Hi guys, I have heard that IBM does not give hike and people have got 0% hike for 3 years straight stating PMR (present market ratio). Can anyone from IBM give me some idea about this please? I have been offered 18 lpa ars for band 7B. IBM

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Absolutely true, I have joined IBM with similar package and Joining bonus was good, but then I came to know about this and have been regretting to missed other good opportunities.

No hike if PMR is higher it will be obviously higher if you are switching. Next Band for you is Band 8 Manager Level and it can easily take 3 5 7 years and you will get one time promotion hike and back to zero.

Only leaves and WLB is some projects is good, Not much perks or even Joining kit or A laptop bag or any other benefits. Not even Some points or benefits of taking interviews, also onsite chances are bleak.


Yes IBM consulting Application Development 7A Band - Billable second year into IBM and I can confirm No hike irrespective of client appraisals Performance Certifications etc. Here there is system for PMR average salary for band and based on that if its higher which will be obviously if you joined after switch then dont expect any hike for 1 2 3 years just wait fot promotion 1 time after some years

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Yes it is 100 percent true, i didn't got hike this year,there was not even a discussion for hike.

Earlier I used to think it is not possible atleast 2-3 % they will give but i was wrong.


No Hikes for me as well last year and also next year!

I have regretted my decision last year to Join IBM leaving other Offers, But I am rectifying my mistake and leaving IBM after 1 year 2 months.

Yes its Mostly same for all teams.
And WLB depends on project to project so its not at all guaranteed or plus point.

Moreover, if you are happy to just have WLB and good amount of leaves and do not expect any hikes or growth or other benefits then you can join IBM.

Or if you have very high package offer and willing to just look for 1-2 year solution and plan switch again then also it works


No probation was only 6 Months for me

Don't b in IBM if u want annual hike, gud variable based on performance, and challenging work....u hv to be self motivated to learn and grow. U can't depend on project, or managers for ur career growth.


Joined a year ago. 0 % hike.


It will depend from project to prohect. SAP the company itself and there are many good implementation or SAP projects in Accenture, Capgemeni Deloitte, DXC Texhnologies , pwc...

DXC is good growing, good package, work and hikes growth, been associated with SAP from 3 decades.

IBM also has many good Sap projects but you will get better Hikes in Accenture and even more All round benefits in Big4. If you are having a good company with good culture; hike , policies and descent work it will help you to have a great time and stability.

IBM gives yearly hike but the range is 3-8% max

Are you in IBM consulting?

Is it the same in every team? Why are people waiting for 2 3 years if they are not getting any hike at all?

This is the first time I'm hearing 0 hike from a company so big, that too when inflation is hitting hard. Sounds too bad to be true.

I'm considering leaving a big 4 offer for WLB but this is scary

Every individual has own reason, it's not one reason...but no one really there in ibm who HV skills ,and want to switch but still there

What is your yoe?
18 LPA is less for band 7B

If it's less... They should give hike atleast😅

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