Hi Fishes
Received the following offer for Senior PM at a recently funded Product Co:
50 fixed
4 annual bonus
2 joining bonus
+ equity

Currently holding
45 fixed
+ equity

How does the new offer benchmark for senior PM TC that you guys know of?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Fire ho aap Fire 🔥🔥


How many long years of experience and qualification required to this apply for this position


12ype total. 4 relevant 1 semi relevant.

Bomb offer . Congratulations



Thia is pretty much as per industry standards. Expect a variation of 5% or so.

What is your current CTC?

By the way how many years of experience do you have? I've some interviews lined up with well funded start ups for senior PM role, but to be honest i don't think I'm ready for it.

Working as PM right now. 5.5 YOE. Only B.Tech, no MBA.

Yoe: 4+ in product otherwise 12+
Current was mentioned in op

Can you please tell a hint or two about the company name as well, as which will pay this much please

Literally any company that has raised 50m or more

45 to 50 is not much, I would go for a 60 minimum, market is good.
From one year down the line, compare the equity that you hold currently and the one you are getting. Actually that would make lot of sense.

Apart from that if you have a feel for it, just go, because you are anyway searching for job meaning something is not right here.

But 50 is way too less.

Negotiated to 60 total thanks for the input.


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Hi Fishes,Happy New Year.
Need your suggestion and guidance.

YOE : 7.5 ,QA,got an offer for Senior associate in Cognizant kolkata.
My expected is around 18LPA .
Is it safe in CTS? How much should i expect as my base location is Kolkata.

Is it safe to re-negotiate on a counter offer ,IF i have already accepted an offer from CTS?

Please help,thanks in advance.


This is a legit question so don’t hate me just trying to understand if it’s worth it or not. What is the draw of applying to M7? I understand elite status, but based on research the median total comp for an M7 grad is 185k as of 2020 study (2019 data) and the average age of the students in these programs is 27/28. I know going to MBB they have pretty specific comp coming out for M7 grads but outside of those three firms, what is the draw? Trying to justify spending 200k for a degree.


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I know I am asking off topic question and suggestion here..but appreciate if u guys gave ur opinions...Recently my wife passed away left with 2 kids of 7 yrs and 1 month baby...I really broke down due to this ..now I am not able to concentrate and gave my 100% to workplace .I am thinking to take a 1-2 months break (WLP) to recollect myself and take care of my kids. Want to know is it possible to take 2 months WLP with above reason...I am in HCL ..working for UKG client.pls suggest..



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Which company should I join any suggestion.S&P Global


How much will be the in-hand salary from this compensation structure?

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Why does Capgemini not give work equally to everyone?I have worked in Python in Capgemini but now they stopped assigning work and getting less calls while switching.I know all concepts of Python and coding and some concepts of flask and Django but when I applied few startups conduct tough coding round and rejected rare MNCs are calling so if I resign will I get job or it can be risky.Because I don't know how much company will accept with 3 years experience though I worked only 2year in Python.


I cleared all my rounds of interview in JPMC, had salary discussion with HR 2 weeks back. After which i was asked to apply the job on candidate portal and submit additional information.

Its almost 2 weeks and i haven't heard back anything from them. My status in portal shows "You are moving to the final steps in the process". This status has not changed since last 2 weeks.

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Would you charge a higher day rate for Big Tobacco? I somewhat still smoke, and I know that the effects of advertising somewhat played a macro influence on my decision to pickup. But in the end, I picked up because I was a "good boy" high-schooler who moved to college, threw up middle fingers to conservative upbringing, and tried to emulate the folks who looked cooler than me. So I'm not totally morally against it, but I feel like I should charge like I am.


Senior leader (director level). Person or color, female, 15 YoE in digital transformation. Base comp $160k, TC $200k+.

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Got up (very) early and drank my coffee in the hot tub while watching the meteor shower with my wife. Not a bad start to the day

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Keeping an eye on the neighborhood!

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Human capital consulting to people ops in tech is that the normal transition?


Anyone tried cutting out sugar for 30 days or so? Does it actually make a difference and if so, how? Belly reduction? More energy?


Somewhat related to salary negotiations but say you receive an offer but you want to wait until a 2nd offer at another company comes in before responding to the 1st — what’s the best way to delay/stall — or be transparent without making the 1st offer company feeling like the 2nd choice?


does hcl give counter offer. already having offer i will be ok if they increase 2 lpa more. i have offer of 5 lpa more than what hcl given.


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Anyone working in Dell or worked previously, could you please share how is Dell technologies as a company to work for?
What has been your experience and how long have you been with Dell?
If someone is working as a technical product owner there, it would be great if you could share your experience n assist me?


I am a Software Engineer with 14 months experience and plan to switch to the role of a Product Owner.
I've been a part of Scrum teams throughout my tenure as a Software Engineer.
I'm doing a course on Business Foundations and plan to take the PSPO certification exam.
Are there any other steps that I need to take to make the transition?
Also, is the transition at all feasible given my around 1.5 years of work experience?


Copied from LinkedIn

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Why most of the time companies have so much disparity between Development and Product team. I can say this with utmost certainty Product team will get way less salary than a developer. I have 10 years of experience and my CTC is less then 5 years of Dev in my organisation.


Is PMP certification still worth in 2022??


Hello folks,
Need some advice.

I am an Associate Project Manager with 1 yr of experience in Geospatial Industry. I'm looking for a switch and I am currently on my notice period.

I am finding it hard get interview calls as I have observed the experience needed for this role is more.

How should I proceed with such less experience as I'm not willing to continue in current company??

I am not actively applying to IT sector as I come from a non-technical background.

Appreciate your response!


How much does ShareChat pays to a Associate Product Manager ?


Hi I have been trying to break into Product Management for the last few years. I have a Masters degree in science and hence most companies don't even consider candidates like me to be fit enough for a PM role. I'm currently learning more about PM from Udemy. What else can I do to land a job as Product Manager?


Dear fishes, I'm a product analyst trying to transition into an APM role. Do you guys have any idea what are some of the companies that pay high salary for an APM


Hello everyone,

My project is looking for product managers from India with MBA degree with technology experience, immediate joiners preferred, work location Remote or Bangalore. If anyone having experience in product management please drop me a note. Thanks


Hello Fishes ,
I am working as an APM-II and have total product management experience of 4 years.
I have recently started looking for a PM role in other organisations.
If any product fellow have PM opening in their organisation, please help me out.


What's the avg salary for a product manager having 6-7 total exp in India ?

Hi all,
Please share resume format for Product manager profile. You may direct message me. It will your great help. Thanks