Hi folks,

Can I switch my role from a Java Developer to a Salesforce dev in the company itself?
Need views on this.

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works at
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Yes talk to your manager and BP HR and tell them about ur interest of cross skilling


Thanks. What if they don't agree? What can be done in this case?

Develop Salesforce skill and switch


Is it fine to not have project experience in the same but by having skills I can make a switch?

Learn Salesforce and discuss with your manager about your career aspirations. It is simple. Isn't it?

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Currently looking for a job opportunity specific to Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, as I want to get out of the Generalist realm.
From the employers I've recently interviewed with, they average 15-20 reqs at a time.

Any tips for transitioning from slow recruiting (around 4 at a time) in the generalist role to a high number of reqs?
This is the way I want my career to transition but I think it may be a challenging adjustment.


Just thinking about it, why wouldn’t Grant Thornton be excited to join Guidehouse? I bet there isn’t much of a change in benefits or position levels. If anything it will be the same or better. Has anyone from Navigant or Dovel noticed a difference?


Anyone here who can give me a referral in Amazon?


Looking for Product Manager role.
Any openings?
Total Experience : 7yrs

Hi all! I need your help. I work on a large team and I feel like I am unable to move forward from my position (client services) to a more technical position ( financial planning and portfolio analysis). My group is set in their ways and additionally there is a gender division in roles and an overarching sentiment of “waiting your turn” How can I communicate what I want and show them I am capable for the job without stepping on anyone’s toes / change my role in the team?


I am a high performing individual contributor in a fast-growing company that succeeds or fails based, in no small part, on my results. I get perfect reviews and work well with my team. There appears to be no growth path. I’ve defined my path forward to my team and asked for the promotion. I appear to be at my ceiling. Other companies are calling, but so far, I have turned everyone away. This is not a credential issue. I’m grad degreed and have multiple certifications.


For someone who has a sub-par undergrad GPA and is not particularly skilled at math/arithmetic (I know Math isn’t the core skill set but it is important in scoring well on the GMAT /Courses) , is it worth it for me to try to get into a above average MBA program? For me personally it’s either a good program or bust because it is a serious financial commitment. I currently work as a sales professional at a leading cybersecurity company so I think that may serve to my benefit. Thoughts?


Anyone track their dogs fitness? Been using a Fi Collar the past year or so. Pretty cool, even has a built in light for nighttime visibility. v2 came out.

Referral: J7833R

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Hey all, I’m considering a position with KPMG’s Deal Advisory / M&A service line as an M. What are your thoughts on 1) work life balance, 2) business outlook, and 3) culture? The salary is very competitive.


So I’m thinking about applying for different companies.. I feel forced to I currently make a little under 50k a year with 4 1/2 years of PC experience. Currently an underwriter. Any companies you all know that are actively hiring with a good salary for experience?


Up for a senior role and want to bolster my production experience. How do you discover/track good directors? Every time someone drops a reference it’s new to me.


Received offer. I countered and asked a lot of questions about the position. Recruiter said they were gonna meet internally to discuss my offer. Haven’t heard in over 24 hrs. Did i screw up?

Hello Microsoft People,

are the hiring actually frozen for now, I was actually planning to apply for a few roles currently available.

Happy weekend everyone

Any firms looking for an experienced art director ? Please let me know. Just finished my role at digitas


Where do V20 associates commonly exit to when going in-house?


I have been working at Amazon for past 4 years and I'm thinking of making a transition to a tech role majorly in AI and ML. I tried looking for courses but didn't found anything valuable. Can someone please suggest from where I can start my journey. Thanks.


Are security certifications worth getting as an SE?

I work for a SaaS company that deals occasionally with sensitive information. I’m hoping to build my foundational security knowledge to be more credible with prospects. Will getting a cert help? Any suggestions? Looking at CCSK (CSA) and CC (ISC)2 as options.

I would appreciate your perspective.
I am currently working on my MBA in a professional evening and weekend program at a highly accredited university. I am thinking about transferring to a much smaller private online program, specifically because they offer a concentration in organizational health, which directly builds on my doctoral research. Does great depth and specialization outweigh the value of a highly respected generalist degree?


I’ve only been practicing for 4 months, but I feel fairly confident that the practice area im in is not for me— I don’t find the work engaging at all and I can’t see myself actually litigating these cases. Just trying to gauge how it will look to employers if I start applying/job hopping elsewhere so soon? If anyone else has done something similar early in their career, would love to hear how that went.


Can someone tell me more about the FMVA certification by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI). How well recognised is it within the industry, and what kind of credibility does it add to a candidate?


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What is the hierarchy in BNP Paribas Bangalore, for investment banking domain.


When the Deloitte USI pune office will be opening for employees... any idea?


Hey guys I got an interview call for salesforce developer at pwc. How’s pwc for Salesforce @ / ncino also how much can I expect for a 2.5 years of experience currently at 9.4 ctc.

Hi people I am looking for a job change for SQL DBA position with 2YOE.Please let me know any openings or IBM" class="linkified" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >referral.IBM CGI Infosys Amazon Chubb Subex Mahindra Group Tata Consultancy Groww Cerner Corporation OracleCerner Corporation Barclays BlackRock Flipkart Honeyw

Hi All,
Onkar here.I have recently been laid off from FIS Global and I am actively looking for opportunities for java backend developer role.Preferences are payments,financial,banking domain.
Please let me know if there are any availability in your organization.
Contact :-9834952674
Experience:-2.2 years
My Techstack:-Spring Boot,Spring Webflux,Reactive Kafka,Ansible, Kubernetes (OCP),Jenkins, Cassandra,Docker.


Hiya! I was wondering if anyone here has any good recommendations in terms of books or learning material that I can pick up to learn about sales and marketing relevant to the consulting industry?


How much does Nagarro offer for staff engineer?
YOE - 7.9
Tech - QA manual/Automation
CCTC - 11.5


Mck fishes, if you join as an experienced BA , can you expect to be an associate after 1 year?


I joined Tiger Analytics with CTC of 9lpa. When I check in greythr IT statement, it shows 7.14lpa.

In the CTC payslip, it shows 75k per month as my salary. But this month I got 61k.

I understand they deduct tax, but I feel it is too much. IDK where I'm losing the money. Can someone tell if this is normal. I'm a fresher so, IDK much about it.

Also, what can I do to pay less taxes? Any help on that?


Hello friend,

Can you please help me for selection for company.

01. EY - 13.5L fixed
02. Xoriant - 14L fixed
03. LTI - 12L fixed + 50k veriable.

year of experience : 3.4
Technology : Java + Angular.


What are highest paying companies in Pune?


I’ve got a file running iferror(vlookup(),””), it correctly either returns the number from the vlookup or a blank space. I would like to use conditional formatting to highlight cells that return a number. I tried conditional formatting w formula and typing in isnumber(A2) (with the necessary cell range selected) and nothing happened. Any suggestions?


How's everyone doing? Can you post your YOE and CCTC in Volvo. I will start with mine. YoE 7 cctc 14.5 LPA.

Pandemic aside (assuming this doesn’t go on forever), how do you make friends with this job, especially if you’re older? I moved to a new city for this job and building a new friend network is hard! My existing friends (all of whom now live in a different city from me) already know me and are more patient with my unpredictable schedule (and are also more open to impromptu meetups), but I find that this job does not lend itself well to making new friends. I feel so lonely.


What do people think of the idea of tying drug prices to other countries' prices?


I received an offer from a solar startup in San Jose 110k base with 7.5% bonus - I am looking for at least 120k due to living costs and I have another offer locally in Texas with 110k compensation at a much more established chemical company. How can I negotiate to get a higher base for the startup? I like them and am attracted to opportunity to change industries and move but comp is only thing holding me back. Any advice?


For accounts and finance based roles at Ireland, visa sponsorship available. Grant Thornton

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What's the compensation of BA/BTA promoted to Consultant at Deloitte in top tier city?


Need 11 Heart for DM


Was previously working as an advisor growing a nice book and left to move 18hrs away to be close to family. I was pregnant and desperate to take what would move us and now I’m a planner working for FAs and I’m making $130k. Was fine at first while I got thru pregnancy but now I’m not happy & regret accepting the job and pay. I’m supporting others who are making 3-4times my salary. I have 10 yrs experience and CFP, often more than FAs I’m helping. Ask for more $$ or start over being an FA?


Additional Posts in LTIMindtree


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hello Friends,

Is the Notice period in LTI negotiable?
If yes, kindly share details.

Thanks :) Larsen & Toubro Infotech


Hi All, Can you please tell me whether there is any percentage criteria for experience candidate in LTIMindtree like 60% throughout or not.

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi everyone,

I have completed tech and manager round and now I have got a mail to submit my documents.
Subject is LTI application process - documents required

Does it mean that I have cleared all the rounds ?

Larsen & Toubro Infotech


hi guys which company shall i choose @LTI(senior data engineer)or @axtria (associate l2) in terms of projects , learning, wlb and job security
tech- data warehouse
lti paying slightly higher than axtria


What are BoB components at LTI?

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Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi fishes, Please help which one should i join in terms of job security ? LTI=19 ctc (10%variable)+ 2 lacs jb, Fulcrum= 23 ctc fixed (can give upto 25) ,YOE- 4 years Tech Stack - Azure Data Engineer Larsen & Toubro Infotech Fulcrum Digital


Like many companies sponsor higher education does lti have something similar?


Larsen & Toubro Infotech I got a mail for Digital Handshake Session from Larsen & Toubro Infotech ? As my joining is after two weeks.

What is that ? Anyone attended this recently?

Kindly share your views .



How is Builders Mutual insurance client project in terms of WLB & culture..


Hi guys,

I have two offer wipro and LTi

which one to choose for job security ? Both are offering same package.
Skill Set :MSBI YOE:9+
Salary -23FP+3VP


Hi guys can some tell me if there is any probation in LTI...and also is it 1 month notice In probation

If anyone wants to discuss tax saving techniques then please do reach out to me

We can save upto 2-3 lacks of your tax

Thannks & regards


Hexaware or Lti, which can give better job security at this time?

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hello all, What is the YOE needed for P4. During HR discussion after interviews i was told that will get P3 and 10% variable but in the offer letter they made it P4 and variable to 15% where over all package is same so technically my basic fixed has reduced and variable has increased. Can we challenge this by any ways ? Larsen & Toubro Infotech Techno YOE - 8.5 years Tech - DWH, ETL,

Offered CTC 26.5


Lnt is in jaipur location