Hi folks

Recro vs Wissen


27LPA fixed
What to choose
Not worried about WLB

Both are internal projects

Looking for niche skill development

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Recro is a staffing company, you will be working in another company on the payroll of recro. I don't think it's good for cv.


But what's more good for CV is you will get a chance to work with good product based startups so you may get absorbed or you can make a switch to product based company

Correction 17lpa not 27lpa


Maalum hai isiliye toh correct kiya 🤣🤣🤣


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Hi there I am looking to gather information for the salary ranges of a practice manager. The position will either be on NC or VA. The salaries are so varied abs it’s with HCAhealthcare. Any advice is appreciated.


I would love some suggestions on transitioning and career paths.

I gave 15+ years in healthcare claims (payer side, physician/facility side) and revenue cycle management. I’m burnt out and want to transition away from revenue cycle mgmt.

I only have my Associates degree and would currently need to take a job that is remote with no/minimal phone responsibilities. What roles do you recommend that would allow me to transition my skills while maintaining a minimum salary of 50k?


Hey guys

I will be joining Accenture soon , in countdown to accenture i can see the project name/dept as SAP SI solution factory . What is it ? Also under business unit it says IDC any idea anyone

I cleared 2 rounds of interviews with CGI. The very next day someone from the management team called me up and very readily agreed with me for my expected salary. He said he shall quickly ask the HR team to process my offer letter.

And it's been a week since I haven't heard from anyone. Neither CGI asked me docs nor any HR called me.

What shall I do now? I am currently under the Notice Period.


Anybody waiting for TCS offer letter in this month


Deloitte (salesforce project) or sap labs (Sap crm) project , which is better to opt ? Same salary almost, skill - testing



I have 3.2 YOE in React FE and total 4 years.

My current package is very less i.e 4.7 in TCS.

Can anyone guide me how much I can expect now.


Hi, what is starting package for workday consultant in Mercer? Please help

How flexible is to change project in Brillio ?


MDs in FDD, how much are you making?


I received a call from Infosys after 20 days of interview for offer discussion, I was ok with the offer , HR said she will get back, what can I expect next?


I have 8 years of experience got offer from TCS - 18, IBM - 20, CTS - 22. I want to join TCS for the job security and the profile offered. I want to raise the TCS offer by 20 and join TCS. Is that possible or anyone done that before ? Need your suggestion/past experience how should I approach ??


Hi folks,
How much time
Bosch takes to release offer letter. I have cleared all round.. Discussed salary too, next day got a mail to upload photograph, education and experience details to their portal. It been 1 week after that , how long should I wait?


How is work culture in Citicorp? What are the learning opportunities and certification opportunities?


Any insight on Marina Maher? Considering a role there but want to know more


Hey Guys did anyone here do a BCG 1st round interview recently and has heard back?


Hi Guys,

I have an offer from JPMC of 27 lacs Fixed and HR round pending for Morgan Stanely Bangalore.
How much should I ask?
YOE:7 Yrs, Stack: Scala Spark

Also which is better JP or MS? I heard rumours about Job security issues at MS. TIA


Anyone who's working on Flipkart Digital services project? Nagarro Is it purely a core Java project? Or Java/Spring Boot?


Is Samsung give 50-60% off on Samsung product to there employees??Samsung


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I have selected for NTT Data. Submitted all documents one week ago. I did not get the offer letter yet.
When can i expect?

Do pdm analyst get bonuses?

Can anyone explain me the taxation of anywhere employees?
Is it simpler to normal employees or they are considered as self-employed consultant?


Hey everyone,
I just moved to the Indianapolis area and was hoping you could help identify what the salary market was here. I have my BS in mechanical engineering, MS in engineering management, and an MBA. I have been working in the auto industry for 7 years. Ideally I would love to find a project manager or similar position at a larger size company. Thanks for the help.


I had HR round today and HR said from this month October onwards Accenture stopped giving or offering joining bonus to everyone.
Is it true can others share experiences?


What are some best practices while resigining?


How common are signing bonuses and/or stock when targeting industry roles at the Director/Sr Director/VP level at non-FAANG companies?


Did it happen with someone in the last quarter that although you got nominated by L1 for band progression but the promotion did not happen?


Why is the ROI in online dating so miserably low?


Yesterday my boss scheduled a meeting with me for something he needed help with. He was 15min late & took a phone call from his boss during…10min. This has become a habit. At one point I even stoped scheduling our 1:1’s because he misses them so often but he realized a couple months later & told me to start scheduling them again. I told him they aren’t necessary but he insisted. What do I do? It makes me feel less important/unappreciated. I rather not even schedule to meet. Advice?


A friend had me thinking about wealth management. I’m curious when are FAs paid the management fees and performance fees on AUM or profits respectively? What if client changes FA, you leave the firm, or client takes out money? What if equities aren’t sold for multiple years, then when would you be compensated for the increase (performance)?


When you tell your manager you are unhappy and they are excited that you are putting your notice and don't try and make any changes b/c the new person/persons they are lining up will just cleanup and make it better.

Then, they get here and you are left to train them on everything you do and your manager keeps saying "I owe you an apology" because they didn't realize how taxing and mind wrecking most processes you handled were... welcome to corporate


Has anyone here exited from consulting into a search and evaluation role in industry? Either big pharma or other biotechs. It’s a function I’m interested in, but would love to chat with someone who has more insight. Background is BME PhD approaching 2 YOE in life sciences consulting.


One of these is decidedly less good-looking than the other... A380 and B747 @ LAX

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Hi Fishes,

I have an offer of one company. Also selected in other company but for HR discussion they are asking me some documents including my current offer which I am holding.
Can I share the the offer which I am holding to them?


What is the typical S&O manager salary at Tech company’s? What about TC?


I took swimming lessons as an adolescent and I know how to swim. However, I really can’t swim for long because I have never been able to correct my breath work, i.e., when I try to turn to take a breath, I seem to lose balance and put my feet down. Anyone faced this and has advice or tips? Really want to get more into swimming, but it’s seeming like a dead-end


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hello Guys...
How is PWC for data Science Profile ?
Base Project Location - Kolkatta
Year of Exp - 8+
Relevent to Data Science - 3

How is WLB and Growth and Job security there

I will be having HR discussion on coming Monday or Tuesday..
How much salary I should ask ?
my Current CTC - 22 LPA
holding an offer of 23 LPA with 1 lakh joining bonus in happiest Mind and VOIS


How good is Allstate banglore when it comes to work culture, salary & hike? Also, WFH option available?
Appreciate if someone shares the band/title/rank hierarchy. TIA


hello Fishes,

I am leaving Accenture because of hectic work schedule and late night shift work. Because of this I was not able to give time to my 1 year old child.
However, I have few offers in hand as given but my priority are WFH and normal shift work:

Can you suggest, which organization would be good to join?
Thanks in advance.TietoEVRY IBM

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Hi People,

I joined a startup 6 months back on CTC of 21.5 LPA and an experience of 7+ years. I now hold an offer of 24 LPA from a very well established brand in investment banking domain.

My current company is ready to match or provide above 24 LPA.

What should I choose, a startup or a established firm?

As CTC is not of much weightage here.


I recently gave interview for Mainframe developer @ BNP Paribas. Interview went good. Total yrs of exp is 7.8 years. My current ctc is 13lacs, what should be my ask? Will BNP give more than 20?

Can anyone let me know what would be in hand salary for the below breakup?

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Dear Fishes,

I have resigned from my current Organization, HR is asking for the offer letter to match my CTC. What should I do from the following:

1. Forward the offer letter as is.
2. Edit the offer letter to remove all the other info except the breakup and intro part
3. Just share the excel of the breakup which I received from the new company

Please advise with reasoning and justification.

Note: I wish to stay with my current employer.


How are onsite opportunities at Infosys vis a vis TCS?

I am about to join Infosys after spending 5 years at Tata Consultancy



i am .net dev with 3 yoe and got an offer with 15 lpa from one company. Its been just one year in my current company is negotiaing with me to retain should i stay one more year and try after one year again? or try and get more counter offers and switch?


I have an offer in hand from Ey india and kpmg ; both have same ctc 12lpa fixed.

YoE: 4.8

What should i do to negotiate: how much i should negotiate please advise

Hey Fishes, Please help me decide

Tech: ReactJs, YoE: 5, Current CTC: 10 l.p.a

Nagarro told they can provide 21 l.p.a & can match if any other higher offer i got .How much can i expect from Nagarro ?


Hi Fishesh,

Need an advice, I got offer and are asking for joining within 30 days, my current employer will not leave me before 90 days.. Please suggest how to handle the situation..?


Hi, After 1.5 year of experience in Spring and Angular now i think to apply in different companies.

So i want to know about how the interview was there for experience people? Means it is same as the freshers like oop concepts, java keywords, dbms queries, algo and ds questions or only my domain related in Spring and Angular or any other?

And how i prepared for those interviews?

If you can give some examples than it is extremely helpful for me.

Thanks in Advance...


Hello All,
Can someone confirm IHS Market is providing work from home or from office.


My package is 15 lacs... as salesforce developer....how much should I ask to infosys for SFMC with 6 yrs of experience


If recently any body got counter offer from Capgemini. How much they matched or percentage over earlier offer. Capgemini Nagarro Infosys Tata Consultancy


Hi Guys, please suggest me between

Optum, Informatica, KPMG and Microland.

The CTC offered is almost same 30/40 k difference (give or take)

YOE - 4.9
Tech - Cloud DevOps

Thanks for your valuable suggestions!!!