Hi Fishies , Need one help. I have 2 offers from Birlasoft and Genpact where Genpact is paying 2LPA more than Birlasoft . But profile is better in Birlasoft. I want to join Birlasoft but not sure if they will give me same profile because IT Companies after joining change projects sometimes. Any suggestions from Birlasoft or Genpact employees. My domain is in Oracle Apps Technical (Genpact ). Birlasoft it is PDH( MDM) cloud version. CTC offered :- 16.5 + 1.85 + 50k(Birlasoft )
Genpact :- 21 LPA.

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Don't join Genpact, in Genpact if you will assign with GE project then you have to work in 11i version

I'm in a GE but working in r12 project.


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The attrition rate in Infosys for last 3 quarters roughly accounts to 75% (20+27+28). With nearly 3/4 of the company moving out in last 9 months, the Infy management have never seemed to have learnt a lesson from it.

Still no compensation revision given for employees who have been associated for long term (Say 4+ years)

Folks - Is there any compensation revision planned in the near future... considering the after effects of q1 fy23 attrition rise ?

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I'm a fresher and I have just landed a job in Banglore (Currently WFH).

After some time my organization will ask me to start WFO.

The compensation that I'm currently getting is 3LPA.

Will it be much difficult to survive there while working from office?


Guys can anyone make me understand that what is Infosys process for promotion because today my sister got promoted to senior operation executive but no salary hike or bonus or anything.


I just accepted an offer in s&c utility space but I really would like to transfer to AFS in the future. I have a lot of experience in the utility space but afs is my interest area. Is this possible or will it be frowned upon? I’m an L9 likely on the higher end of the pay scale? I’m also not looking to go directly, like maybe after a year or so


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Hey Folks,

I am working in automotive domain.
And I accepted offer letter from TCS. But now having different offer as well.

So can you please suggest me what will happen if I accepted offer letter and doesn't join TCS.
Does they block for future?

Please give me your comments as I am in big dilema.


Just accepted a role at black stone. Anyone working there or provide feedback on the office and culture? Tia


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Could anybody provide a referral to Apple? Position is in support and service org. Please DM me!


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If I give my two week notice next Friday, can I still get paid through the end of Thanksgiving holidays? My company is closed on Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving.


Hi guys, I have 10+ YOE in .Net Full stack. I am serving notice period. Looking for referrals opportunities. Please let me know if any. Also need likes for DM


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I am an entry level nuclear engineer at an established nucl co. (been w them for 1.5y) and feel like I’m being underpaid for my role (73k/y). I was just contacted about interviewing for an entry level technician role at a different co., which compared to an engineer would be a step down imo. However, this role pays over 5k what I’m currently making (~79k/y). Do I ask for a raise to match this or consider the other role? Or Is there a different solution here?


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Additional Posts in BirlaSoft

Hi fishes,my wife has been offered below offer from birlasoft. Can someone explain monthly bonus,basket of allowance & special allowance to me? Is everything of it really fixed. She has offer from TCS-11.5,Knorr bremse-12.5.Her current company is Accenture with 5.5YOE in SAP ABAP. please let me know if birlasoft is good enough? Suggestions & advises are welcome. Her LWD is on 23rd may.

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I Got 22 lakhs CTC on Birlasoft, how much I get in hand salary?


Hi folks, recently got an offer from birlasoft. Wanted to know how’s work culture and what clients available in chennai location?? Any feedback would really help, thank you. Pls advise

Hello Fishes,

I have joined
Birlasoft in mid January this year and currently on bench. What's the official notice period as I am on probation and got a offer for Permanent WFH.

Please suggest what can be done in such case.

Thanks in Advance!

Is the appraisal done?

How much appraisal can I expect, I joined recently as a front-end developer (Angular)? I have been assigned project immediately.

YOE: 1

Can someone please confirm if i submit my papers in probation period how much notice period i have to serve in Birlasoft. Thanks in advance.


Is it safe and worth to join Birlasoft with 38lpa. I have offers upto 34.5 from other reputed organisations.

Hi Sharks,

I joined Birlasoft recently, I was not able to fill timelog but filled onduty though. I contacted HR but there is no proper response.
Does this affect my salary?

Got an offer from BirlaSoft. I have mixed views about the Organisation and how it operates. Would anyone care to brief a bit of WLB, Leaves, WFH flexibility and work culture in general? Thank you!

Newly joined in Birlasoft, I could not find IFSC code in personal details and other details are missing in myworld.
Please advise what should I do ? Should I reach out to Hr Or raise a service now request?

Hi folks

BirlaSoft has changed variable payout policy?
Is it now monthly payout instead of 6 monthly?


What is Birlasoft Pune planning for the mode of working, Is it wfh or hybrid ?

Howz job security in Birlasoft? Please suggest

Hi, What would be the max CTC can expect from birlasoft if we have counter offer of 11-13 for Python Automation with 4 YOE


Hello Everyone, I have total 7 years of experience in Power BI and MSBI and currently getting 13 LPA. I got interviewed at Birlasoft Pune for Expert Developer/Technical lead role. How much CTC I can ask as a m immediate joiner and got a mail for background check. Thanks!

How to use the insurance provided by birlasoft? My father has a medical condition for which I need help.

Hi Fishes,

What is the probability of a Birlasoft employee becoming client employee(fte for the client)