Hi folks - what are some good client gifts that you can take on a flight easily?

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How many gifts are we talking here ?


Planners, pens if you have a budget and want your swag to be visible. Otherwise sky is the limit, from expensive liquor bottle to game tickets or vacations 😉

Chocolate & event tickets. Can't think of anyone who doesn't like those!!


Hello! Tumblers or planners. You can also bring gift cards easily. :)

A personalized planner. That would be awesome.

Ornaments, candy, chocolates, tumblers, gift cards, popcorn, hot cocoa bombs, I don't know... the list goes on. As long as you put it in your carryon you should be ok.

Depends which country you go to. In some countries, you are not allowed to accept give that cost more than eg 20$.
Christmas sweets from your native country can be a nice gesture.

Anything personalized is very well appreciated. Go for a tumbler or maybe a mug with their name on it. Also, Christmas treats or chocolates would be lovely.

I'm a frequent flyer and I personally would really love it if someone gave me a travel-friendly powerbank or a personalized kintted flight blanket.

Gift cards are always good. It you want something more personal maybe engraved bracelet or pen, a cute mug is always a go to.

You can never go wrong with gift cards. Does not put much of a burden on you and I have yet to see someone who does not smile when receiving one. Trust me on this

Massage parlor

I agree with gift cards. But you can also get a personalized one depending on your client's personality. Or maybe omething that she/he can use.

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When the client asks you to put 2 years worth of multi-layer info into one slide

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Currently licensed in Illinois and Indiana


Friday gym check in! Get it in!


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I don’t know what it is about certifications but I love them. Feels like leveling up in a video game.


What will you be doing next?


What is the different between working in a domestic ibank vs deal advisory of a big four?
What should one consider while deciding between the both?


Need some roommate advice! One of my friends decided to move to NYC so we got an apartment together, 2BR/2BA, each room has an ensuite bathroom. The rooms are essentially the same size, except for the depth of the closets which differ by 5” (I measured). My friend was okay with me taking the room with the slightly deeper closet considering I’ve been in NYC for 5 years and have more stuff/furniture here and I also offered to pay more. But she’s moving here with her mom, who’s staying a couple...


Do you think not drinking alcohol has been detrimental to your consulting career?


Coming to the realization that consulting is not for me (tech person) feeling angry that salaries at D will never be on pair with FANG and that leadership is not tech focused. For example you could be a soul contributor at fang making 240k and people at Deloitte wait 10+ years to earn that as Senior Managers because they need to climb the corporate ladder. It seems super clear cut to me now, if you want to make money in tech don’t join consulting firms. Am I wrong?


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Levels.fyi Top Paying Companies in the US, filtered by Sales roles.

1. Uber 2. Intel Corporation 3. VMware . Dell 5. Wipro

Dell Uber Intel Corporation VMware Wipro

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Salesforce reps or anyone familiar. What are some of the better products/segments to sell into? Cloud (Service, sales, platform, mulesoft etc), core rep, or vertical? Would also appreciate any insight into what’s it’s like to be in the sales org there overall


Currently working at a large enterprise company and I have taken a role as the 1st AE at a startup expanding to the US. What would you look to accomplish within the first 60 days and how would you approach improving as your tenure grows?


hi everyone, what are some questions you normally ask your interviewer?

i’ve got a couple in mind, but just want to pick your brain and see what everyone else asks!


Hello! I am currently working as an SDR and I am thinking of transitioning into VA. Is there anyone on here who is or used to be a virtual assistant? Could you tell me a little bit about your day-to-day workload? Is there a way for someone who is in sales to transition to VA work?


Anyone from the animation industry? What sales strategies have helped you to get direct clients? What has helped you to get ad agencies as clients?


My company is recruiting me for a “Assistant sales manager” position. My question is what do you think I should negotiate as a base pay? Anyone currently in that position?


Hey everyone, need some career help...

I’m currently a BDR at a small family business who specializes in financial services. Total sales team is 11 people just to give you an idea.

I’ve been here for 2 years now and it’s my first job out of college. Id like to move to a larger company with more growth and training as I know it will help me for the future.

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Anyone have connections in Oklahoma City?


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The other question is: how many of you receive unsolicited messages on LinkedIn and just ignore them?


Attention SDRs & AE’s
Trying to gauge average salaries, how much are you guys making? Are you on target, above target, below target? What industry are you in? Thanks


How do people go about calling areas outside of your physical area code? Are you using something to mask your area code as a local code?


My management sent us a link to register for Clockify. Does anyone use this? What are they able to see/track?


I have been with my current company for the last 14 years. Straight commission position. Since 2013 hey have been trying to rebuild this store. Since working for them we’ve gone through 3 CFO’s and I am on my third BM who will being leaving the company only after a year. There is a new Area leader which is causing bad karma among the team. Strong arm tactics and now we are losing good people again. Ideas on how to deal with this very uncomfortable situation. Stuck between a rock and hard place.