Hi guys,
I got an offer from
Cognizant , after initial documents submission formalities, HR/POC stoped responding to email. My DOJ is 4th Nov.
I am really concerned about initial accomodation.
Do Cognizant provide initial accomodation ??

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Is it in-person onboarding..?
Did you get any confirmation on this??

Yes i got confirmation and doj at their onboarding website.
But haven't heard from them since last one months, no reply to mail/call

No cts does not provide accommodation

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Hi JPMorgan Chase,

I have worked in a project of JPMC till July 2021.
Could you please let me know what is the cooling period after which I can apply for a Job on direct payroll of JPMC ?


Anyone know how much percentage is the jump from BA4 to AVP salary in Barclays ? Reconsidering if internal promotion is best or just apply outside.. any thoughts?


I heard there is sub level also in accenture for each level, but it is not mentioned in offer letter.
Anyone knows how to get to know about this?


How long does UBS take to send offer letter after the candidate accepts the salary breakup ?


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Hello all,

I’m a recent graduate of masters and currently have 2 offers in my hand.

1) One with CITI Bank with 100k salary and no sign on bonus and as it is in my home town as I stay with my family needs no relocation bonus required.

2) This is with American Airlines in Dallas Fort Worth which offered 100k + 10k bonus + 18k relocation bonus (required)

Which ofer should I consider given I’m a new graduate and this is going to be my first job. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


When is the annual bonus/variable pay distributed in Novartis and what is the usual percentage of bonus ?


Hi Mates,
I have offer for below 3 companies can you please suggest which one would be better to join with respect to work life balance, career growth, job security,wfh etc. 1 . LTI (citi bank is client) 2. Marsh Mclennan. 3. T Systems


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I hve Cybersecurity IAM Senior Con interview with EY. Their are 3 interviews of 0.5hr each. Has anyone given a IAM senior con interview recently? What is the nature of this interviews? How to prepare?

Hi guys, How much time Walmart global tech India takes after the positive feedback and collecting documents?
I felt HRs are too slow. They took two months to get all 5 rounds done for a Product Manager. Now, after giving the documents, again no response from them. Did it happen to you?


Hey Fishes. How many years does it take to move up the ladder from AVP to VP position at HSBC.


Arcesium What are the career Heirarchy levels at Arcesium in Tech?


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I am burnt out. I declined an offer to be an ACD because I can’t fathom having more to things to do and problems to worry about. I just want a 9-5. How does anyone keep going in this industry.


Hi All,

Would like to know some genuine feedback on UST global.. I have cleared 3 rounds of UST global and working as functional consultant with 9 YOE

Please advise on pay scale, job security a d work pife balance

Thank you so much


Hi Guys,

I'm a Technical Writer with 5 years of experience. Currently I recieve 12LPA.

Am I getting the right pay? What other companies pay well for Tech Writers? Pour in ur thoughts!

Thank You.


For those who went about gaining a professional mentor outside of their job, how did you do it? I would love to have a mentor that’s higher than me by more than one position and outside of my company (pretty much what I have now). I feel like I’m at the point of needing higher level perspective and guidance.

How is fujistu wrt to culture and other benefits?


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You may not know what you want for Christmas this year, but your home sure does! Here is a Holiday wishlist we wrote up that will be a treat for your home this year:

🎄New paint job
🎄Video doorbell
🎄New windows
🎄A deep clean
🎄Solar roof

Your house has been good this year, splurge a little and give it some love back!

#JDTeam #homebuying #homeselling #realestate #chicago

We’re soft reopened the office and Thursdays are team days and the team has asked for Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

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For the folks that left big companies for smaller ones, what drove you to make the change?
Currently I work from a very large company but work load is driving me crazy. Smaller company has some “building up processes from scratch” approach, which is also stressful. I’m unsure of the actual workload. Pay is almost the same.


I’m currently a Fair Housing coordinator & have been practicing in the Housing Law world for about 7 years. I am trying my best to get my foot in the door for corporate law. Any suggestions on how I can begin? I have a bachelors degree & currently pursuing a certification in Paralegal studies. I need pointers on how I can get accepted at any Corporate Law Firm. Everyone asks years of experience and that’s exactly what I’m trying to get. I’ve been proven to be efficient anywhere I’m placed. Help!


Need a comfy, quality, oversized beach towel. Any suggestions? (Just moved into a building with a pool; would like to use my 13 minutes away from the computer each week in the sun. TY!)


So, for the first time in a long time, I’ll be taking a full-time agency job. They’re sending me a company laptop. I have no plans to do anything nefarious or stupid on it, but wondering how much the agency keeps tabs on it. Like, do y’all add your personal email accounts to it? Or your personal calendar and contacts? Social media usage on it, etc?


Hi all, please suggest the best bike rental company in Pune for a month. Thanks.


Hiring for ATC is closed in Salesforce for this Year. Salesforce

Be ready for wave coming to India


US Immigration Law: Hi, I will be pursuing an LLM in the US from August 2021 and I will be on a F1 visa. I was wondering, is it possible for someone on a F1 visa to work online in the UK? I would like to study on campus while keeping my remote position if possible. Thanks to those who will answer this question


What is up?


What is payer marketing in relation to pharma advertising?

Is all the development work in Thoughtworks done in pairs.Is code pairing just for interviews or its followed in all the projects too?


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Asking for a friend. Is it good to switch from hcl to Visionet. What are the pros and cons of Visionet? Can someone please tell?

Profile offered is Bid management Pre sales

Visionet Larsen & Toubro Infotech EY EPAM Systems Tata Consultancy Deloitte KPMG Infosys Amazon Wipro Reliance Industries Limited Capgemini


I got offers from two companies. One is PayTm and One is CoForge for Sr. Automation Engineer. Which one is better company. Please do let me know.


Hi folks,

Please help me to decide

Coforge 19 including 1L variable
Luxoft 19 fixed
Capgemini 23 with 2L variable
TCS is giving UK onsite 44k pounds anual to retain me..its confirmed.

Coforge is ready to match highest offer.
Pending offer from NTT Data for 23L with 21 fixed...but trying to get it as 23 fixed.

Please advice


Hi, need suggestion.
20 LPA including 10% variable form LTI (Hybrid), 3 hrs travel time and same pack from Tech Mahindra (wfh). Aramco Asia 18LPA fixed 2hrs travel time
Tech ABAP Lead profile with 8.7 years experience. Current ctc 13.25LPA.
Capegimini offer for 22LPA is in process.


Hi guys!

I have an offer from wipro for B3 band.

Below is the salary breakage. Could anyone tell me what is going to be my in-hand salary per month.

Basic       :1020000

HRA        :510000

BONUS       :56800




GRATUITY      :54162


VARIABLE PAY    :191760




Hi All, Need opinion in deciding which organization i should join . I have offer from Tiger Analytics , Tredence Analytics and Quantiphi for the role of Data Engineer . Deciding factor : Work Quality and with recession news around the job security is also a secondary factor Tiger Analytics Quantiphi Tredence Inc.


What is the probation period Amadeus Amadeus IT Group ?

Hi guys ,

Got a 50lpa INR offer in Tokyo Japan , is it worth considering? Please help. Currently I have 31 lpa in India here . YOE- 8 years


How much i should expect as CTC from JPMC for Java backend developer with Devops and cloud experience for 5.3 years??
Also what is the salary structure for the role.
I have one offer 38lpa + 20k USD (divided for 4 years)

I have job offers from Thales 27 lpa fixed, Capgemini 25 lpa Coforge 28 lpa fixed HCL Technologies 27 lpa, tech stack - golang. I am mostly looking for job security. Please suggest me which one good to you. It would really help me to make my decision.


Hello Fishes,
Got offer from below companies. Please suggest me to choose between them in terms of work life balance
1. Renault nissan(RNTBCI) -9.5LPA ( 5% variable )
2. Tata elxsi - 9.6 LPA fixed
3. Johnson Electric - 10 LPA fixed

Tech stack - Automotive software development
YOE - 4.2

Thanks in advance


I have offers from Western Union and HSBC. Which one to prefer? Suggestions? @HSBC @Western Union


Hi I have two offers please help to choose one

YOE 4.2 Years
Amadeus 16 LPA
Omnicell 19LPA


Hi, do sopra currently offering 8lpa said before joining they will make it as 9 to 9.5 yoe:2.5. Do they really make it? What about allowance in sopra steria, do they have any afternoon or night shift allowance?


How much should I get having 6+ years data engineering skills : DWH, ETL, BI, SQL, Python, She'll Scripting, AWS, Azure, Neo4j, etc


Hi Fishes,
Capgemini 19 fixed+2 variable
Synechron 22 fixed+1 variable.
Which company is better for career growth, WLB, and stability?
yoe- 6