in 48 hours is. The Omega sales rep told me since there was only 1,000 for USA.


Can anyone refer me to entry level medical writer roles in the SF / Bay Area?


My eight months old son (still breast feeding) is having a terrible night sleep schedule. He wakes up every two hours and my wife and I are exhausted from this. We have tried sleep training. No luck!

I have a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe XL SE - 32K miles. Lease end is coming up. Buyout price is $19.5K. Show i buy it and sell myself OR return the back?


What is the dress code in sap labs?
Formals or casuals ?


I took the GMAT and I just missed so many questions. I have terrible time management. I’m so upset because I’ve been studying for months. Any tips?


After every offer Negotiation




You will feel could have asked more or could have got more.

What is the take of senior folks how can juniors control that greed and be satisfied. If not the Rat Race Continues.


It's always Florida

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Additional Posts in DataScientists Network

After having 4 rounds of interview with JPMorgan, I received an email asking last 3 months salary slips, info on salary and bonus drawn out and updated resume.
What are the chances they will extend an offer letter ?
Also what should be the Expected Fixed pay, currently drawing fixed pay as close to 21 lakh.
4 years of work exp as a Data Scientist and Masters in Business Economics.


Hello, anybody has any idea about wlb and job security at Hitachi Payment Services (Mumbai)


Hi fishes,

I am looking for a job switch in Data Science and serving notice period in my current company. My current CTC is 13-14lpa with 2.5+ YOE in data science and 4+ overall. Please suggest which companies i should apply to..

Also if anyone can refer me please let me know


Hi Fishes ,

I just started deep learning with pytorch but now I am now confused on what to choose between Pytorch and Tensorflow.

Which is more useful for job opportunities ?


What are some good resources- books , blogs etc for reference architectures to understand ci/cd for data.


Hi, i have joined scaler, i have 5 years of experience in non coding domain. Is this a good decision to switch to data science?


I am having 2+years experience as data scientist with current ctc as 4.75 lpa
If change to other companies what is the minimum ctc can i expect?


Guys, I have offer for 22 LPA, Now cleared interview in TCS, please advise how much I can expect to demand during HR discussion..

Current org - Cognizant
YOE - 9 years,
Tech stack - data science (3 years rel exp)


Hi guys, need suggestions among these. Bajaj Finserv - Senior Unit Manager Risk Genpact - Assistant Manager Credit Risk Validation A growing fintech startup - Senior Data Scientist with focus on building risk models Tiger Analytics - Analytics Consultant
I want to develop my career as a Data Scientist/Data Science Consultant with a focus on fintech/banking

Tiger Analytics Genpact Bajaj Finserv


Hi all.

Unfortunately I've lost my job yesterday (laid off) and I'm looking for a new job.
I've 2.4YOE as a data scientist and I can join immediately.

Please DM me if you have any openings to share.



What salary can i expect in market right now if i switch?
Current CTC: 26 fixed + ~15% annual bonus
YOE: 5.5 years
Tech stack: Applied data science

Will take a decision to stay/switch accordingly


Now we are a family of 10K Whales.

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Have salary discussion call with Bharatpe today for role of Data Scientist.
What should be my expectations to them acc to Bharatpe budget standards and ESOP policies? Plz help
4.1 yrs in sql/python/tableau
CCTC- 15.5
Holding offer-20 (19fixed)


Hey Fishers,

I have 3 offers for a data scientist role....
KGS- 13 fixed
Accenture ai- 16.33 ctc 13.5 fixed
Hexaware- 17.5 ctc 16 fixed

Can someone help me out which company to join... I am preferring KGS


Can I get 11❤️ so I can DM folks.


What is the best way to switch to Data science Field given that we know the Machine Learning and Deep Learning Theory but not practically?

Also generally how is the work life balance in the job for different companies? Any input is valuable


Hi fellow members,
Can you please suggest which company should I join.

1. Infocusp (small company with good projects, based out of Ahmedabad) - Sr. ML Engineer
2. Nagarro - Data Scientist
3. t-systems - Data Scientist

Yoe - 6


Hi beginner here.
Working as a data analyst, tableau is used in my team but I don't have access yet.
Is there a way I can download tableau for free in my personal laptop to learn on my own ?


At Fractal , we have multiple positions for Data Scientist & Machine learning engineer with more than 2 years of experience at multiple locations.

If interested dm me or comment for further details.


Hi .
I have 4 years of experience in data science/machine learning. My current salay is 7.5 lpa.

I gave interview for software engineer ( data engineer) at Siemens Technology and Services .They are giving me a package of 11.5 lpa (all fix). Is the salary ok . Let me know your thoughts


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