{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Hi guys ,\n\nI have been lately feeling lot of anxiety majorly work related. Have even consulted a therapist regarding this and since my situation needs immediate attention, have put in my papers as I am not happy with what I am doing with my current role and need a break.\n\nHas anyone of you felt the same before and how did you managed it?", "post_id": "621834dea9c20d003d468dda", "reply_count": 97, "vote_count": 60, "bowl_id": "5f7ce32d622aa4002f22c104", "bowl_name": "Big 4 Discussions!", "feed_type": "bowl" }

Hi guys ,

I have been lately feeling lot of anxiety majorly work related. Have even consulted a therapist regarding this and since my situation needs immediate attention, have put in my papers as I am not happy with what I am doing with my current role and need a break.

Has anyone of you felt the same before and how did you managed it?

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You are much more than your work. Take a breather. Analyse situation. Make a change! 🎂

Kudos for the guts to resign without really knowing the next!☕ Who knows next anyhow ? ☠️
That's brave. I'm sure you have secured the finances for the break you've planned. 🔏

Office life is so hectic. It's really tough to manage studying for interviews and ever changing technology. 🤯

If it's toxic out there - quit it. 👹
If it's manageable - try sabbatical or something. 🙈

Totally up to you. ✨

Work is not everything. It's ok. As long as you are ok, earning to survive is not that difficult these days - you can find free lance work, any referral to join back, some damn wfh job in worst case is possible for an educated person anyhow . . So no worries out there. As long as you know you are doing everything to keep mental health a priority and know when to ask for help. 🤖

Therapy is love ❤️ we work for a good life - financial security - but a good life must feel good in all aspects.

Kudos! Wish you good luck and great health! 🎉


Yes, I think we have all felt it at some point or the other. Not undermining what you are going through, I would like to suggest a coping mechanism.

Stop believing that your job is the only thing thing that you wake up to. Obviously it is important. But have you tried to realise that if there are so many people to do your jobs, there are also so many jobs to be done by you.

Coming to the way you can be better.

I think you should start with exercise, join a gym and start taking care of your physical and mental well-being. Once you start doing that you will realise that your body is your religion and you will start getting more comfortable in your ways of live. You will know something good to wake up to.

By doing this your work will become secondary and you will not live waiting for end of month any more.

Other suggestions include- reading fiction. Hey, obviously self help books are getting their share of acknowledgment on Social media, but for once if you would like to escape reality for a few minutes, read fiction. Something on the classical side would even be more therapeutic.
Experiment what works for you.

Obviously what you are doing isgreat and it’s true that you are dealing with things that others are not. But, you are also so different from others. You will be able to survive what ever that comes.

Be smart. Be strong.

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Everyday for past few months.. After coming into fish Bowl realised How I have wasted my years in same company without understanding the outside market, believing my employer will do a benefit.


Better to go with Ayurvedic anxiety medicine.. Medhavati.. trust me it is amazing..


I have also suffered workplace anxiety for about 2 years. The anxiety was majorly due to the people in the higher management who always wanted a scapegoat so that they can let out their frustations on them. Due to this fear, I started having anxiety at work, thinking of if I do any mistake then I will be the next one. Also there was always a chaos type situation in the project, people just yelling at each other or not supporting anyone. That was really frustating. I tried moving out of the project as well but the managers kept on telling me that they will work on the situation but nothing happened. They hijacked my personal life as well, as I used to think only about work even on weekends. Finally I took a stand for me and decided to move out of the company (Accenture). It was tough for me as I had been in the same company for 6 years and also my first company. Finally, the day arrived and I moved out. Now, the old me is back. I again started feeling confident and realised my worth.

During the course of time, I have learnt that you alone can't control the situation around you. You can't change the way others think about you. Just believe in yourself and do what you really want to do.

I just wish you all the best. Take a break. Go on vacation. Do what really makes you happy. And don't think too much. We all are with you in this. 🙂


Im in same situation now .my team treating me as scapegoat and work related bullying I'm facing.
I feel very anxious to login . I always depressed in everything due to this . For those who are going on leave or powercut, network issue and their work and everything just comes in my head.
But if I take leave no one will do my job I just have to log in and finish that job.
I told my manager about this once but he kept my mouth shut that you only need to concentrate on the positive things.
Also I'm not learning anything great here. Everything I learn here will definitely not be of use outside because this is service base one .
Day by day work pressure is heavy daily 12 hrs working.
I've been working here for about a year and a half.
Thinking of dropping paper and search for job .

Your post just put me on a time machine and took me exactly a year back. I have now overcome the situation and probably can help in councelling if you are open.


Me too

The Best Way out of this is Ask for a rolloff from your project.

Find a fresh new project to work with instead of resigning. I went through the same thing Now I am working with the best of the people and good atmosphere with Lots of free time at my hand and Work life balance.

Anyways if your Manager doesn't give you rolloff you can raise a grivience to the HR asking for rolloff.


Already talked to SC about this, how much time one should wait for resul

I have felt the same last year when I was given a lot of responsibility too soon. There were doubts and I would question my ability to lead. But with time, I learnt and got the gist. But that period was hard, and I would not get proper sleep at night.
What is triggering your anxiety?


I m in this hard phase what should i do to stop thinking abt work after hours


Just one solution, dont take things personally. Use your brains in professional world, never ever the heart. The more you involve emotions, the more you are vulnerable. Take your job as a business transactions and you will start taking decisions which will be profitable in both financial and mental space.


When I face such a thing, I call my frnds who are also in hybrid model for a beer. After a couple of beers we talk about our situation to realize that the ocean is acting the same for all fishes. Then next day there is little less stress and anxiety. Hell if even possible invite your boss


Don't give a shitt about what others say about your work or abilities. Just remember all the accomplishments you have made, all the contributions you have done, the hard work and maybe sleepless night you might have had for getting the work done. None of their useless thoughts or their words matter. You are gold and known by your worth. Not someone who has not walked your path. Not someone who has not faced your hurdles. Just show them middle finger and go on with your life. Give respect to them to whom it is due. Love those who love you. Ignore those who hate you. Respect those who respect you. Spend time with your loved ones in family. It recharges like anything.


I’m sure a lot are feeling the same , just that they don’t tell it to anyone fearing what others will think. So congratulations, you are way ahead


Im also suffering with the same anxiety and left my company 10 days back.

I had the same feelings with too much work (and) I was putting my money and Stock market and loosing.

Try to list down whats dragging you into anxiety?

Work pressure:(colleagues, work beyond limits)
Money:(less package)

Finance related:
I would suggest to plan your expenses for atleast 3-6 months.

Solving my case:
1)I'm trying to avoid stock market
2)Focus only on work
3)Learning to say "No" at work place (as i was forcing myself to help others at work)
4) avoid addiction to mobile


Clinical anxiety survivor here. Mostly it is due to an idiot manager/AM/senior at work.
You have an impending sense of doom every single day until you start working, because someone has conditioned you to do it.

Ways to cope definitely include switching company, paying attention to the root cause itself instead of taking therapy to soothe this out. Talk to the senior management directly, avoid talking to middlemen.
You'll get better I promise


You have understood my situation completely. It is the same reason. My manager has understood this . But trust me, it is of no use. Working in a very small and new team, I have been sidelined by the manager and her favourites as I am a new joinee. Trust me, I have no motivation in continuing here as I don't like the work and the culture.


Feeling same, there is so much pressure in projects. Got full project rating in all project I am working and when I talk to reporting manager, it feels as if I am useless and I am not doing enough.

It's not about work, but extra stuff, but if do that too they are never truly satisfied.


Hey, don't give and be strong. It's not impossible. Reach out to HR of those companies and tell them you will buy out your notice period even if you have to pay from your own pocket. You will still be at the winning end. You will be mentally happy and once you are, every thing will be sorted.


Just make sure that *not having any job* shouldn't be a add-on to your anxiety. If going on a sabbatical helps, take that option and get your mind uncluttered. Hope you feel better soon. All the Best


Felt the same in my first organization...the environment in that company was like a mental torture...one day i woke up..called my parents that i am resigning without any offer at hand. They knew my condition and supported me..i resigned and didn't even serve the notice period. It was a chaos, two months later i applied and got selected in Accenture, since then everything is good


I felt the same and quit within 5 months . Definitely missing working with latest technology and quality people. But mental health matters .


Yes,been there and so so glad that you are taking the needed support and have put in papers. You are not the only one in such situation. Many are. And if you can afford to, please take a break and feel better. Join the workforce back. No body can handle it the best because everybody deals with it differently. If possible, please keep your HR informed and if there are a few people who trigger your anxiety and mentally strain you, write to your HR to keep them away from your work and meetings till your notice period ends.


Cannot really keep them away as I directly report to them.

Been in the same position 1 year back. I quit EY and spent a good year trying to know what is my calling. I gained so much clarity on life that now not even my worst experience brothers me. If you need any help, more than happy to offer.


DM and I will tell.


Yes i felt the same after spending more than 3 yrs in an mnc, I first took 1 month leave, then joined for 2 months then took 3 months leave. Then I resigned without any offer(that can be a mistake or not in today’s scenario I don’t know). Just to find what exactly I want from my life. And it was one of the best decision in my life. And I survived from my pf money till I settle down in my next journey. So for me… you have done the right thing


Conclusion is that as long as you have financial independence or slight support from family to manage basic needs, focus on mental health. If mind is healthy it will open the pandora box with right focus. You may never know you can crack best of the best exams, clear upsc…what not!!!

I'm going to resign tomorrow. I've had depression living in college and at my work. As people are being called to office again, I got anxious rush of emotions. Don't want to step out of my native anymore

Gonna find some remote work or freelance. Have 3 months notice period anyway. Will stay at home


Going to office is another reason for me to quit.


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